Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let the Festivities begin

On Saturday we went to downtown Dallas to the Farmers Market. We absolutely loved it. The fresh produce was absolutely amazing and Boston was a huge fan of the samples. Boston was in heaven. We pretty much just followed him around and let him run the show. The flowers were beautiful and make me very excited to have a yard to put them in someday. They had so many different kinds of pumpkins to choose from. Boston climbed all over and finally found his perfect little round pumpkin. Thanks to Mom and Dad Wilson we have enjoyed fresh fruit and vegetable this week and will hopefully carve the cute pumpkins they got us.

We got festive last night and decorated cookies. Boston did alot more eating than decorating. I had fun and my OCD side came out when I started decorating mine. When we told Boston he was done and no more cookies he sat and chowed down with Grandpa (his very favorite person at the moment) and enjoyed some chips and homemade guacamole dip.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Must Watch

Trav and I were giving Boston a bath tonight and he told us that he had to go poo poo caca and that he wanted to go on the toilet. So we took him out of the bath and this is what happened.
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Right after this he squatted on the floor and went pee. Hey at least we are getting to the point that he is recognizing that he has to go.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Choosing my Battles


Lately with Boston's new "Mr. Independent" attitude I feel like I am always having to choose my battles. To be honest he wins most of them, but he's cute and that's OK with me. Today I decided to not fight in the no coat no shoes battle. Should have fought the coat one, but o well. Boston has loved wearing my socks around the house lately and this morning was no exception. I put my socks on for him and no problem. That was until we needed to leave for the store. There was no way I was going to get my socks off of him so he won and we went to the store. While we were walking around the store he was so nice to "comb" my hair with the foot scrub brush that made it's way out the door with us. I gave him a fruit leather that made his face a brownish purple color. He yelled out "Mama where are you" almost the entire time we were there. He won. It was funny. And that's that.

I was thinking about it on the way home and I started to laugh when I thought about it from an outsiders point of view. Here's this little boy that has been abducted and can't find his Mom, he looks as though he hasn't had a bath in about a week, his only toy is a foot scrub brush, and lastly the little boy doesn't have any shoes. We got some good laughs from the employee's and left the store empty handed. Love him!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Busy


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The last two weeks have been so busy for us. Boston is turning into Mr. Independent. He helps himself to little snacks, tries to change his own diaper, doesn't want us to get him dressed, talks on the phone all the time, but daddy is the only person he will talk back too, and to top it off he is talking like a crazy man. Trav has been working like crazy, playing in his softball league, eating popcorn a couple nights a week with Boston, scouts, and being very patient with stinking car problems. I have been busy with Boston, VT calling, Super Saturday, trying to catch up on laundry (thanks Trav for not complaining about your very limited choice in work clothes while I took 2 weeks to finally iron them), trying so keep a clean house, and make time time for a fun night out with my love. We spent the last 4 days at Trav's Brothers house taking care of his two boys while they were at the hospital having their 3rd boy. It was a very fun, but tiring couple days. The boys were sick and Boston cought it and well to be honest sick kids aren't that fun. My mind was going crazy that I didn't even take a picture of my new nephew, but he is so dang cute and has the cutest little chin ever! They named him Lincoln which I love and Trav and I will for sure be calling him Link after Link on prison break. Well that's us nothing too exciting but we are happy with it.

Here is what Boston does to keep himself busy. He never slows down never.