Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here are my two favorite clips from Christmas. Enjoy! This first one is Boston coming out Christmas morning. In case you haven't seen the movie Cars and don't get why he is so worried McQueen is supposed to be in the back of Mac (his tent) and he is very confused why he isn't. O and we have no idea what he is saying sorry to he says it all the time. We all laughed pretty hard.
This next one is my little Brother doing his challenge in the game Would you Rather. He is suppossed to be break dancing, but somehow tuned into an animal show. If you haven't played this game before I highly suggest it we laughed so hard everytime we played it. So fun!! Thanks Garns for the game.

Christmas 2009

We had such a great Christmas! My little Brother came home which was alot of fun! We had heard from some people in our ward that during the Christmas season they like to go to other churches and listen to their Christmas programs. So on Christmas eve we went across the street to a Presbyterian Church and listened to their Program. Probably not something I would do again, but fun non the less. We were blessed with a white Christmas which made the night so much more fun. After the program we went to my Mom's for a yummy dinner, Christmas Jammie's, games, and a little National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation which is a Christmas must at our house!

Christmas morning started around ten, because that is when Boston woke up. All the adults were waiting for him to wake up it was pretty funny. Boston was so much fun and got spoiled like crazy. Anything to do with the movie cars was a huge hit. He didn't really get the whole Santa idea, but he definitely got the whole opening presents thing. Trav and I were spoiled as well and loved getting some things for our house.

The day after Christmas my Brothers girlfriend Brienne came in town and spent the rest of the week with us. Boston was in love with her and Kelsey and pretty much dropped Trav and I on the side of the road. No joke he even started calling me Teresa instead of Mom. We went as a family to walk around and look at some lights in the freezing cold weather. Over all we kept things pretty low key which is the way I like to spend time with family. We played games until we were blue in the face. Rumikub and Would you Rather were our favorites!

And for your pleasure (or mine) here is the cutest picture ever of Boston

Thursday, December 24, 2009

In case we missed you


We hope you have a Merry Christmas. We are so grateful for this time that we have to be with family and celebrate the birth, and the life, of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We hope that you can all feel his love and enjoy the new year.
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Monday, December 21, 2009


We spent our day like this

and rocked some serious bed head

Poor little guy has been sick all weekend. Today he woke up at 11 and doesn't seem to be doing much better. We will just be watching Cars for the 100th time in case your were wondering. I think while he is not moving I will take advantage and deep clean the house. Sounds good to me. As for the Christmas shopping I still need to do, well we will see when that comes into play.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our House

Here is a update on our House.
All the electrical is in.
Here is the Family Room. Fireplace is in!
Here is the front of our house. Left window is the Master. Middle is the dinning/living. Right is the study.

Here is the back. Do you think it's weird that the garage is on the back? I thought it was when I first moved here, but that is how they do it in Texas unless you live on a huge lot or have a town house.

Anyways we are so excited. Things are moving very quick and smooth so far. We just pray that they continue. Trav has been working extra overtime working on this. We are so blessed to have this opportunity and appreciate all Trav is doing to make it happen.

Things I've Made

For the last little while I have been on a crafty kick. Not sure where it came from but O well. Anyways here they are.

1. Halloween pillow- This is my Mom's Mine actually had candy corns instead of ghosts. Forgot to take a picture
2. Turkey hat- Saw this at Pottery Barn Kids and Boston loved it and made quit the scene when I took it off to leave the store. So I made him one. He wears it alot!
3. A couple little hair accessories
4. Magnets- This is me being deperate to keep Boston quiet during church. I cut out felt shapes and put magnents on them. We always sit in the back so they come in handy on the backs of the metal chairs.
5. Merry Christmas Banner- Started this when we were in California. Trav's Mom had all the Christmas fabrics from when he and his siblings were little. She used them to make ornaments for the tree. I love them and they all have a little vintage feel to them.
6. Yo-Yo's- Not sure what to do with them just wanted to learn how to make them.
7. Advant Tree- This is also a Pottery Barn Kids copycat thing. I actually started it last year and never finished it.

Basically I love felt and crafty Blogs.
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Boston's "1st" haircut

I have been wanting to cut Boston's hair for a couple months. Trav first told me we could cut it when we got back from Arozona. then he told me after his parents came in October. Finally after we went back to California for Thanksgiving. Well the day finally came. It was time to say goodbye to the way too long rat tail and the wings (I liked those alot). I set Bosotn on a chair and turned on Cars and he pretty much didn't move the entire time. He looks older now and it makes me sad.
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And then there were two


When we were in Arizona back in September my Sister in-law Tara gave us an extra sunggly in case something happened to Bostons. One night we got Boston out of the bath and he took of running naked like he does every night. He finaly slowed down after he took a little stop to pee all over snuggly. I took out the extra and he went to bed just fine. Well since then he knew there were two and has to have them both. Now we are really in trouble if we lose one.
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The Lights

I have kinda a hard time getting getting in the Christmas mood here with no snow. (don't worry I still don't miss it) So I decided that we should go as a family down to see the Christmas tree lighting in Frisco. Well it worked. It was absolutely freezing and definately felt like Christmas time. Boston's favorite part was when we saw frosty. For some reason he has really taken a liking to frosty this year. We only stayed about 45 minutes because it was that cold.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Boston


Do you remember these days? The days when you would eat whatever we put in front of you? The days that I felt like I never stopped feeding you? The days when the second you saw food your mouth was wide open? The days where meal time was fun?

That's what I thought you have completely forgotten about them and no longer want to eat at all. This has been going on for about 3 weeks and it is so not fun. I know you think that you can live on fishies, fruit, and juice, but believe me there are so many things our there that are so much better and I promise you would like them. If you would just open your mouth and try them you would see.

Lets make meal time fun again.
Love you lots, (even more if you would eat without me putting on a circus to get you to take a single bite)
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

For Thanksgiving this year we headed out to to Trav's parents house in Santa Rosa. It was absolutely amazing!!! This is what we did...

Spent a very long day on the plane with a very tired little boy. The craziness of the day was all forgotten when we saw the incredible views of Northern California. Breath taking!

We went down to St. Helena's and enjoyed some incredible hamburgers!

Boston got absolutely spoiled by demanding 100% of Grandma and Grandpa's attention. Not kidding he wouldn't do ANYTHING without them. They had to be by his side at all times. We played choo choo, play dough, in the the tub, on the stairs, with all the fake food, in the leaves, and don't forget we played cars alot!

We ate some very delicious food. Crab, shrimp, steak, two different kinds of turkey, Kirin =), Mary's, and yummy salads just to name a few. While eating this we tried very hard to get Boston to eat which is quite the task these days.
We did some shopping.

We got to catch up with the Wiseman's. Livvy is the cutest little girl ever! Boston was pretty shy around her. Since seeing them Boston has taken a liking to Matt or Map as he calls them. He points him out in all the pictures.

We spent a day at the Bay area Discovery Museum. Boston was in heaven! They had so many fun things for kids to do and it was so fun to watch Boston. Definitely my favorite activity we did.
And best of all we spent time as a family. It was so fun to spend a whole week with Trav. Trav and I pretty much got a parenting break since Boston wouldn't let us do anything for him. Did I mention that we I mean Grandma and Grandpa read Boston Goodnight Gorilla about a hundred times and he never got sick of it. In fact he would die laughing every time they read it.

Thanks Mom and Dad Wilson for such a fun relaxing vacation we absolutely loved being there!!!

He Loves Him

My Brother was in town for about a week and Boston was absolutely CRAZY about him. He wanted Kyle to do everything for him it was so cute.
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