Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Party!!! (and the mistake)

On Saturday we had Boston's Birthday Party (or good behavior leverage) or what ever you want to call it. I made the mistake of letting him get on pinterest with me to look for ideas. The problem with Boston is that when he has an idea he HAS to make it happen. So with our busy schedule it called for a lot of late nights and a lot of help from Grandma D. Boston couldn't decide between a Lego or super hero party so we kinda combined it to be a Lego superhero party. Ha.
Some of the details. Lego Happy Birthday banner, Cup cakes with chocolate Lego mold guys on top, Marshmallow Lego face Pops. I can't believe I didn't get better pictures, but to fit in the superhero theme I made everyone little capes with a Lego brick on the back with their names on it. Also not pictures were the party favor bags. I got Lego bags from the Lego store and filled them with a Lego magazine, A Lego people coloring book I made, Lego mold chocolate candies, Lego brick candies, and Lego mold crayons which I about pulled my hair out making. Everything turned out pretty cute.
We played some games to help Professor Brickenbrack fix some things down at the Lego factory. I forgot that kids only have a 10 minute attention span so it was kinda crazy.
Then we opened presents. It's so fun to see the kids get SO excited about the gift they brought. Everyone thought everything was so cool it was so cute.
Here is all the gang. They loved the Lego building game and were very proud to show off their tall towers. Pizza and the dessert were quite the hit. It was so much fun to watch Boston with his friends and have a couple hours all about him.

We stressed quite a bit about having it at our house with Carter home, but Grandma D did a good job keeping him in hiding. You better believe we wiped the house down real good after. =)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The 4 Year Old!

Dear Boston,
I can't believe you are four years old! You are such an amazing boy and we feel so blessed to have you in our family. You can have the sweetest personality ever. Around Christmas there was a commercial on TV for a Lexus car where someone was gifting it someone and they had a big bow on it. Grandma Wilson and I were joking about that happening to us. A couple weeks later you held my hand and brought me out to the car and what do you know you had put a bow on Mommy's car and told me you loved me. I about melted. You always tell the story about Austin at school and how "he broke your heart".

Some funny things I love about you are obsessed with Ziploc bags. You love to organize things in them. One time you found every band aid in our house, which is a lot because you really like those too and sorted them into four bags and wrote each member of our families initial on them. I wish you were that organized and specific with your toys. You love "duck bread" and always ask for it. We went to feed the ducks one time and I bought the walmart brand really cheap nasty bread for a $1 and you ate some and loved it. Gross.

You are a funny boy. You love to tell jokes and they never make sense, but you laugh your head off. You ask for random things like something sharp so you can go kill a turkey???? At church during the opening prayer one Sunday someone prayed that we could open our hearts and you looked right up and me and said "she is so mean that she would pray for us to open our heart, because if our hearts open then we will die. We shouldn't pray for people to die" I could barely contain myself you were SO serious about it. The other day you were being a bit feisty and you kicked me pretty hard. I gave you the look and you said "I wasn't kicking you Mom I was giving you a high five with my foot". Where do you come up with this stuff. You told me the other day that your favorite thing to do was toot. One more way that you are becoming more boy! You tell me all that time that you body parts tell you to do things so you don't get in trouble for your arm hitting Carter.

Three was a fun, but rough year. You learned the art of talking back and at time I was ready to send you out the front door. I don't know if you have picked up on things at school or if it just comes with age, but you say things all the time that you don't really know the meaning behind. About a month ago you were going through a big Daddy stage, well you kinda always are, but especially this time and you were angry at me for something and you told me that yous wanted to "bang my head on the ground". I was so sad about it and that you would say something like that. Good thing those moments are very few and far between or else we would have some serious problems. Most of the time you are very polite and sweet. You use germ blast like it's nobodies business. We have turned you into the ultimate germ a phobe. You know that it helps keep your Brother healthy and you kinda REALLY like him and are always keepin' and eye out for him.

I sure do love you buddy and am so glad your my son. You bring the perfect amount of humor to our family. You have definitely given mommy and daddy something to laugh about on hard days. Keep being who you are, because I am just crazy about you.

