Friday, April 26, 2013


One thing Boston was very concerned about when we left TX was that preschool wasn't over yet. We made sure that he was all good to go with a new school! Lucky for him the Hunter's live close by which means his buddy Lucy could be in his class. 

 The second day of school they had their Spring Fling Performance. Boston didn't mind at all that he didn't know all the songs. There was no stopping him from being a part of it and I was happy to see him eager to be in a new environment which isn't something he generally likes.
He is loving school so much and is making lots of new friends. He still talks about Little Harts and his friends in Texas, but as time goes on he is liking it more and more.


One of the things I loved most about our house here in CA was that the community felt a lot like ours in TX with a pool and park. We have definitely been taking advantage of the pool and hot tub. The boys love going to the hot tub at night and Trav and I enjoy a dinner fresh off the grill so it works perfectly!

Something Trav was so excited about was to learn how to surf. Everybody kept telling me how sorry they were that he was picking up a new hobby. No apologizing needed over here. I am so excited for him. He has never been big on video games (thankfully I hate them) or anything like that. Besides a few city league sports teams he hasn't done anything for himself for such a long time. I am happy to see him excited about something and taking some time for himself every once in a while. This moment had to be documented! I came down to find him trying out his wetsuit laying on the kitchen floor. Needless to say I died laughing! Sure do love that guy of mine. 

Cast Free!

The Monday after we got here we had an appointment to get the boys casts off and check out their arms. On the way there Boston talked about how he couldn't wait to go swimming, play in the sand, ride his bike, and take a normal bath. He was so excited to get his cast off! We walked into the office and he lost it! He all the sudden became terrified of getting it off. Carter went first and happily sat there while they sawed it off. Boston cried the whole time asking them to keep it on. I wish that was the worst part, but getting X-rays were an absolute nightmare! He was SO afraid to move his arm. We ended having to have three people hold him down so they could take them. We definitely made a great first impression ha ha! His arm healed great! he wouldn't let the Doctors move it or check any of the nerves so they just told us to come back in six weeks since there really isn't anything they can do before that time anyways, Carter of course had to make things interesting. His bone healed with a curve in it. The Doc said that it should straighten out in about two years, but "to be careful because curved bones are much easier to break". I just laughed thinking how do you "be careful" with a two year old who will hopefully be walking on his own soon. 
Poor Boston is having such a hard time with his arm. Those dang nerves aren't helping him out much at all. He can't lift his wrist up or his fingers. It breaks my heart. When he runs around his hand just flops around and things like high fives and holding drinks he can't do. He pretty much keeps his arm bent and tight against his stomach at all times. He is scared to death to straighten his arm. One night we were trying so hard to get him to straighten it and no matter what we couldn't get him to do it. We were so frustrated and worried that he would make it worse by not using it. We looked online at Childrens Hospital and they said with his type of break and nerve damage it could take three months for him to get full rotation back and 6-9 months for the nerves to repair. We felt much better after reading that. He makes things work for him with one arm, but I am looking forward to him having two working arms. 

Do I really live here?!?!

We finally made it to CA and thanks to Trav and his parents I was unpacked and feeling pretty settled within three days. They did SO much before the boys and I got there. It was so nice. That first weekend we went down to Newport Beach Peir. I think I asked myself a million times"do I really live here!" It is so pretty and I still can't believe that we can go to the beach every day if we wanted to. It feels so wierd. Kinda like we should be on vacation, but we still have normal every day stuff to do.

Here is the picture I had pop into my head a couple days before Boston broke his arm so I had to document it. We went to our new ward. It was great everyone was so welcoming. Hard not to think about and miss our ward in Texas though. Boston went to class no problem and came home with lots of new "friends". Carter will definitely take some time getting used to Nursery. A huge part of me wants to sit down and explain everything about him to them so they understand him, but I decided to just be patient and give it time. Nursery was when I missed Texas most. The first time he went in Texas the leaders were so excited and sent me on my way within minutes and were more than happy to walk the halls with him and do whatever he needed to be happy. Thankfully the second Sunday was much better!


After Utah we drove to Arizona to see the Gran family! It had been so long, way too long since we had seen them. With us recovering from being sick and them getting sick we kept things very low key. It was actually perfect and we were able to spend to quality time together. 
 Boston trying to do his own hair. He and Ryan are a couple weeks apart and it was fun to see their differences. Ryan is definitely the fourth child and is much more independent. Where as Boston is definitely the first. Still wants me to dress him, wipe him, you name. It was fun to see him want to do more things independently. Too bad it didn't last. 
 While we were there we went and had lunch with the older kids at school. They are probably the best kids there ever were. They were so excited to have their friends meet them and sweet Ashley grabbed Boston's had and walked him out to recess to play with her. I love that she didn't think it wasn't "cool" to do that. 

