Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear Boston,
You are now three and a half years old! Or as you like to say three and a whole half years. I know I tell you all the time, but I really can't believe that you are that old. You make your Mom and Dad so happy. One of my favorite times of the day is when Daddy and I lay in bed at night and I tell him all the funny things that you have said or done throughout the day. Without fail your day always says " I love that boy".

We really do love you so much. Sometimes during the day I can't help but squeeze you because I am bursting with love. Then there are times during the day that I want to squeeze you because you are driving me crazy! Whoever said two's were hard was so wrong. Three is a pretty crazy age if you ask me. You are too smart for your own good. Daddy and I have to be so careful of what we say. You hear everything and well you understand way more than we think you do and it has made for some really funny questions. You are my little trinket boy. Everywhere we go you always have a bag or jar or something filled with little things that you collect from random places around the house.

That being said you never leave the house without something even if like today it is a roll of blue painters tape, or yesterday when we went to the grocery store you wore a necklace you made out of Carter's links that was about four feet long and hung on the ground behind you when we walked. I always said I wasn't going to be one of those Mom's that let their kids go out like that, but you know what it makes you so happy and proud and that makes me so happy and proud. You go though fazes and if you are in one there is no talking you out of it. Some of my favorite were when you wore your army costume for two weeks straight, or when you decided that you didn't want to wear matching shoes so without fail everyday you had on two different flip flops. My favorite of all time was probably the pajamas, rain boots and super hero cape. I really don't think I washed anything but pajamas and church clothes for almost three weeks. Right now you are into acting like a big boy and want to wear basketball shorts and no shirt all the time. It has given me a little glimpse into the future and holy smokes I want you to stay little forever. You know exactly what you want and you know exactly how to get it. You are so excited to start preschool this fall and talk about it all the time. You always tell us how you have to learn to eat all by yourself (because we still spoon feed you 50% of your meal) you have to learn to go poop on the potty facing forward (don't ask) you have to learn how to put your clothes on by yourself and so many other things to be ready for school. You are learning new things everyday. One of my not so favorite things that you have learned is that you can aim by yourself when going to the bathroom. It makes me question this whole all boys in our house thing daily. You know your letters and love to point them out whenever we are out and about. You love to play with your friends especially kids that are a little older than you so you can follow them around. Or you like to play with kids who are younger and will follow you around. You have become a little pill when friends come over to our house. For some reason you always want the toy that they want even if it is something you never play with. Boy are you in for it when your brother can get his hands on your toys. You are Mr. independent when it comes to certain things like getting yourself a drink going to the bathroom day and night, telling us what you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, finding your next activity to play and what not, but when it comes to things like feeding yourself, getting your self dressed, and buckling your car seat you leave that up to Mom and Dad. In every prayer you say you still thank Heavenly Father that we can all be home together as a family. The time when your Brother was in the hospital was SO hard on you and Daddy and I are so proud of you and how well you have adjusted with all of our craziness. You are kinda turning into a torturing big brother. You like to hurt Carter and make him cry only because you LOVE to give him his snuggly and binki and make him happy again. You make Carter smile better than anyone and love to give him burritos all day long.
Boston you are such a special boy. We feel so blessed to have you in our home. Thanks for letting us use you to figure out this world of parenting. We have a lot to learn and are so lucky to have you. Thank you for loving us back. I love you to the moon and back even if you only love me "to Dallas and back".

Love, Mom

Monday, July 11, 2011

Carter's "Newborn" & Family Pics!!!!

About a month ago we got Carter's "Newborn" pictures taken along with a couple family ones. My amazing friend Nikki took them for us again. I absolutely LOVE them! We had her take them at our home because it was so much easier with Carter at the time. They are so real and natural which makes me love them even more. Boston was being a monster that morning and was less than helpful during the pictures. I have to laugh at our family ones because they are so us and definitely reflect how things are around our house. Trav and I had a good laugh when looking back at some of the pictures and remembering that he didn't remember some of the ones of Carter because Boston had locked him in his room and I didn't hear him call my name. Crazy morning for sure! I still get giddy when I see the FOUR of us in a picture there were so many days that I really didn't think it would ever happen. Thank you Nikki we LOVE them and always will. Enjoy the pictures Collage style because there were way too many to post.

My Favorite picture of Boston. This is SO him!
I bought this hat last minute and I am so glad I did I love these pics especially the sleepy smile.
Baby Brother. I LOVE his deep blue eyes and the cheeks!

Me and my little man. These are some of my favorite!
Family Pics. I love the bottom left one ha. What one should we blow up?
Trav and His Boys. I am pretty crazy about these three.
The wild Kid! He may be a handful these days, but he sure is cute!


