Thursday, August 30, 2012

He MOVES!!!!!

The day Carter turned 21 months he FINALLY started to crawl. 21 months is a long time to wait, but boy was it worth it. Trav, Boston, and I were dying we were all so excited! At first he was a very hesitant crawler and only going short distances. After a couple days he was all over the place! When he crawls on hard floor he does the funniest bunny hop crawl thing I love it. It is a lot of work for him to crawl and we are all so proud of him.

Along with crawling he learned how to drive his little car forwards. With that and cawling his poor little feet have been banged up. It doesn't seem to slow him down or bother him in the least bit!

Don't mind my voice I was totally doing the laughing/crying thing. Such a happy day! I should also mention that the nasty sparkling water that Trav loves is what gave him the motivation to crawl and he will now do just about anything for. He LOVES that stuff!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lucky Number 7

On August 13th Trav and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. To this day marrying him was the best decision I have ever made! We are so lucky to have each other and I couldn't ask for a better person for me. I happen to think he is one good lookin', funny, humble, honest, giving, super hardworking, driven, caring, and supportive guy! I am so grateful for the promises that we made to each other and our Father in Heaven 7 years ago and the driving force they have in our marriage. We are so blessed! 
 On our anniversary night we shipped the boys over to my friend Rene's house (Carter's first time with a babysitter she's practically a nurse and by far one of Boston's favorite people on this planet) for a bit and then of course Grandma D finished off the night. We met up with our Anniversary twins and went to a yummy dinner and then saw the new Bourne movie at a fancy movie theater. Each individual got a recliner seat and pillow and blanket with free popcorn to watch the movie. It was SO nice, but I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. Obviously it was nice, but maybe I just feel weird doing things that could be done in a more simple less fancy way. I think you could probably sum it up by saying Trav and I are cheap and we need to get out more. ;-) All said and done it was such a great night with some of our favorite people! Crazy that we have known each other since before we were married and have lived within 10 minutes of each other all but a couple months of the entire 7 years. We sure love the Sharps!


Dear Boston,
How in the world are you four and a half years old?!?! You are such and incredible little boy. Truth be told your not that little. We went to to doctor the other day for your Four year check up (just a little late) and you are the height of the average six year old! Tall and skinny just like daddy. You loved that and have been telling people that you are a six year old. 
 For the most part you are such a happy guy! You LOVE to build things and are doing it for a good majority of the day. The tracks and towers that you come up with are very impressive! This summer you have been on a huge coloring kick. Always making your own coloring books or coloring every single page in every single coloring book you have. You love when I color with you and make sure that whoever colored the picture signs their name on the page to prove it. You absolutely love to swim and are very good at it. You are already talking about being on a swimming team and winning races, which I am sure has nothing to do with the fact that you sat and watched hours of Olympics with me every day for two weeks straight. You also still love Baseball. Dad bought you your very own real bat and holy smokes you would have thought we were going to Disney land you were SO excited. You can hit the ball like no body's business. As far as catching we are not sure how good you are because you don't want to do anything but hit. 
 Don't let that super cute smile fool you though, you can be a fussy and feisty boy. We have learned that you still need your sleep or else...... You still take a nap almost every day for about and hour and if you don't come 5:00 and whoa back off. You are definitely learning the art of talking back and throwing threats out there too. Except you don't really know how to threaten us so it can be kinda funny. Another thing that helps with your crankiness is structure. You have always been a boy who likes to have a plan and know exactly what the day is going to look like. This is a major reason that I think you are dying to get back into preschool. Therapy and Doctor appointments aren't your favorite thing to fill your day with, but when given the option you usually choose to tag along. 
 This picture is SO you! You love a good "juice and snack please". You also LOVE your little brother and we could never ask for a better big brother for Carter. You are beyond patient with him and all the time he requires. You also don't mind roughin' him up a bit and for the most part he loves when you play tackle with him. You also love to play with friends and if you had it your way we would have a friend over to play every day. We have been trying to get you to ride your bike without your training wheels. You are more than ready, but it just hasn't happened yet. We have taken them off a couple times which has made for some really funny home videos of you running into the neighbors car, but because Mom and Dad haven't been consistent in practicing with you they always end up back on.  We need to get on it. 
Everyday you seem to be more independent than the previous day. You have taken up making your own lunches which usually consist of a PB&J, hot dog, or your very favorite a burrito. You make it the same way every time. Cheese, sour cream, lots of black beans, and your favorite Feta cheese. You also have started to have quite the opinion when it comes to what you wear. Most days you are found wear Basketball shorts and some sort of sports shirt with two different flops on. I don't ever say anything about what your wearing, because you are SO proud of yourself and I love to see how happy it makes you. 

Thank you for being you! You make me a better me and boy am I lucky to be your Mom!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beachin' It

About 25 minutes away at Lake Lewisville they have made a beach entrance to the lake. The boys love it and it has become our Friday tradition.

Rangers Game

For Father's Day my Mom got Trav and my Brother tickets to the Rangers game. The game kinda snuck up on us and little did we know it would be 108 degrees at the time of the first pitch. Holy smokes we were dying. It was such a good game, but was SO long. We left during the 9th inning when we thought they were going to loose for sure, because the boys were so done and so tired. Of course they came back and pulled off an amazing win. Go Rangers!

Will Ferrel or Josh Hamilton?

Carter has some crazy hair and we are not sure where it came from. The texture is SO course almost like African Americans and is ringlet tight curls. We wanted to try and grow it out a little to see what it would do. He got hot and we couldn't control the fro in the humidity so it didn't last too long. Trav thought he looked like a baby Will Ferrel and I thought he looked like Josh Hamilton. There is NO controlling it! Maybe when we are back in the hospital we will give it a go again. For now we will keep Buzzing it every other week, because it grows SO fast!

Just In Case

Just in case you needed proof of what we do almost every day. After seeing this pic Boston said "Mom how did I turn black?" The kid has some GOOD color!

He is a Fish!

Back in July Boston has his first ever swimming lesson's. He has never had ANY fear of the water so I never felt like he needed them. Although this summer I really wanted him to learn to swim. He was swimming good before swimming lessons, but now he has literally turned into a fish.

The only hang up he had a swimming lesson's was doing the treasure dive to the bottom of the pool. Too bad for him, because these lessons were intense and the teachers would not take no for an answer. If someone didn't want to jump off the diving board they would just push them in and if they didn't want to do the treasure dive they would grab them and dive down with them. Seriously it was nuts, but everyone in the class left swimming great! Of course two days after swim lessons treasure diving is his favorite thing to do. We no spend most of our time at the pool throwing a torpedo to the deep end so he can dive for it. 
After the first day his teacher suggested that he go to the 5-6 year old class so he could be challenged more and I'm so glad we did it. Fast forward to the Olympics and this boy was obsessed with the Swimming events. Bonus for me! We would head out to the pool in the afternoon and all the sudden he is doing the backstroke and attempting back flips off the side of the pool. Summer 2012 will definitely go down and the summer he turned into a fish.

Waters Creek

I'm not sure why, but Boston loves going to Waters Creek. Lucky for him it is just down the street so we happen to end up there quite a bit. I don't mind peeking in Anthropologie and and lusting after everything in that store. Why do I torture myself. Anyways nights like this are some of my favorites with my family.