Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Changes!

The Wilson Family is about to embark on some big changes that will land us in......

 We are so excited for this new opportunity. Even though it comes with LOTS of excitement it still leaves us feeling a bit sad. We LOVE Texas! We really never thought we would or even wanted to leave so it took a little getting used to the idea. The people here are amazing! I really don't think we will  ever be so lucky to have such great neighbors and church community again. Not to mention all the doctors and therapists we will leave behind. Boston and Trav are %100 ready to go and when I stop stressing about the housing situation and saying goodbye to my incredible friends I will be too. 
Here he is signing the official letter. I am so proud of Trav and how hard he works for our family. Work hasn't been ideal that past two years, but the insurance, hours, and flexiblitly were for our families situation. I am excited for him to be able to work in an idustry that he loves and in an environment that challenges and excites him. I'm one lucky lady thats for sure!

Love Day

We had such a great Valentines at the Wilson home. Travis was out of town for work so I spent the day with my two little loves. 
 Boston is always on top of the holiday decorations at our house. He made sure that every room had a heart on the door. 

 We got the boys fitted Rangers hats and to say they were excited is an understatement. Carter has been on a major hat kick and he sports his almost daily. Trav was so excited a couple months back when they came out with the New Edition hats in kids sizes so we could get them for the boys. We had a good laugh when they both measured in the adult sizes. Boston is a 7 and Carter is a 6 7/8. Not too shabby for 2 and 5.
 Boston thought our pick heart pancakes and heart shaped strawberries were the best thing ever!
 and apparently Carter thought his dinner of gold fish were pretty awesome too. 

 Boston asked me about a week before Valentines if he could take me out on a date so when he found out Trav was going to be gone he made sure Daddy left him money to buy us ice cream. We are big fans around here.

We aren't big Valentines celebrators at our house, but I do take advantage and cash in on this yummy dinner every year. After the boys were down for the night I left them with my brother and my Mom and I went and saw Safe Haven, which I loved. I should mention that I don't think Trav was too disappointed that me missed out on the movie. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sleep Study take #2

On January 30th Carter had his second sleep study. We FINALLY got the results back only about 10 days late! Anyways when Dr. Gelfand called the first thing he said is "your child is going to drive me to drink" why do doctors say things like that?!?! 

Starting with the GREAT news Carter had no obstructive apnea meaning his airway is perfect!!! I have been waiting two years to hear that and it feels so good. 

He still has some central apnea meaning the brain doesn't send the body the signal to breathe. The first study he had 96 apnea events in four hours and this time he only had 13. Dr. Gelfand said because of Carter's history that is just slightly above what he is comfortable with.

He said we can do two things.... First- we just blow it off and don't worry about it because lots of people have apnea and decanulate. Second- we do a MRI of his brain to make sure that there isn't any brian stem damage that we are missing. He said he was confident that it would show nothing, because there usually is more signs that we would notice.

We of course decided to go with the second option to make sure we are as safe as we can be. So after we get the MRI back and assuming it comes back regular we will DECANNULATE!!!!!

I am completely in shock that we are actually getting to the end of the trach road. It seems so surreal! We are so excited and so proud of our little guy. Go Carter Go!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Color Run

At the begining of the month I ran in the Graffitti Run in Fort Worth with Jamie, Shayla, and Shayla's cousin. 
Before all nice and clean. 
One of my most favorite people ever!
During just a little "colored". I'm sure your thinking nice running. Well turns out there were so many people that it ended up being a nice 5k walk in perfect weather. 

 After. I was a fun experience and fun to spend time with friends, but I don't think I would do another one. Good thing we got it off Groupon or I would have been a little annoyed that we actually paid to walk. 

Jamie by far looked the "coolest" after!


These two are quite the pair these days. One thing they do ALL the time is wrestle. Boston doesn't go easy on Carter at all. One night they were wrestling and Boston fell on Carter and we saw his arm twist all weird. It freaked us out and Carter was crying so hard. He then went to go crawl and every time he would put wait on his arm it would give out and he would cry. He still wouldn't crawl on it a couple days later so we had to go get X-rays. Thankfully nothing was wrong, but wrestling is not ok at our house anymore. At least that's what Trav and I think. The boys on the other hand.....

I can't not mention that Carter will FINALLY pull himself up to standing and cruise on furniture. I have been waiting for him to do this forever! He is capable of doing more than he does so it is fun to see him actually do them. He of course loves all the ground he is able to cover. We on the other hand get a little nervous finding him on top of the couch and kitchen table. 

Little Stinker

Carter is quite the stinker these days. He is getting more and more stubborn every day. I keep telling myself that it is a good thing, but I can't quite convince myself it actually is. Ha.
 This is Carter's Mickey Button (feeding tube) that bubble part in inside his stomach and keeps the button in place and we hook the pump up to the top hole. It is weird if Carter actually wakes up with his trach in these days. He pulls it out WAY too many times during the day that it doesn't even surprise us any more. I was talking to a friend at target and during our conversation he pulled it out and handed it to me. I didn't even think about it and just kept on talking and put it back in. She looked at me and said "So I'm guessing this is a very normal thing nowadays" I didn't even realize what he had done. Thankfully he is really good about just handing it to me so it doesn't get all dirty. 
Some thing that isn't normal is for him to pull his button out. It hurts my stomach thinking about that big bubble being pulled out the tiny hole in his belly. So when we went in to get him from his nap and he was holding both his trach and button we decided to document him with no foreign objects on. He didn't seem to be bothered by the pain of that thing coming out. He is too tough. 

Happy Birthday!

Boston was pretty lucky to have his Birthday fall on a Saturday this year. It was a fun full day. 
 He had big plans to make us yogurt parfaits for breakfast. Trav and I enjoyed ours, but he wasn't too interested in actually eating his. 

 I let Boston decide what he wanted to do for his Birthday this year. After lots of going back and forth he finally decided on a boys only day at Jump Street. We told him he could invite three friends so we didn't go crazy trying to keep track of everyone. He had so much fun with Sam, Jack, and Cash. They jumped themselves into one sweaty mess. After we came back to our house and had pizza and cake and opened presents. Boston sure has generous friends. 

The big hit this year was a box sent from my cousins Chandler and Grant who he worships. My Uncle Dave bought a Lebron jersey for Grant, but payed no attention to the size and it was too small for him. Boston reaped the rewards of his mistake and has worn it many times since. After lots of begging I finally let him wear it to school. It looks ok tucked in his sweat pants, but I knew he wouldn't come home that way. When it was tucked in you could barely see the number on the back. Sure enough he came home with the jersey hanging below his knees. 

After presents we tried to hit up top golf, but there was a party going on so we couldn't. We tried bowling and one other thing with no luck. He wasn't to bummed about it and was happy to have a family movie night and watch his new charlie brown movie. Turns out He ended up with the flu which was probably why he was happy to chill. I'm just glad it didn't come on sooner and that none of his friends got it.