Thursday, March 29, 2012

15 month check up

Last week we had Carter's 15 month well check and he checked out well. I love our pediatrician he is the perfect middle ground for all our doctors and a great sound board for everything to do with Carter. He was very proud of all his developmental progress as well as his growth. He is now very much on the charts and doing great in the size category.

Weight- 23 lbs 12 oz and in the 50%
Height- 32.3 inches and in the 90%
Head- 19.8 inches and in the 97+%

He said he laughed inside when he got the developmental report and they were so concerned about his head size. He said that if it weren't against HIPPA he would have sent over Boston's and my two nephews growth charts to show that Wilson's just have huge heads. He and Boston share almost the exact same stats at 15 months. Boston was a pound heavier, but other than that they are identical. People always tell me how much they look like each other and I don't totally see it. I think you can tell they look like brother but not too much a like. That is until I started looking back at picture and at the same age they look SO much a like it's crazy!

Boston at 15 months
Carter at 15 months
Yes? No? Am I right?

Carter is a pretty awesome litte guy and here are the things that make him so awesome

learned to wave, clap, and point all in one weekend
loves standing
still gets about 90% of his nutrition from his feeding tube
loves his brother
can roll his eyes like no body's business
trying so hard to get up on all fours
loves being outside, but doesn't really open his eyes if its sunny
splashes like crazy in the bath
is hanging on to just a pinch of oxygen at night
loves to play with blocks
has super sweaty and stinky feet
loves bike rides in the bike trailer
loves the grass
still only has two teeth!
is the most chill kid ever! hands down best baby
daddy gave you a buzz and it is WAY too short. he was sent to the dog house for the day
gets woken up almost everyday by his brother and doesn't like it very much
has something about him that just makes everyone he is around a happier person

We love you Carter boy and are SO proud of you. We can't wait to see all the changes over the next couple months. We are so blessed to have yo in our family and if you can't tell we all think you are a little piece of heaven.

Love You

Friday, March 23, 2012

Aren't They Cute!!!

Not going to lie I think my boys are pretty stinkin' cute, but what what parent doesn't think that of their kids. Once again Nikki from shutterview photography did an amazing job! I seriously LOVE these pics!

both of their smiles in this one kill me
love those lashes
i mean seriously?!?!?!

can't handle it

so handsome

looking way too big :(
my favorite of boston. this is SO him!
I love these boys more than anything. They mean everything to me and are so worth all the hard things that come with being their Mom. I love my life and it's mostly because of them and their daddy who they happen to get their good looks from.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break

This week has been spring break and it has been so much fun!. The weather has been beautiful and we are LOVING that we get to get out of the house. I sure do love preschool, but it is so fun to have Boston home more.
We went to the sand park with friends one day and had such a good time. I got a tad bit red or a lot, but other than that it was awesome. Definitely our favorite place to play.
On Wednesday we went to Watters Creek which happens to be one of Boston's favorite places. He could play in the creek and climb the rocks all day long.

St. Patty's day! We had a yummy breakfast of green pancakes, green, apples sauce, and lucky charms all served on green dinner wear.
And because we love Watters Creek so much, or because it was free we decided to hit it up again for the St. Patty's party.
They turned the creek green which Boston thought was amazing. We went in to get our face painted like advertised and came out with a tattoo on our cheeks and green hair. Hmmm.
Boston was a big fan of the green hair and an even bigger fan of all the tattoo's he found on the ground. Can't say enough how much we love to get out all together. One thing is for sure I am definitely a way more fun Mom when we are out of the house.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Scooter Boy

The other day Boston was out in the drive way riding his scooter around and told me he wanted Carter to have a turn. I set Carter on it and was completely shocked when he grabbed on and stood by himself. He stood there for a good twenty minutes and loved every second of it.
We have been working so hard with him to support himself more in standing and being on all fours. When standing we were never able to hold his fingers to stand we always had to hold around his waist to help support him. So needles to say we were completely shocked when he did it.
I guess he was ready and like with everything else once he decides to do it he will. We are so proud of our little scooter boy. Boston said it was because he was wearing his cape that he stood so good.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This spring we let Boston choose which sport he wanted to play. Lucky us he chose T-Ball which was a good thing because soccer sign ups had passed and the day we talked about it was the last day for t-ball sign ups. Trav has taken him out a couple times to practice. He does a very good job holding in his frustration with our 4 year old that is not interested in the learning aspect of the game. I would be very frustrated if I were the one trying to teach him, but since I am not I find it pretty funny. He has quite the short attention span with us when it comes to things like this. We were a little worried how he would do at practice.

I must have been a good photographer, because these pictures actually look like he was playing catch. When in reality he was pretending to fall over or dreaming about flying a kite.

Last night was his first night of practice. I had something to do at church, but Trav took him and said he did great. Why is it that kids will listen to other adults perfectly, but not their parents? He had a great time and has talked about it many times today. We are just glad he had so much fun!

Monday, March 5, 2012

All or Nothin'

Today starts the beginning of my no sweets or treats! I have yet to learn self control and moderation over sweets so I am going to get rid of them all. My goal is to last until after my half marathon which is June 23rd. Holy smokes that seems like forever away! The thought of me running 13.1 miles in 3.5 months seems like way too soon so I can do it.

