Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Don't let this picture fool you I am only writing this post today because last night we had a little break through and I finally feel ok to talk about it. To describe how our family feels this past week could easily be described as TIRED! It was time for Boston to finally make the move out of his crib. Not only because little brother is coming, but also because he is WAY too big for a crib. He never climbed out of it, which is actually pretty funny considering he would only have a 3-4 inch drop after swinging his legs over. He has pretty much always been a great sleeper and for sure a great napper. I was very worried that naps were going to go out the window once we made the switch, which is why we have waited so long. Well to our surprise naps have been the best part of this whole transition. Both at naps and bedtime he goes down so easily after we do books and songs. Naps he stays asleep for 2-3 hours and well bedtime he wakes up every 2-3 hours! He comes into our room and wishes us a good morning every time. We threatened locking the door, which absolutely scares the tar out of him and it has helped him at lest stay in his room. Yesterday we went and got a night light and he slept until 6 this morning. I am crossing my fingers that it was because of the night light, but am not really betting that it will last. 6 is still way early for Boston, but I will definitely take it over being up every couple hours. I am hoping that with time he will get back to his usual sleep patterns and that we will be able to survive the time it will take. One thing for sure is that our little guy can be a complete monster when he is under slept. Yikes!! If you have any suggestions please let me know. I guess I should mention that I am a pretty big wuss when it comes to the crying it out thing. It doesn't really work for Boston. He just gets mad and wakes up even more. He does love his big boy bed and is sure to show it to everyone that enters our house. I guess since getting rid of the bottle, the binky, switching from 2 naps to 1, sleeping through the night, potty training, and all those things have been pretty easy for us it was about time something wasn't. Patience. Patience. Patience. That is what I tell myself all day long.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Feeling Crafty

Boston and I were feeling crafty today. I got a Hobby Lobby gift card for my B-day so there we went. If you say Hobby Lobby to Boston he interprets it as getting something wooden to paint. This Boy loves to paint! Today he was especially excited about his wood choice. He loves chompers (Nutcrackers) and the fact that they had an unfinished one for him to paint was the best thing ever! He took his project very seriously! When he went down for his nap he gave me some instructions to paint eyes on it, paint the base silver, and then paint the spots that weren't yet painted. He loves his chomper and has officially named him "Boy" and told me that his chomper is "allowed to wear shoes in the house".

I made these trees that I happen to love. I feel a glitter kick coming on. There is something about sparkly stuff at Christmas time that I can't get enough of. It was pretty funny the amount of glitter I had sitting on my belly shelf when I was done.

22 Weeks

Well as you can see a lot has changed in the last 4 weeks since I posted a pic. Holy cow my belly is seriously growing by the second. I feel like I am carrying lower (even though I am still pretty high) with this one that I was with Boston. My ribs are thanking the baby for that one. I definitely enjoy this stage of pregnancy especially the feeling the baby kick part. Trav has felt him a couple times, but we are just waiting for some big good ones. Nothing new to report other than I can't get enough A&W Rootbeer and I am embarrassed to admit that I have been on a sausage kick for the last two weeks. Gross I know.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy 28th Trav

Well Trav if being 25 didn't make me feel older, then being married to an almost 30 year old does. Happy Birthday I sure do love you!

In Honor of your Birthday here are 28 reason's I Love you

1-First and foremost you are an amazing husband
2-You are an amazing Father
3-You put jalpeno's and crushed red pepper on EVERYTHING even though it kills your stomach
4-You are such a hard worker
5-You are the most selfless person I know. I seriously have to break your arm for you to do something for yourself.
6-You say prayers with me every morning even though I am pretty much half dead
7-When we were dating you wore Sean John jeans. =)
8-You just threw those jeans away last year.
9-You can't part with those dang speakers that have been in our Family room since the day we were married and they have never been hooked up.
10-You have such a solid testimony.
11-You always want to be better and do better.
12-You are the greatest person to ever walk the planet according to our little Boy. I agree.
13-You put up with my cooking, which isn't all that great.
14-You think that anything I make or do is pretty cool.
15-You support me in all that I do.
16-I love the breathing sound you make when you are deep asleep.
17-You say that you are going to quit drinking energy drinks almost every other week. It usually only last a couple days.
18-You leave for work before 6 every morning so that you can spend more time with us at home.
19-You look very cute in your queen of hearts PJ pants.
20-You let me take a million and one pictures of everything even though you hate pictures.
21-The clothes you pick out for me always end up being my favorite.
22-You are such a great gift giver, something I am not =(
23-You teach me about stocks and are very patient with my slow learning and understanding of them.
24-You take such good care of our house inside and out.
25-You like movies just as much as I do even though these days we never last through a whole one.
26-The look on your face when you walk in the door from work is my favorite time of the day.
27-You know and love our Savior and are not afraid to call upon him for help and you always remember to thank him.
28-Most of all I love the way you love me. I like to think we are a perfect match and I know it is because you care so much about me and always want me to be as happy as I want you to be.

