Monday, April 28, 2014


Today I am starting a Whole30 challenge. I will be eliminating sugar, grains, beans, and dairy from my diet. Pretty much I will be eating fruit, veggies, eggs, and protien for the next 30 days to clean out my gut and help improve my eating habits. So pretty much feeding Boston this piece of cheesy goodness from Costco was pure torture! I have no self control when it comes to food and I want to change that. I can tell a difference in how my body reacts to what I eat now that I am getting a little older. I used to be able to eat whatever and it wouldn't effect how I felt or looked. Not anymore and I feel like if I learn how to control it now I will thank myself in the future. I have never been someone who cares about numbers. I am not a weigher or measurer I am all by feel and look. So this isn't necessisarily about weight, but I am hoping I do look better after. I feel very grateful that I have never cared about weight. Some people can get so hung up on it and thankfully for me I just don't care. Wish me luck!


I have to document the happy moments between these two, because they aren't happening too often around here. Carter is a big time hitter and Boston is a big time reacter when something is done to him so the two don't work together that well. Anyways we had a magical moment at the park were they actually seemed like the really really liked each other. Ha

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

We had such a great Easter Day. The Easter bunny brought the boys some new pool toys and matching hats that they were pretty excited about it. They were so thankful and grateful all morning which was a breath of fresh air. 

The boys were so excited to do an Easter Egg hunt.  

 Boston found the Golden Egg this year which I was remined wasn't golden at all it was in fact blue, but to my defense $5 is pretty golden inside an egg. 

I am so thankful for my little family. I am grateful that my Savior died for me and for all of us so that I can be with them forever. I know He lives and I know that he is way to truth, love, happiness, faith, courage, and all things good. I feel so blessed to have the true gospel in my life and to know where I came from and where I am going after this life. Life is such a beautiful gift and I'm so lucky to spend mine with these three boys they are my everything!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Coloring Easter Eggs

We didn't have very good luck this year with our egg dying. Meaning they didn't really change colors. Not sure if it was because I bought a cheap brand or because I baked them in the oven instead of boiling them. Thank goodness we had cute little accessories to add to them to make them look much better than they were. They boys had fun and that's all that matters. 

Potty Training

I took Carter to school on Wednesday and was mentioning to his teacher how Carter wanted to go poop on the potty randomly that morning. He said it's time lets just do it. He told me to bring him into school on Thursday in underwear and we would just do it. I agreed giving it no thought at all. When Carter woke up from his nap wednesday I put him in underwear and set the timer for every twenty minutes to take him potty. He did really well and was very excited about it. 

He has done such a great job over the last couple days. He still doesn't tell us when he needs to go, but we go often enough that we have avoided to many accidents. I wish I could do it how I did with Boston, because I think that's the best way. Our schedule is just too crazy right now and with him being in school it just doesn't work. So proud of my little guy! How cute is his long skinny body in those underwear or "yo ho's" as he calls them. The first pair we baught had Jake and the Neverland Pirate on them so that's were they got their nick name. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Organizing Bug

To say I caught the organizing bug while in Santa Rosa is an understatement. Trav said "O no you have that look in your eye" He was busy helping the Hunter's move into their new place (5 doors down from us) so I took it upon myself to get busy in the garage. It has been driving me crazy ever since we moved in. Trav helped build the shelves and I did all the rest. Not sure why I actually think this stuff is fun, but I do and I am happy to spend my day doing it. 
 Before….Notice the leaning tower of storage bins? Those thing were bound to fall over any minute. 
 During….. it's definitely one of those things that you have to make a bigger mess to clean up the original. 
 After!!!!……we could actually park two cars in there if we had to. I feels so much better in there and so refreshing that everything has a spot. 


Boston has been wanting new roller blades for a while. I told him that he needed to save up his money for some. He always replied that he was going to ask for them for Valentines Day or from the Easter Bunny. After assuring him that we don't ask for things for Valentines Day and the Easter Bunny isn't that Generous at our house he finally got to work earning money and saving up. While we were at G&G's house the boys each earned $10 for pulling weeds in Grandpa's garden. So today we went to Target and got the beloved roller blades and Carter chose to spend some of his money on a new bat. Both boys were so excited and I am sure they loved it even more that they payed for them. Boston however was a little surprised that he couldn't go speed off right away. I tried to tell him lots before he baught them, but I'm sure he will get it soon. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Santa Rosa Spring Break

The day after we got back from Big Bear we packed up the van and the boys and I head up to Santa Rosa for Spring Break. We always have such a great time there. 
 Strawberry Park is always high on the list of Must Do's when we go to G&G's house. It was so fun to see Carter keep up with Boston and them really have fun playing together. It was kinda dreamy how nice they were being to each other. We have had so many visitors that I think they were excited to be just the two of them. 
 Another must is dinner at Marry's. They boys had fun building their own pizzas. I am pretty sure they had pizza at least once every day we were there. 

 Boston's favorite toy at G&G's house is this marble loader track. He can sit and watch it forever!

 We went down to St. Helenas to see Grandpas new office and have lunch. We founda beautiful park for the boys to play at. It sure is beautiful up there!

 We never leave Grandma's house empty handed. The boys scored these cute matching outfits that they LOVE! I happen to love them with their blue eyes and tanned skin. So handsome!

 I went in to check on the boys one night before bed and my heart stopped for a second when I saw the below scene. I thought it was the cutest thing ever and immediately posted the pic on Instagram and sent it to Trav. I had a good laugh in the morning when Boston told me how "annoying" Carter was to sleep by and how he kept coming close to him. At least they fooled me. Grandma found some of Daddy's old baby blankets the boys loved adding them to their sleeping collection. 

 We always make plans tog o down to the fish store and let the boys pic out fish for the tank, but never end up making it there. We made it work this time and they were so excited about it. 

 Grandma and Grandpa were so nice to do a little Easter egg hunt for the boys. They scored in the candy department and both got two new vinylmations. They were pretty excited about it. 

 Ed was in town for a work meeting so we met him half way in Corta Madera for dinner. It was a fun night and the boys scored some much needed shoes and new shades. 

One thing that kept me pretty busy while we were down there was organizing. I love to do it and offered to help Mom Wilson out. Before I got there she spent a lot of time going through things and throwing stuff away so I got to do the fun part. I sent her to Ikea with a list of things to get and I just went to town making everything look pretty. I really enjoyed it!
Santa Rosa will always be one of my favorite places to visit. We have so much fun and G&G's house is the best!