Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Soccer for the Save!

Because of the move and broken arm Boston wasn't able to play a sport last spring. Needless to say he was So excited for fall and to finally be able to play baseball again. We got him signed up only to find out the week before his first game that all games were on Sunday. We believe that Sundays are for Family and a day that should be different than the rest and kept holy. Baseball definitely didn't fit into that category. He was sad at first mostly because his new friend in class would have been on his team. He understood completely and made the choice to not play.

I searched high and low to find something for him to play. He said he didn't care what he did he just wanted to play. 

Baseball- in both leagues and all three cities all games on Sundays
Soccer- Season already started and the league was too full in our city and the two neighboring
Basketball- all games on Sundays 
Football- too young and we really don't want to go that route anyways

I literally spent hours and made so many phone calls trying to find something for him. Just as I had finally given up I met a friend at the park that told me about Mighty Tykes Soccer. It's not much, but boy does it make him happy. They meet every Tuesday night for an hour. The first 30 minutes they do drills and practice and the last thirty they have a game. 

 Yesterday they had their first meet and it was perfect for him. We put him up in the 6-7 league which was a great fit. They got to come up with their own team name and I might be biased but he is definitely the cutest member of the Orange Fire Pumpkins!
 We were surprised with how well he played. He was much more aggressive than the last time he played and stayed right in the pack the whole time. He did complain a couple times about all the running. Good thing it's only an hour ha. 

 All the complaining stopped when he scored his FIRST goal!!! The look on his face was probably the cutest thing in the whole world. I should also mention that he was very particular about his cleats, socks, and shin guards. All of them happened to be neon. His cleats are black with a neon orange Nike swoosh. His socks are black with neon red stripes, and not shown are the neon green shin guards. 

Now let me introduce you to the cutest little side line soccer player there every was. He kicked that ball around the entire time and had so much fun. He thought taking a seat on the ball was the greatest thing ever!

Chatter Box

 It's a good thing this boy is so dang cute because he has been a little chatter box at school. He got his name on the board for talking and being disruptive. He talks all the time about wanting to earn Eagle Award for good behavior. He told me that he "wants it so bad, but its soooo hard to stop talking" we bribed him that if he got an Eagle Award we would go out for ice cream. 
 The lucky duck came home the next day with an Eagle Award! We weren't prepared for it to pay off so quick!

That night we headed out for ice cream. He chose cotton candy and strawberry mixed. It was surprisingly delicious and the four of us enjoyed it!
Carter was getting a kick out of his crazy ride through the mall. He sure is lucky to have such a good big brother!

Random Fun!

 This little guy works SO hard in therapy! I am so proud of him he is doing so good. 
 Fun play date after school!
 This little guys loves his time at home with Mom during school. He has so much fun roaming around and doing his own thing for about the first hour them he starts asking for Bobo and telling me he wants to go to school. 
 Our monthly trip to Disney Land with the Nixons. The boys absolutely love it when we go with them.

 Young love in the making!

Boston and his idol.

Date Night

Trav wanted to hit up another Rangers game so we decided to each take one of the boys out on a date. 
 Obviously from the looks of it Carter really felt he got the short end of the stick by getting to go with me. He has no problem when Trav or bobo leave for work or school, but he knew something was different and cried for them for a good hour it was heart breaking. Not even the best train track could fix it. 
 Ice cream and his best buddy Eddie sure could though!

 We headed over to the mall to get some new sunglasses only to find out they close at seven. Seriously what mall closes at seven?!
 We ended the night with his favorite book and I think even after a rough start he had fun with Mom even though I am definitely the less desirable parent. 
Trav and Bobo at the game. Lucky boys got to go to two games in a row. Although we sure do like the weather at the Angles stadium better there really is nothing like a game in your home stadium!

Rangers Game

IF the Rangers are in town you know where to find us. We along with our friends the Adlongs headed out to the game. Boston made sure that Diego was cheering for the right team and did this by giving him one of his old hats. 

 The boys had a fun time dancing and trying to get on the jumbo tron. Unfortunately it probably wont ever happen while sporting Rangers gear in the Angels stadium. Either way it was fun to watch them. 

I think we are bad luck, because the Rangers seem to loose every time we go to a game. They better figure it out though because we aren't going to stop coming. We had fun with the Adlongs and lets be honest the kids had fun playing on our phones.

1st day of Kindergarten!

The day finally came that he has been talking about for over a year and if you asked him he wasn't excited at all!
 We woke the boys up and had a fun back to school breakfast puffy eyes included. Boston requested clouds and berries with a green smoothie. He didn't eat much I'm sure some do to nerves and the fact that he usually likes to be up for at least an hour before he eats. 
 Pretty sure he is the cutest Kindergartner there ever was. 

 This is the nervous smile we saw a lot of that morning. 

 We got to school and found his classroom. He stayed pretty close to Trav and I, but when it was time to line up and head into class he put on his brave face with only a couple tears and waved and blew kisses all the way into class. I kinda surprised myself when I started crying after we left. I didn't have a hard time with preschool at all, heck I was even excited for him to go, but something about Kindergarten seems so permanent! I'm sure the fact that he was scared made it harder for me too. 
 Thankfully Carter and I had therapy to distract us during school, because we sure missed our big helper/brother. When we picked him up from school he happily reported that it was "boring, but good" such a Boston remark. We celebrated with happy meals and the play place at McDonald's. 
Boston was SO excited that Carter could finally climb up and down the play place and play with him. Carter was pretty excited himself. Every time he would come down the slide he would come over with the biggest smile and say "Mom I slide" and every time they passed this VERY high netting they would yell "hi Mommy". It was such a great day!

Back to School Party

We had been talking to Boston all week about his back to school party. We told him that he could choose what we did. He was dead set on going Miniature golfing until the morning of. He asked how much it was going to cost (definitely a question coming from our recent emphasis on earning money and spending it wisely thing) and how long it would last. After hearing that it was going to cost about $30 and last only an hour he wasn't too excited about it. He sat on our bed for a good thirty minutes and weighed all the pros and cons of everything he wanted to do. If we went to the beach we wouldn't be able to go swimming later, but it didn't cost any money. If we went to Disney Land it wouldn't cost any money and we could still go swimming later. He finally decided on Disney Land so we got our ears on and headed out the door toe Disney for a couple hours. 

 It was his first time going on the Grizzly River Run and he was so proud of how "soaked" he got. He loved it so much that he got to go on it twice once with Dad and once with Mom. When he went with me he made friends with this cute young couple behind us and told them all about Kindergarten and how nervous he was. They were dying they he was even a tiny bit nervous seeing as how he was even a tad bit shy talking to them. When we came to the front and they asked how many were in our party Boston happily said four and we got to ride with our new friends. They were either really good at acting or they really liked him. 

 After we came home and gave the little man a nap and then went swimming. When then came home and had Family Night and introduced our new family theme for the school year. 

Do what is Right not what is Easy.

We talked a lot about how it is usally easier to make bad choices than it is good ones. We talked about how sometimes he might have friends that make choices that he knows are wrong and it will be hard not to do what they do, but how we will always be blessed for making good choices. 
After that he set out his first day of school outfit and said he prayers and asked LOTS of time that he would have fun and make lots of friends and not be nervous.