My Love
(that's what you have been calling me lately???)

Here is how your 4th birthday went down.
We started of the morning with donuts and a special birthday message from daddy. Then you headed to school where Mommy joined you later to share your birthday poster. It was so fun to see you with all your friends at school and see the things you do.
When Daddy and Grandma D got off work we opened presents! Daddy and I took you to Lego land for you big present, but we threw in a practical gift. A booster seat which was "just what you always wanted!" You were so excited about it. Good thing Texas lets four year old boys be in booster seats because you and your long self were getting very snug in your carseat. Your Grandma's and Grandpa hooked you up with lots of Lego's, geotrax, movies, shoes, and stickers.
After presents we ate your requested dinner of Nachos. You LOVE nachos! Then we had cake. It's a good thing you thought your Lego cake was awesome, because in truth it was pretty pathetic.

Happy Birthday to the best four year old that cant take a decent picture these days boy I know.

We LOVE you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The BEST birthday ever!

For Boston's Birthday this year Trav and I took Boston on a surprise trip to Legoland. He really didn't have anything he wanted for his Birthday and with Grandparents and Friends we knew that he would be well covered in the toy department. We started of with lunch at Chik fila and headed over.

We then got to meet Professor Brinkenbrack and learn how Legos are made. Boston got the biggest kick out of this.
Mini land was awesome! They had all of Dallas' attraction spots made out of Legos. Mavs stadium, Rangers stadium, Cowboys Stadium, Downtown Dallas including Daddy's building, DFW airport, and Great Wolf Lodge.
4D movies. Dirk made out of Legos. Building cars and racing them.
Boston loved going on the rides! We told him he could pick out a toy in the Lego store and what do ya know he picked a Darth Vader key chain. He acts like he loves Star Wars, because I guess it's the cool thing for 4 year old boys even though he knows nothing about it. We were perfectly happy with the $5 key chain as opposed to the $30+ box of Legos.

Here we are on one of the rides. Trav taking it too serious? I did get high score every time. Yep it definitely was Trav taking it serious. Ha!
This is what happened after not even 3minutes in the car. It was such a fun day and so good to spend some one on one time with Boston. When we asked him if he had fun he said it was "the best Birthday ever!" It doesn't get much better than that. We are now big fans of doing a fun day out for the boys Birthdays over presents. With their Birthdays both so close to Christmas it works great. He absolutely loved it and I think it's safe to say that the memories we made today will last lots longer than any box of Legos would have.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Darn near Perfect day!

Today was such a fun day. We don't get out around here very much so when we had beautiful 80 degree weather we knew we needed to go out and enjoy it. We started the morning of at our neighborhood park with the Sharps. Boston was loving it!
Carter was getting the biggest kick out of the swings, especially when Boston was pushing him. Boston loved doing "under doggies".
They were putting in new wood chips so there was huge piles every where. It didn't slow Boston down one bit.
After some much needed naps we headed out again to the "beach". I seriously love that place and CAN'T wait for spring to come so we can hit it up daily. After we met up with Trav and did a quick very brave (insert germa phobes here) little trip around the mall.
The day really was almost perfect! Minus Boston's super sassy back talking moments that he seems to be doing far too much for my liking it was awesome!

Spring you can't come fast enough! Get us out of our house!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011...That's a wrap

What a year 2011 was for our family. I hope as time goes on we will be able to forget about things like dumping our savings into medical bills, being beyond tired, stress about the unknown, spending ridiculous amounts of time in our car and lots of money on gas, worry, many doctor appointments, our home filled with med supplies, and all the bad that comes with a trial like this will be forgotten. I say that only because I don't want it to overshadow like it does some days the absolute fact that this past year has been one filled with infinite blessings and many miracles. We truly are SO blessed. I know I say it all the time, but I really wouldn't trade it for anything. We ALL have grown so much through this trial. I truly believe that we are given the trials that we NEED to become who our Heavenly Father wants us to be. It definitely isn't easy, but it is o' so worth it!