Today our little peanut is SEVEN months old. I really can't believe it. I am starting to get really anxious for him to do more things. I feel like he has been a newborn forever. He pretty much has, but I am ready for him to start rolling and moving around more. I don't know how ready he is, but we will get there. He is hanging on to that last touch of oxygen and isn't giving it up too freely. I have him completely off it for a good portion of the day. His trach mist machine that he is on at night kinda bugs him so I don't think he will be getting off his night oxygen for a while which is no problem for me, but I am excited to have him completely off it during the day, because it means NOTHING would be connected to him unless he is getting fed. Speaking of feeding we still are not having much luck with the whole bottle thing. We have said from the beginning that we would do everything we could for Carter and exhaust all options before moving on. Well it has pretty much left me exhausted as well. Here in the next month we will be starting vital stimulation which is a sort of therapy that will shock his neck muscles to make them stronger and encourage him to swallow better. We will go in to get it done four days a week for two months then check for improvement. If there isn't enough we will do another round. Thinking of that makes me really tired. Ha.

Here are some fun things about our little man.
+ He has turned into a smiling fool and I LOVE it!
+ His legs don't stop moving unless he is asleep. Always kicking!
+ He LOVES his snuggly so much. He has it by him pretty much all day and most the time is covering his face completely.

+ He weighs around 13 lbs
+ He wakes himself up alot when he farts. It is the funniest thing ever! Usually he will cry for two seconds and go right back to sleep.
+ He loves sleeping on his tummy. We only let him do it during the day because at night he is on the mist machine
+ He does the bottom lip pout which I am such a sucker for
+ He is a Momma's boy
+ Still loves to be outside
+ He is so so so sweaty
+ He actually plays with toys now when on his play mat thing
+ He gets pretty annoyed by Boston and is quick to let him know when he needs to get out of his space. Boston is loving the reaction he gets when he pesters him and is now doing it ALL THE TIME! Ahh so annoying, and actually pretty funny too.

He is such a chill little boy. We love him so much. He makes us all so very happy. Has it really been seven months!!! Crazy I tell ya.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Fourth

We had a great fourth! The only down side was that Trav had to work in the morning. Seriously annoying. Anyways my Mom and I took the boys to the McKinney parade. It was scorching hot and quiet a pathetic parade, but we still had a great time. Fifty percent of the parade was motorcycles which Carter hated and Boston loved. The other half were horses, a couple fire trucks, and random old people driving nice cars. I absolutely love the 4th of July it is one of my favorite holidays by far. Along with fall it is the only time of year that I miss Utah. There really isn't anywhere like Provo on the 4th. After the parade we walked around old town McKinney and ate some delicious snow cones. Do me a favor put a pixie stick on top of the next snow cone you eat I promise you wont regret it. Amazing I tell ya!

After the parade we came home and gave the boys a bath and put them down for naps. Trav got home and we all headed over to the pool to swim. It was Carter's first time taking a dip in the pool. He was a big fan! Boston is crazy in the pool. Seriously he has pretty much no fear when it comes to swimming. His favorite thing is when we chuck him as far as we can in the pool.

After swimming we had some dinner, relaxed, and headed over to fireworks. Give Boston some glow sticks and he is a very happy camper. We all Loved the fireworks and vowed to never go to Plano's fireworks again. McKinney's were so much better and we got home in about 20 minutes instead of almost the two hours it took us last year in Plano.

Happy Fourth of July!!! We love this land and feel so blessed to live in this country and thank all those who have and do fight for our freedom.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A post FULL of Instagrams

I haven't been the best at taking pictures lately and it really bothers me. It started when I joined the iPhone world. It is just so much more convienent and it is always close by. Thankfully Trav asks for pictures of his boys multiple times a day so I take quite a bit, they are just not the best quality. Nonetheless they are pictures and are documenting some of the smaller things that I probably wouldn't have taken pictures of normally. So here ya have it a random post full of random pictures.

Boston Loves to play "old man"
Carter hanging out at the pool in the shade
One of the hundreds of pictures Boston took on my phone. The only one that actually has someone's whole entire face in it.
Love Boston's face in this one
Crashed on the couch
First swim of the summer.
Cute Boys in plaid
He sure does LOVE his snuggly.
Love this picture! They look so much alike to me in it.
Forcing Boston to finish a meal without us feeding him. Am I seriously spoom feeding my 3.5 year old still. Ahhhh! Makes me crazy!
A little speech theraphy. Poor baby we have our hands in his mouth a good portion of he day.
"Dream Feed" one of the many ways we try to get this kid to take a bottle.
My step sister Kandice and her hubby who happen to live 20 minutes away from us now.
We were so happy to see him actually playing with a toy. I guess it tuckered him right out.
One of Boston's masterpieces.
So annoyed
Carter hanging out on the x-ray table for 4 hours trying to figure out what in the world is wrong with his little tummy.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!
and lastley my Favorite picture ever of Carter. Seriously the tongue kills me.