 These two boys sure had fun together. Ryan can maneuver the ipad like nobodies business. Boston had a new favorite game by the time we left. 

 Thanks to Grandma Wilson these boys got to sport matching jammies and they were quite happy about it!
 Aw together at last!

 Hearing these girls rock out to Taylor Swift was definitely a highlight of the trip! They can sing!
 One night we went on a walk to get ice cream. Clearly the kids loved it! I thought I would share a cone with Carter, but apparently he doesn't share anymore....especially ice cream.
 We also enjoyed some shopping, late night games and talking, gymnastics classes, and getting to see more family. It was so much fun to catch up. I am more than excited that we only live five hours from them. Never again will the Garn's and Wilson's go four years without seeing each other. 
I was getting pretty anxious to see Trav and feel settled since it had been a while. We got on the road and out in the middle of the AZ dessert there was a huge accident and the highway was closed down for about two hours. Thank goodness it wasn't too hot out. The boys didn't seem to mind at all. They could have sat there and thrown rocks all day. It turned the five hour drive into a eight hour drive since we got stuck is more traffic closer to home. 

Friday, April 19, 2013


We had so much fin while we were in Utah. Despite everyone getting some nasty stomach bug and me getting adult bacterial croup (who knew there was such a thing) we were able to fit in some very fun activities. 
Of course we had to make the Cafe Rio stop. Just as yummy as I remembered it always being. 
 One night we got all my side of the family together for a light dinner and egg hunt for the kids. I haven't seen my cousins forever and it was SO fun to see them!

 We went bowling and of course the boys loved it. Not sure how it happened, but I am terrible at bowling now. I used to at least be decent. 

 We met up with Travs Aunts and cousin for lunch at noodles. I seriously married into the best family! Boston and Cooper made fast friends it was so cute!

 Boston LOVED my Brothers kitty Mabel and frequently asked me to take pictures with her. Poor kitty spent a lot of time locked in the basement due to a lot of us being allergic to her. 
 I got together with some High School friends. It was SO good to catch up and see everyone. I haven't seen most of them for years so it was fun to chat in real life instead of Instagram. Between the nine of us we have twenty two kids and two more on the way. CRAZY!
 Boston and Carter loved this little swing thing at the park. 
 One thing I really wanted to do while we were there was spend time outside. We went on a gorgeous walk one night. 
 After the stomach bug and before the croup set in we hiked the Y. I can't believe I have never done it before. After the first 50 feet Boston was already complaining of tired legs. Maybe it was a little much for him, but he sure loved being up top. My thighs didn't love the burn they got from giving him a piggy back on the way back. Ouch!
 We met up with my cousins and their girls to go to the dinosaur museum. The boys loved it and had so much fun at all the exhibits. Boston was lucky enough that both Uncles got really into helping him build a cool island in the sand and water area. 
 On Saturday I felt like I was on my death bed and knew there was no way I was going to make it out of the house. My Mom, Kels, and Brienne braved Salt Lake with the kids. I love this pic the boys face are classic. 
 Boston loved spending time with Uncle Kels and especially when they got to go fishing. 
After Utah my Mom drove with us to Arizona where we had to say our painful goodbyes. I knew it would be hard, but holy cow Boston literally broke my heart. He was saying the saddest things. He has spent lots of one on one time with her while I was with Carter at appointments and what not. I thought maybe a call to Daddy would help. Trav told him he loved him and Boston replied "I love you too Daddy, but I love Grandma more right now" and started bawling all over again. Somehow we will survive without here, but there is NO way we could have the last two years. Having her close by was an answer to many prayers. Heavenly Father set out a specific plan for her to be in Texas and there is no doubt the timing of Carter was a huge part of it. 

Utah- Easter

On our way out to CA we decided that we would make a little vacation out of it to see family. Trav went right to CA to get our house ready and to start work. My Mom and I made the ever so boring drive from TX to UT. We got there Saturday night just in time for Easter. It was so fun to spend time at my brothers house. 

 Grandma D gave the kids sunglasses. They obviously were a big hit. 

 Getting Easter pics obviously were not. 

 My Brother and Sis-in law live in Saratoga on the lake. I forgot how beautiful Utah is. The mountains were amazing and got me so excited to be living around mountains again. 
 Carter could have thrown rocks in the lake the whole day. 

 Boston of course LOVED the egg hunt, but I was surprised how much Carter loved it. He knew exactly what he was doing and marched around with Kelsey to find all his eggs. 

Someday when we actually have a yard again I think we will need to get a see saw.

It was such a great day. I love Easter and the opportunity to focus on my Savior and his life. I am so grateful that because of him I get to be with my Family forever.