Looking back 2011 style...
January we celebrated Boston's 3rd birthday and Carter's 1 month birthday. Boston learned how to ride his big boy bike. Carter was "big" enough to wear clothes all the while still tiny enough to slide our wedding rings up to his shoulder. We enjoyed snow for a couple days. Uncle Kels and Aunt Brienne came to visit.
February brought lots of visitors (Aunt Tara and G&G Wilson) for Uncle B's graduation. We built up some guts to leave peanut for a day to go to graduation which ended up being such a good little get a way for us. Travvy got to hold Carter for the first time. Grandma D took Boston to build a bear for he a Carter and Nurse Missy dressed Carter up in his build a bear accessories. Boston recorded "Pigeon wants a puppy" for his baby brother so he could hear his voice. We had lots of CPAP trials for peanut.
In March Boston went to the dentist for the first time and loved it. We tried CPAP again and after 8 times not working we began to talk about a trach. Boston "met" Carter for the first time through a window. I was sure at this time Boston was ready to throw me out and have Rene' be his Mom. Boston started soccer and developed a love for all things trains. We went to Disney on Ice. Carter had all his surgeries that would "fast track" him home.
April brought more soccer, good weather and fun times with our friends at the sand park. G & G Wilson came to visit and Grandma got to hold Carter for the first time and Grandpa spent a lot of time in Bobo's closet having "party's". My friends threw me an incredible baby shower. My Mom and I went crazy disinfecting every square inch of my home. We celebrated Easter. Our house slowly turned into a place full of med supplies. The best thing April brought was our sweet baby coming home and us being a family of four together for the first time in five months. We also said goodbye to Dr. Santiago and some of the most amazing people we have ever met.
May Uncle Kels surprised us by coming in town for Carter's blessing. Boston spent a lot of time at the pool and Carter spent a lot of time in the bjorn. We switched out Carter's g-tube for a mickey button. Wahoo for that no more pulling it out. We had lots of Brother time and started to venture out a little, of course only with Grandma D's help.
June we celebrated Father's day with the best dad around. Our baby smiled for the first time. We started to bath the boys together. I finally "finished" Carter's room. Boston and I went on lots of nature walks to the jungle. Matching brothers. The fab five babies met for the first time. We spent lots of time with the Williams. Mornings spent at the pool.
July brought some crazy hot weather and a visit from uncle Ky where we scored some serious tickets at strikz. Top Golf. Boston crossed the finish line with Grandma D at one of her half's. We celebrated the 4th. Our monthly med supply delivery started. Carter started "playing" with toys more. Lots of time at the pool.
August Boston mastered going potty facing forwards =). Grandma Wilson came to visit in the blazon heat. Carter started Vital Stim. Boston started Preschool and decided to take up cooking. Carter's love affinity with snuggly took full force. More time at the pool with friends.
September Carter was scoped and there was no movement in his vocal chord. Boston mastered self portraits and Lego love began. The cowboys season started. Cooler weather came our way which allowed us lots of visits to the park and T-ball in the back yard. Best of all we went on a vacation to Santa Rosa and it was amazing!
October Carter was reunited with the twins. Boston fell dead asleep in his Spidey uniform. We celebrated Halloween with Spidey and Batman. We snuck away for a fun weekend in Boerne. We went with the Hunter's to the pumpkin patch. Boston continued to be Grandma D's sidekick at home or at the Doctors offices.
November we celebrated mine and Trav's Birthdays. I ran the Turkey trot on Thanksgiving. Boston had his Thanksgiving program at school. Carter was hospitalized for metapneumovirus. Boston thought it was great because of the play room. The rest of us not so much. Grandma Haymond came to visit. Thanksgiving with the Wilson crew meant cousin time for Bobo.
December we celebrated Carter's 1st Birthday and the birth of our Savior. We had a very special visit from Santa! We spent lots of time playing Legos, doing the advent calenders, and searching for buddy the elf. I made us new stockings. The boys got their pictures taken. Carter was scoped and we saw movement in his vocal chord! We spent a wonderful Christmas with my family.