I love you Trav and feel very blessed to be yours. Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

You're 25?????

Teresa...I hope you have a wonderful day. I wish I could spend all day with you, but I am out running to multiple party stores trying to find enough candles to put on your birthday cake...25 is a whole bunch!!!

Love you...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Pictures

I know what your thinking. "You really got family pictures at almost 20 weeks pregnant". I know sounds crazy right. Well not when you get hit up by some one to do them for $40 bucks. Besides my shirt hid it pretty well and I spared you the ones that were at a not so hot angle. Pretty much I just wanted one picture for our Christmas card. They are definitely not Nikki good (shutterviewphotography she does all our pics), but they are good enough for the card. Boston was in a really good mood that night and was laughing like crazy so there are some cute ones of him.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We know how to make them...

Well it has been confirmed again that we know how to make BOYS!!!!! Thats right in a couple months we will have another little BOY in our home. Everything looked healthy and perfect. We were surprised that HIS head wasn't measuring big, because the Wilson's make big headed babies. After seeing Trav the nurse said she was most curious to see if HE has long legs like Daddy. When she measured them she just started laughing and said HE definitely has HIS Daddy's legs because they were measuring three weeks ahead of schedule. HE was measuring two weeks ahead overall. We are beyond excited and can't believe it is real.

When we told Boston he said "A little Brother Great" then he asked if he still got to be the Big Brother. SO pretty much I don't think he cares he just wants to be a big Brother like his cousins. He has been very interested in the baby lately. He rubs my belly a lot and tells the baby good morning and good night. Yesterday he came up and said "hey little baby you just swimming around in there? Don't walk in there that could be kinda silly"

I have gained 6 pounds total and the nurse told me that she would still like to see that number go up a little faster. This is exactly how I was with Boston so I am not too worried and besides that I eat like a horse.

I can't even begin to picture what it will be like with two little boys, but one thing for sure is that it will be crazy!!! I can't wait!

Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a pretty low key, but very fun Halloween this year. On Saturday we went to our wards trunk or treat which was absolutely crazy there were so many kids because we combined with another ward.
Here is our little Rambobo
Boston has been very into Monsters these so days so here we are doing our "Scary Monster Face"
Family pic on the front porch. Are we lame for not dressing up? My brother thinks so.
He is for sure the cutest Rambobo ever!
Trunk or Treat. Boston was a little intimidated with the craziness of it all. He wasn't to into the actual trick or treating and was alot happier just passing out candy. He did have fun seeing some of his friends and his favorite Nursery leader Miss Magert.
On Halloween night we camped out on the front porch and let Boston hand out candy. In between kids he would run circles around the front yard. You could definitely say he was on a sugar high. Trav and I just kept looking at each other laughing because he was literally bouncing off the walls.

Pumpkin Carving

Last Sunday we carved our pumpkins as a family. Boston was totally into it until "guts" were involved. He did participate in the cleaning out for a couple minutes and somehow managed to make a huge mess so we were just fine with him being done with the carving. After we were done and the mess was cleaned up Boston was right back in on the action. He loved seeing the pumpkins all light up and loved blowing out the candles even more. Definitely a fun night as a family. The only sad part was that come Halloween night are pumpkins had doubled over.

Craft Night

A couple weeks ago we got together for a craft night. It was so fun to sit and chat while making something cute. I have yet to totally finish mine, but with my projects piling up I think I will just put it in the Halloween box and finish it up next year. Kinda lame of me, but O well. Thanks for hosting a fun night Jamie.