Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A fun week

My Brother and his family came in town last week and we had so much fun. We started off hitting up a Rangers game which is always lots of fun. Boston had so much fun hanging out with the older boys.

We spent alot of time playing in Grandma D's sand. The crazy heat we had plus sand left for some very dirty boys. Boston loved having everyone here. He thought it was a week long celebration and his bedtimes proved it.

Over the weekend we went down to San Antonio to Sea World. It was so much fun and is for sure ten times better than San Diego Sea World. Boston loved seeing Shamu and I am pretty sure his favorite thing was the Shamu express roller coaster. He has no fear and if he was tall enough would have loved to go on all the big roller coasters. It was such a fun HOT day.

It was such a great week! I am pretty sure Deyton was Boston's favorite. He wanted to hold his hand everywhere we went and pretty much wouldn't do anything we asked unless Deyton said it was cool. Did I mention how cute my new niece Sloan is? Well she is absolutely the cutest baby ever. She is such a good baby too and if I am ever blessed with a baby as content as her I would be the happiest person alive. It was so fun having them here and so sad to see them leave. The only good part is that Trav and I will have our house back to ourselves after having family here for 2 1/2 months straight. Wish us luck getting Boston back onto a sleep schedule as for now he says "a couple more minutes" which to him means I decide when it's time to do something.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Today Trav and I have been married FIVE years. Seems like along time, but it has gone by so fast. He is everything I have ever wanted and more. I feel truely blessed to be his wife. Thanks Trav for being who you are I couldn't ask for someone more perfect for me. LOVES.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grandma comes to town

Last week Grandma came to visit. We had such a great time together and always LOVE when we get to spend time with her. I was horrible at taking pictures, but we sure did do alot of fun things.

On Saturday we went to Amazing Jake's which is always so much fun. The highlight of the day for sure was when Boston was on the bumper cars. He was barely tall enough to reach the handles which left him spinning in circles until his cousin Porter would bump him and knock him out of it. Trav and I were dying we were laughing so hard. I tried to get it on video, but my laughter and shaking shoulders made for a terrible video.

Grandma thanks for coming to visit. We sure love you and miss you and can't wait till Christmas. Thanks for all you do.


Wow where has this summer gone? My Brother in-law Brandon has been living with us for the last 6 weeks while doing an internship here in Dallas. His wife and 2 girls have been back and forth between here and Waco trying to spend as much time with their Daddy as possible. It has been a crazy, fun, tiring 6 weeks. It has been so great to be with family so much. Boston loved waking up and having his cousins at his house to play with. We spent alot of time at the pool which is always fun.

One of the weeks Boston and I went down to Waco for a couple days. We had such a great time down there. We went to a children's museum, a jump house, and did a little antique store looking. It was good to break away for a couple days and do something different.

Now that the six weeks is over I think Boston will sleep for the next month straight. He didn't get his quota in for sleep and boy were we all feeling it. He can be quit the grouch without his sleep. Thanks B and Em for all you guys did to help out. It was fun to have you around and you better believe I am going to miss the girls like crazy.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I don't know how, but all of the sudden I have a two and a half year old. Seriously I can't believe it! One thing is for sure is that Trav and I are absolutely smitten with him. We think everything he does is the cutest, funniest, sweetest, craziest, you name it we think it is the best. Two is such a fun age. The talking is absolutely hilarious the days where he is "two" well those are long days. Here are somethings that I want to always remember about him at this age.

-He loves to be naked
-He is Mr. independent and thinks he can do just about everything by himself
-He was probably the worlds easiest boy to ever be potty trained. Seriously a dream!
-He thinks his Dad can do anything. Why wouldn't he though I do too.
-He has a pretty strict bedtime routine. Potty, books, prayer, song, rock, kisses, and then he sleeps like a dream.
-Still takes great naps 2-4 hours everyday. Some days it's a little more of a challenge than others to get him down, but definitely worth it.
-He names his poop. Daddy, Hyrum(cousin??? not sure how he got thrown in the mix), and Bobo depending on the size.
-He talks about his cousins ALL the time.
-He has to do everything is Dad is doing. Mowing the lawn, building something, turning on the sprinklers, seriously everything.
-He is for sure a Momma's boy when it comes to bedtime.
-He says the funniest things
-He calls people Man alot!
-The first thing he wants to do after we have done something fun is to call his Grandma's and tell them all about it.
-He is in to telling stories lately. SO RANDOM and so funny.
-He has the typical toddler diet hot dogs, Mac and Cheese, and Chicken Nuggets. Lucky for us we can throw any fruit in there, avocados, and a couple veggies.
-He is a very smart boy.
-He loves money. More on that later
-His hair goes absolutely crazy in this humidity.

Love him so much and like always am beyond grateful for the blessing he is in our lives.