Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boston is in charge!!

Thank you everybody for your support and prayers for Boston they are working. Boston is getting so much stronger and looking better every day. Yesterday my mom and I walked into the NICU and saw a doctor and three nurses circled around he bed. My heart dropped and I didn't know what to think I almost started to cry. The doctor then turned around laughing and said Boston is in charge from here on out. He said they were all sitting at the desk doing paper work and they heard a baby cry and didn't know where it came from (they didn't think it could be Boston because with his tubes he can't make any noise) when they looked over to his bed it was him crying. By the time they all got over there Boston wasn't crying anymore and was perfectly fine. He pulled his resporator out all the way from his stomach. The doctor decided to see how he would do without it. Well Boston knew he was better than they were giving him credit for. From then on out he has made amazing improvements. He realizes now that he can do that so he has now gotten rid of the IV as well and is doing great wihout them. He is still on oxygen and has his feeding tube (he is getting to be such a big eater) today Trav and I got to hold him without a pillow or anything it was great. We also tried to breast feed today and to say the least he was not interested. When we tried to do it he was getting food from his tube so why try when he was getting what he wanted =) Here are some pics from the last couple days look how much better his head looks compared to the first pics.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Boston Craig Wilson

Boston arrived early Saturday morning 12:31 am to be exact. He weighed 6 pounds and was 19 inches long. We went into the hospital Friday around 5:30 because I was having contraction about 2-3 minutes apart. When we got there they put me on a monitor and I started to progress very quickly. Around 10:30 pm I started to push. After doing that for about an hour and our little guy still not here we found the he was OP (meaning he was facing up) so after forceps and alot of tricks by my doctor we found out our only option was to do a C-section. We then went into the room and after a very difficult C-section (difficult because Boston was so engaged in my birth canal they had to have a push him up vaginally and one pull out from my stomach) We are proud to show you our Little Champ.

Because he was 5 weeks early he has immature longs and also because he was engaged for so long he has alot of bruising on his head. They have been running lots of test and doing a cat scan to see if the bruising is causing bleeding in his brain. Everyday he gets better and stronger. We love him so much and are so proud to be his parents. We would appreciate prayers for our little guy that he will be able to recover and be with us in our arms. He is still in the NICU and will probably be there for a little while. We are allowed to be there to feed him through a tube and change his diaper at 8,11,2,&5 we enjoy the little time we get to spend with him. Here are some pictures of our little guy. My favorite is the one where I am holding him, because it is the only time I have been able to hold him and I bawled my eyes out because of the overwhelming love I felt for this little guy. Being a mom is amazing we love our son so much!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Boston Update

Boston is doing great and getting very big. Yesterday I went to the doctors and found out that he is really excited to come. When they were doing a sonogram his head was already so far down in the birth canal that we were not able to see his little face. The nurse asked us if we had little hats for him because he will probably have a cone shaped head for the first few days. She then took all his measurements and he weighs 6lbs. 3oz. and has very long legs. (thanks dad) She then asked me how far along I was and according to my March 1st due date I was 34 weeks 4 days, but Boston was measuring 37 weeks. She decided that the doctor better come back in and check me out. He checked me and I am already 3 1/2 centimeters dialated and he could very easily feel Boston's head. He told me that I was to go home and be on bed rest to see if we could slow down the labor process. I go back into his office on Monday if I haven't had hime by then and if I have progressed any further he will admit me to Labor and Delivery to have this little guy. Travis and I were in total shock yesterday seeing as how we thought we still had a month. After a blessing and alot of prayers we both feel very calm and excited for him to come. Needless to say it looks like our little guy will be here very soon. Wow!!!

Texas Update

Well we are here and sorry it has taken me so long to update. We love it here and are so happy here. Our apartment turned out to be really nice so we were excited about that. One of my favorite things about it is that there are little tiny bunny rabbits that hop around in this little courtyard behind us they are so cute. Travis absolutely loves what he is doing. He is working for a company called Newport Homebuilders doing their fiances and some purchasing. He loves the people he works with and looks forward to work each day. What a blessing. We finally got a car for me (yeah after 2 months) we got a black Toyota 4 runner and we both love it. Texas is freezing right now. It has been in the 40's, but with the humidity it feels a whole lot colder definitely not what I expected. I am finally starting to learn my way around here. It is really hard because there are no mountains or anything to help you know what direction you are going. I live in flat land and it makes it really hard when you thing you are going North you are really going South or for me East. I feel like I am finally starting to get to know the roads and directions they run so it helps alot. Anyways that Texas we love it and are very excited to finally be here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Button Boards

Hey every one check out this new adventure Trav and I are starting. When making a Christmas present for my sister-in-law we decided that this would be a fun little project for me to do while I have some free time at home. We made this little blog (feel free to add it to your page if you want) to show a little of what we have done. We actually made some sells during the Holiday it was pretty fun.

Here is a picture of one. They are fun to hang around the house and put pictures or cards or whatever on.

Goodbye Nordstrom

After almost 6 1/2 years I put in my last day on Friday the 29th. It was a bitter sweet day. I have loved working for Nordstrom and if I weren't married and had a little guy on the way I could totally see myself being a lifer there. Thanks to everyone that I have worked with I have absolutely loved working and learning from all of you. Even though it was a sad day on Friday it meant the beginning of a new chapter which I am not going to lie about I would much rather do, be a mom! Yeah only 7 1/2 weeks until Boston is due. (I am hoping I follow the trend in my family of babies arriving about 3 weeks early)

Merry Christmas from the Wilson's

Christmas was great this year. It was so nice to have a complete day to do nothing and enjoy time with family. I loved just sitting back and relaxing after a 60 hour work week the week before. The best part of the whole day was talking to my little brother Elder Erickson who is serving in the Chile Santiago North mission. It was amazing to hear his progression with the language (he sounded amazing to me even though I didn't understand a lick of what he was saying, but Trav said he was doing good) and how much stronger his testimony is. I love missionaries and the spirit they have with them. He his filled with the love of Christ and finds so much happiness in serving him.

As always my husband that loves to spoil me did it once again. I got a new amour for our bedroom (are dresser has made its way to Boston's room) Jewelry, a Cricut (for those of you that don't know what that is its an amazing machine used for scrap booking) and fun stuff for the little guy.

I tried hard to make it as fun and exciting for Trav as he always does for me. I didn't do that great seeing as how everything that I had planned on getting for him he received the week before Christmas or it just didn't work out. So lets just say Santa went the practical route and got him a new coat, printer, and monitor. Not too much fun I know.

Here we are modeling our Christmas eve PJ's. This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Trav and my brother opted out on the PJ's and put requests in for Basketball shorts and a T-shirt.

My Brother Kyle and his girlfriend and her kids spent Christmas with us. It was a lot of fun watching them open their presents. Kids bring alot of excitment to holidays like christmas. I can't wait for Boston next year it will be great.

My Grandma Haymond was also there with us it is always so good to have her stay with us and work her magic in the kitchen.

I hope everyone had a great holiday celebrating Christ's birth and the gift of his life that he sacrificed in all our behalf's.