Over the past year and a half of our always on the go lifestyle I have developed some bad eating habits. Mostly just eating what was quick and easy. As a result my body is much... what do I say... squishy for my liking. I am determined to get back into shape and feel good about my body. I am determined to make more time for myself. I have not been good at all with that and I know that is one of the biggest reasons I feel so gross. It is so important to take care of yourself and I have been neglecting myslef for far too long.

I have never been one to care about how much I weigh so I am not paying much attention to that, but am going to focus more on inches and if the pounds drop then wahoo for that. Since there is only one other person (my Mom) besides Trav and I who can take of Carter it will be very interesting and very non traditional how I train for my half. I see many runs with Carter in the stroller, Boston on his bike, and plenty of stops to pick up sticks and look at bugs in our future. I go to the gym the mornings my Mom is able to watch the boys and on Saturdays when Trav is home. I am not a night gym person at all mostly because I have zero energy left. So I am going to work hard at doing more at home.

I am excited to get back in shape. I feel so much better about myself when I am healthier and eat better. I am WAY more productive and overall am a lot nicer person. I think my back gave me a break with everything going on, but it has had enough and it's time to work on that too. After I broke my back and everything was better my doctor told me that I just needed to get in shape and stay in shape and my back wouldn't bother me. I have been having trouble sleeping and spending some nights sleeping on the floor to get more comfortable due to my back aching.

So here is to a healthier me! Wish me luck and pray that you don't see me at the gym, because I am sure I would leave you laughing with all the panting I will be doing. Just going to look at it this way...if someone were to give me the option of lets say a bowl of ice cream (my fave) or a fit body which would I choose. Easy answer so I am going to make the right choices!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Grandma Wilson Visits

We were lucky enough to have Grandma Wilson come visit for a week. It was the first time in a long time that we were able to take little man out to the land of the living. (spring please stay...please) We hit up Chitos our new favorite Mexican restaurant a couple times, read too many Bernstein bears books to count, snuggled in the mornings and at nights, went to Aunt Xela's baby shower for baby girl, and might have gotten a tad bit spoiled, which is something that never happens when Grandma comes to town. ;)
Grandma with our two cute boys. Carter was as miserable as he looked. So ready for bed!
We shopped, ate yummy food, & played with our cousins.
On Saturday night we went bowling with Emily and the girls who came up to go to Xela's shower and visit friends. Boston was actually really good. I think I am going on three years now of not being able to break a hundred. Not sure what happened I used to be pretty decent.
The weather was BEAUTIFUL while she was here. We enjoyed and afternoon at the Beach and Boston finally mastered the fire pole!. We sure love that park and can't wait to spend ridiculous amounts of time there again this year.
Lincoln (2), Hyrum (5), Boston (4), Grandma (?), Carter (1), & Porter (8)
Grandma Wilson with her Dallas boys. We are all boys up here for at least another three weeks until Xela has her first little girl. Not so sure if she is lucky to have five older boys around or not. We always love when Grandma comes in town and are always sad when she leaves. We love you!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Developmental Appointment

2-4 times a year Carter meets with his Developmental Doctor. About a month ago we went for a follow up. They do all sorts of test and what not to see how he is catching up or falling behind developmentally. They are never my favorite appointments mainly because sometimes it just hard to hear how far behind he really is even though I know. His gross motor skills are definitely the ones that he is lacking most which are around a 6 month old. I knew he was behind on that one, but was hoping it wasn't that for behind. He still lacks a lot of strength in his upper body. The doctor told me that a lot of times kids like him will skip crawling all together. Then with a very concerned look said "you know that problem with kids who don't crawl is that their handwriting suffers" What?!?! Do you think I care what his handwriting looks like after all he has been through. Thankfully I bit my tongue, because I knew they went to school a long time and paid lots of money to learn that. But really handwriting is the least of our worries.

The thing I was so excited about was all the test that had to do with his brain. He was scoring right at his corrected age of 14 months! Once again we are so happy that so far everything upstairs is working perfectly. The other stuff can be corrected the brain can't.

Speaking about his brain the doctor was very concerned with the size of Carter's head. Because he had a grade 3 brain bleed they were worried that he might have some swelling or fluid build up. I wasn't worried at all. She told me to keep an eye on it and if I noticed anything different we were to get in for an MRI asap. I came home and looked at Boston's head measurements to compare. At nine months Boston's head was 18.8 inches and at 14 months Carter's was 19. Sorry we just have huge headed children. Our Pediatrician knows my nephews and when we went for Carter's one year check he said that if he didn't know Boston and my Nephews he might be concerned "but since he's a Wilson" he has nothing to worry about.

Over the last month he has really taken off with his therapy. His physical therapist was telling me that they set 6 months goals for their patients to submit to insurance companies. They set goals that they feel at the time of the evaluation are kinda unrealistic so that after the six months they will continue to get coverage. In the past three months he has met his 6 month goals. Today he had his first Occupational Therapy appointment since his last evaluation that was mid January. His therapist was shocked that he had met all his 6 months goals whit in the last month.

I am so proud of my little guy. Nothing besides being ridiculously cute comes easy for him. He has taught me so much and has truly made me a better person.