Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey do any of you have a photo editing website/program/whatever (preferably free I'm not that serious) that you like? I just want to do it for fun. I don't have an amazing camera or anything but I want to make my pictures look a little better for my scrapbook and my own liking.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Better to Laugh

Boston has been a little terror lately. For the most part it's pretty funny but some days I just want to cry. Today while I was cleaning up his breakfast which was all over the kitchen floor he made his way into our bathroom and did this...

I had to laugh because he was so proud of himself that he had open the brand new box of Q-tips all by himself. He was nice enough to pick up a couple and put the box back under the sink. Well while I was cleaning up the 500 Q-tips he made his way to the laundry detergent and did this...

This picture doesn't even do justice because he thought it would be fun to use the scooper to pour it all over the basket of clean clothes. At this point I couldn't help but laugh because he was just so dang happy. We vacuumed it up which he loves to do and I decided that my eyes were not leaving him. He had every toy out in about 2 seconds and was a happy little camper.

There are some days that it is very hard for me to laugh at this stuff because it usually happens every day all day. One thing for sure is that it is so much easier to laugh it off and we both are a lot happier that way. I love my little guy so much and I love that he is all boy (did I once say that I would love all Boys I must be crazy).

*In case you were wondering what was on his head he had a little crash at the swimming pool.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Love

with the little tan feet running around our house. Did I mention that they are running and don't ever stop.

I am pretty sure Boston got the lucky stick when it comes to good skin. This little guy tans very well if I don't say so myself.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boston thinks...

That if he signs please he can get whatever he wants. He also thinks that if he says uh-o after he has done something wrong it's OK.

Well I think that it is pretty dang cute when he signs please for is gazillionth cookie so yes he pretty much does get whatever he wants. I also love the signing over the fussing. I also think it's pretty funny (most of the time) when he says uh-o after he has done something on purpose.

In case your wondering yes Boston is spoiled and I like to spoil him!

I did it!

As most of you know I don't have a very good back. At the begining of the year I set a goal to get my back in shape because that is the only way I don't have back pain. Something that I haven't been able to do consistently since I hurt my back was run. I would run and then be in pain for 3-4 days after. I set a goal to run in a 5K the begining of May. Well I did it!

crossing the finish line. Best time ever! 33 minutes 34 seconds

My Mom ran with me she was nice enough to hold back (yes my Mom is a super runner)my Mom finished in 31 minutes. She would have done better than that if she wasn't waiting on me.

My support team aren't they so dang cute!

I know a 5K isn't much but for me it was. It always feels good to accomplish a goal you've set. I am proud to say that my back wasn't sore even a little bit and mostly that is what I am proud of.


We have had a ton of visitors the end of April and begining of May. It went like this...

My Brother came for 2 1/2 weeks

Brienne and Tregan came for 5 days

Travs parents came for a week

My Grandma came for a week (a perk of my Mom living here)

My Aunt Maryanne came for 5 days (another perk of my Mom living here)

We had such a great time with everyone and appreciated all their generosity towards us. I was a crazy couple of weeks but so much fun!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

15 Months

Do I seriously have a 15 month old? I can't believe it! He is growing up so fast and learning new things everyday. We went to his check up last week and the second the nurse came in for shots he started bawling it was so sad. The nurse gave him a sucker after the shots and she went from worst enemy to best friend really fast.

Weight- 24 pounds 14 ounces 75%
Height- 32.3 inches (average 2 year old) 90%
Head- 19.5 inches (3 year old) 97+%

Well what we knew was confirmed again he is a big boy and has a slightly large head. I love my little guy so much I can't even explain it. One of my favorite things he is learning right now is to talk. I love that he can only say a few words I don't know if I am ready to answer Why? every two seconds (I am going to need some training from my Sister inlaw Tara before that starts she always gives the best answers)

Here are a couple fun things about him right now
- he still LOVES to be outside
- he loves to be read to
- he is quite an amazing dancer
- he is really good at leading the music (learned from his cousin Porter)
- he likes to throw things away (be careful if your at our house)
- he knows what he wants and is getting pretty good at telling us what it is
- he has a favorite pair of pajamas that have little lizards all over them
- he is still crazy about snugly
- he is learning animal sounds his favorite is the lion
- dogs are his best friend
- we call his milk strong bone juice because for some reason if we call it milk he doesn't want it
- he loves to blow his nose and make a loud noise when he does it
- he loves to help me vaccume
- he loves primary songs and will sit in the rocking chair and just listen to them on cd's

Here are some not so fun things
-he is a climber & it scares me to death
-he is becoming a picky eater. he will still eat almost everything but if he has something in mind that is all he wants and it can be pretty hard to figure that out
-he throws his food off his tray. He is getting better but I still sweep the floor everyday and mop every other. Not fun.

Words he says (not all of them are consistent. Usually when he learns a new one he will stick with it for a couple days and forget about the rest)
-knock knock (only done while knocking on the door to go outside)
-oggie (boogy)

I think he says a couple more but I can't think of them. He understands pretty much everything we say although he often chooses not to listen when we say no. This is such a great stage and I am completely crazy about him. He is such great little guy. He sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day. I am not going to lie the days he takes a 3 hour nap I get kinda bored. I know when I have more kids (which won't be anytime soon in case your wondering) I will probably love it, but for now I start to miss him and want him to wake up.

This picture pretty much explains Boston at 15 months. He is in to everything and wont hold still for a second. Hence him not looking at the camera and the handful of tampons.