Thursday, October 11, 2007

Boston @ 20 weeks

Well here he is at 20 weeks. Today was the big half way appointment and he looked great! No clef lip, heart looked great, big head, and long legs. We had so much fun at our appointment today. He was moving around like crazy and I couldn't feel a thing. (Yes is crazy seeing something that is inside you doing flips and not being able to feel it) MY doctor told Trav and I that we shouldn't expect to feel him for about another month because my placenta is in front of him so he would have to kick pretty hard for us to feel it. Above is a picture of him (it is a picture of another picture so that's why it's not that great). The nurse was trying to get a profile picture and he became very shy and stubborn. He put his arm over his face and then turned to face my back. Even after the nurse pushed him around he still didn't want his picture taken. Below is a picture of me today at five months pregnant. As you can see from the last picture he kinda just fell out of me over night. We are so grateful that our little boy is healthy and growing to be a strong big baby. (yes big they keep moving my due date forward because he is measuring so big)