Saturday, November 30, 2013

SR Thanksgiving- Armstrong Grove

Saturday morning we headed up to Armstrong Grove with Papo and the boys (Mom W. was sick) I could not get over how beautiful it was up there! We had so much fun wondering around and letting the boys explore wherever they wanted to go. We made a fire and roasted some hot dogs for lunch. It was such a fun outing and we left planning a camping trip up there next time we go up North.

Friday, November 29, 2013

SR Thanksgiving- Date Night

Trav and I snuck away one night while in Santa Rosa to go out on a date. We had a yummmmmmy dinner and then went to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour. I don't think Trav thought he would enjoy it that much, but he actually loved it which made it that much more fun for me. I sure do love him and am grateful he does things out of his comfort zone because he knows I like it.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

SR Thanksgiving- Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving morning I somehow convinced Trav and my Nephew Porter to join me on my run. It is always more fun to have people with you while running. 
After breakfast we all headed over to Strawberry to play a little baseball and football. Carter was loving hitting the ball and feeling like a big kid. 
Isn't this the cutest picture you ever did see!

The curly haired cousins chowing down on our delicious feast! Papo made two turkeys and as always they were amazing! We had such a great day and loved being with our family. We have SO much to be grateful for. After dinner we went to see Frozen which was a huge surprise for me. I wasn't expecting it to be that great, but we ALL loved it!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SR Thanksgiving- The Beach

For Thanksgiving this year we headed up North to Santa Rosa. We had such a great time and it was even better that Xed's family was there. One afternoon we headed up to the beach and holy smokes it was beautiful night up there! They boys all had so much fun playing together and the sunset was absolutely gorgeous!

 Yikes forgot how cold that water is ha

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bunk Beds

It was time to get Carter out of the crib. He wasn't a climber at all, but he was definitely too long to be in there still. When we went to St. George to watch my Mom run the marathon I snagged these Bunk Beds at Down East Home. The boys had been begging us to put them up and we finally did it. Carter did great with the transition as soon as we put the guard rail up. That kid is a crazy sleeper and needs the rail to keep him in. I was worried how they would do in the same room, thankfully after about two weeks of earlier wake up times they were back to normal. We are fans of the bunk beds, but they sure are a pain in the butt to make each day. A side note about the sheets….. I took the boys to Target to pick out their sheets. I am not a fan a character themed bedding or rooms so I told them they could pick out any sheets they wanted. On our way there they were set on planes, super heroes, and one other so I was completely shocked when they both chose the NFL sheets. I think they mostly knew that Trav would love them and they love their Daddy so that was their motivation. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Trav!

Happy Birthday to the greatest guy there ever was! I wish I was as good at this whole Birthday celebrating business as he was. It's kinda hard when he really doesn't care and really doesn't like extra attention on him. We started the day with the yummiest Lion House Orange Rolls. He worked (boring) all day then the Hunters came over for cake and to help us celebrate. It was a fun day. We sure are lucky to have this guy around we are all pretty crazy about him. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sleep Study

I have to preface this with the fact that I HATE sleep studies. Really they are the worst. We are trying to get Carter's vocal chord fixed so that he can produce better sound. By doing that it will interfere with his airway a teeny tiny bit, but because of his sleep apnea we wanted to make sure it was all ok with his stoma being closed up now. Long story short the results came back that he had some obstructive apnea which our doctor thinks was a false read so we get to do another one. I'm sure you know how happy I am about that. Fingers crossed insurance will cover it or I will really not be too happy about it. I will add that it makes such a difference that he can communicate with us now. As the pictures show he was doing ok with everything while they were getting him ready, but when it came to him actually sleeping with all that on he wasn't a fan. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

I as always had such a great Birthday thanks to Trav. He always does so much to make it a special day.  He has been crazy busy with work lately and it meant a lot that he put that aside and did fun activities for me. We went to Bruxie the night before for a yummy dinner. Man I love that place sooooo good.

 On my actual birthday we went to the beach and did our first ever bonfire. There is something so amazing about being at the beach when it is pitch black with no one around sitting by the fire. The boys loved it! I kept telling Trav that I think we found Boston's happy place. I hadn't seen him sit so quiet and content like he did for a long time. It was such a fun night and made me even more thankful for my three boys. I sure am one lucky girl!

I have to add that when we were getting ready to leave Trav thought it would be fun to teach Boston how to pee on the fire to put it out. It was a great idea when it came to hearing Boston laugh his guts outs, but when it came to smelling them on the way home it was a very bad idea. They both left for some great memories though.