Thursday, February 18, 2010

The outside stuff

Well here is the finished product of the outside of our house. Boston will be sad that the tractors are gone he has loved watching them out the window. Also here is the best part about the location of our house. Our neighborhood pool and park that has basketball courts, a baseball feild, and a way fun playground.



Come visit I dare you! We even have a bed you can sleep on :)
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Just for fun

One of my friends just had a little girl so I decided to whip out this little dress from one of my old Cami's. I have no idea if it will fit, what size it is, or how it will hold up. At least it is cute to look at. I am not a sewer at all, but I think this turned out OK. By the way one of my goals this year is to learn how to actually sew right.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our House

Our families have been asking for pictures so here they are. We have done absolutely no decorating. To be honest I don't really want to I like how fresh and clean everything is. I know that won't last long at all, but until I finish getting the last little bit unpacked it will.

Here is the front of our house in the middle of getting sprinklers in. It was supposed to be done before we moved in, but the 10 inches of snow didn't allow that to happen.

Family Room

Kitchen and Breakfast nook


Kitchen/Family Room

Our Bathroom

Our Shower and Bath

Our Master Bath Vanity
Master Bedroom

View from front door. Dinning Room to the left Office to the right

Office french doors go out to the dinning room

Boston's Bathroom

Boston's Room
Guest Bedroom

Laundry Room from garage entry

Dinning Room

A couple things are for sure we have a ridiculous amount of pyrex and we feel beyond blessed to be in this house. Boston is loving all his space and is one very busy boy running around all day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

So all day today I was feeling guilty that it has been snowing all day and I hadn't taken Boston out to play in it. I am so glad I put the cleaning and packing on hold because he had so much fun! I could not get him to look at the camera for the life of me. He was fascinated with the snow. I showed him how to eat it and he was not a fan but kept trying anyways. I am thinking that next year I should invest in some gloves and rain boots so that if it does happen to snow he doesn't have to wear his Mom's gloves even though he didn't mind at all. It was so fun being outside. All the kids that live around us were in Heaven. You know you live in Texas when you use plastic bags to cover your shoes and a garbage sack for a sled. =)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dear neighbors, 24 hour fitness, & random trash bins in the city of Plano,
Thank you so much from providing our moving boxes we really appreciate it.
Love, The Wilson's

Dear nick jr, playhouse disney, & pixar
Thank you for providing my son with hours of entertainment while I pack and clean. By the way nick jr. your slogan of "it's like pre-school on tv 24 hours a day" doesn't fool me. I still feel like a terrible Mom having it on so much lately.

Dear Wisdom teeth,
I wish I would have gotten you out sooner. Last weekend was so not fun.
Sincerely, sore mouth Teresa

Dear City of Allen
Please deliver our gas meter this week.
-Soon to be residents of your city

Dear Walmart paper goods,
Thank you for being our temporary dishes. We really appreciate it and for some reason Boston thinks your really cool to eat out of.
-frequent visitor of your store

Dear Travis,
I can't wait to be able to actually see you when the house is done.
Love, your wife the girl you talk to on the phone throughout the day and the one who is just as tired as you are when you FINALLY get home

Dear Boston,
I hope your not too disappointed when you find out that your "presents" are actually just boxes full of our stuff.
Love, Mommy

Dear self,
Next weekend. You can do it. Keep packing. Keep cleaning.

If you see us wearing the same three outfits, eating the same three meals, watching the same three shows, don't judge. If you don't see us we are probably packing or cleaning.

The house is pretty much done. Next Saturday is D-day wish us luck.

Two Year Check Up

I took Boston in today for his two year check up. Same stats he's huge!

Weight- 29 lbs 9 oz 75%
Height- 36.8 inches 97%
Head- 20.5 inches 97+%

He is doing great with his all his developmental stuff. The doctor said he should have a vocabulary of 50-100 words. When he asked if Boston was talking at least that much I told him that he probably knows 50 different cars names. He is talking really well and surprises me everyday with things he says. Something funny he says is when I am going to do something that he doesn't want me to he says "um I don't think so mommy" I wonder who he hears that from.

After he got his shot he asked if he could have a treat and watch cars. I wonder what we use for bribery at our house.

Here he is gathering his socks from behind his bed. He refuses to sleep with socks so every couple days we collect them from behind his bed.