Here's to 2012.
I'm hoping I can get this new life of ours a little more organized.
Hoping that I can fold more of my laundry than my Mom does.
Hoping I can prepare more meals than my ward, pei wei, and McDonalds did this past year.
Hoping that my in-laws can get some sort of special treatment from Virgin America for being such frequent flyer's.
Have I mentioned how blessed we are? Farewell 2011!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The after party

It was so much fun to have everyone here. We really didn't do much at all. We ttok turns staying home with Carter and to be honest we all spent a ridiculous amount of time building Legos. We were lucky enough to have a really warm day and ALL venture out to the park. Nothing too exciting just way fun to be together!

Christmas Day

I was so excited for Christmas this year. It was the first time in 6 years we have all been together for Christmas! Boston was such a patient boy and came right to our room before going to see what Santa brought. After we finished Carter's treatments we let him go wake everyone up. I love the picture of him peeking in on Uncle Kels and Aunt Brienne.
Santa was very kind and brought Boston "just what he always wanted"! Everyone opened up their stockings and enjoyed watching the kids enjoy Santa gifts.
Boston and Sloan were the official gift distributors. It was hilarious watching Sloan carry boxes as big as she is. Carter didn't last long before he was ready to go back to bed. We put him down and got moving on our gifts. Kelsey and Brienne were the recipients of all Boston's "specially" wrapped presents. Inside were great things like teething rings, Christmas cards from Carter's nurse, little animals, and pretty much whatever was within arms reach when he was wrapping. He was so proud of them it was so cute!
I'm pretty sure my house is officially a Toy Store. The boys got hooked up! I think the Lego table (thank you pinterest), Legos, New rainboots, racetrack, and a leapster were the highlights. When you have three sets of Grandparents it can kinda get a little crazy!
Grandma D with her babies. She said she was excited to have everyone together, but what she really wanted was to have her three babies together!

After a crazy morning everyone headed to church while I stayed home with Carter. I have such a deeper appreciation for my Heavenly Father and Savior this year. I feel like my relationship with them has really grown. I am so grateful for the birth of our Savior and for the atonement. I know that it is because of these events that my family has enjoyed so many blessings. My boys mean everything to me and I am so grateful for them.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a pretty low key day. Everyone ran around getting some last minute gifts and what not. We watched the Cowboys game. Good thing we had Christmas to help cheer us up, because the Cowboys have certainly not done that this season.
After that we opened our traditional Christmas Eve Jammies. My Grandma knitted the Grandkids hats. They actually all LOVED them!
I'm still dying over these pictures. We never did get a decent picture of the three of them all lokking. Apparantly we were too busy trying to get a good picture of the kids and forgot to get a pic of the adults. I'm sure the boys weren't too sad.
After jammies we set out cookies and milk for santa and put reindeer food all over the lawn. Uncle Kels read bedtime stories and lights were out.

Holiday Higlights

We had a great Holiday season. We mostly just enjoyed being together as a family. With Christmas music playing and pine scented candles burning along with our Christmas decor we made sure to have our home feel as "Christmasy" as possible since that is where we spent our time. We made sure to have as much fun as we could. Here are some of our Highlights!
Getting the boys pictures taken. More of these beauties later.
Finding Buddy the Elf each morning was definitely a favorite all season long!
Watching this little guy make big improvements developmentally sure is fun.
This is definitely blog worthy. Not so much that they turned out OK, but the fact that I actually completed a project. I haven't finished a project in over a year. I have decided that now is not the time in my life to take things on because I just get frustrated that I don't have time to finish.
Bundling peanut up in hats.
Teaching the boys about the nativity and then listening to Boston's interpretation of it.
Decorating Christmas tree's in our rooms.
Christmas crafts. Boston is my little craft buddy and I LOVE it!
Advent Calendars. I think the most shocking thing was that we actually stuck to only opening one day at a time. For all you Mom's of Boys I HIGHLY suggest the Lego calendar. It was SO much fun!

Boston's unique style of wrapping presents!
Not sure what rock I was living under, but there are some AMAZING neighborhood lights around here. One night my Mom and I took the boys to go look at them and it was probably one of my favorite things we did. It was unreal how many houses went full out with their lights!