Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Used to love it, Now I hate it

Yes I used to love the snow and now I don't. Because of my back I am not able to enjoy the snow sports like I used to and after this is am done with it. Here we come Texas (they rarely have snow and if they do its only a little). On Saturday around 7:30 I was on my way to work driving about 15-20 MPH on 800 East (Harmon's road) and hit a slick spot and ran off the road. I hit into the back of a parked Suburban that had about a 4 inch lift and totaled my car. The windshield shattered, smoke started coming in the car from under the hood, and the airbags deployed and hit me right in the stomach. I went to the car owners door and told them what had happened. They were the nicest family from Argentina. When they opened to door and I started to tell them what happened they didn't even seem to care about their car they just rushed me inside their house and said what can we do to help you and the baby. Trav showed up about ten minutes later and the family told him not to worry about the car but to get me to the hospital. We went to the emergency room and they rushed me over to Labor and Delivery to get me hooked upto a machine to monitor Boston. I was in shock and scared about Boston's safety that I don't really remember the hospital or the wreck. Once again Heavenly Father blessed us more than we can even begin to think. After monitoring Boston for 6 hours they found nothing wrong with him. He was moving and his heart beat was perfect. I was blessed also. Other than bruising and swelling on my stomach from the airbag and every muscle in my body being sore I was safe as well. Trav went back to the families house to get the car towed to a impound place and check back on the family and the condition of their car. Amazingly there was not a scratch on their car (I know how is is possible that our car is totaled and theirs didn't even have a scratch??????) They were so sweet and told Trav to stop in sometime and let them know how Me and the baby were doing. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who watches over and protects me from harm. We are so grateful that Boston is doing well and moving alot more than he used to (I love it when he moves but having someone kick you where you are bruised kinda hurts). Thank you everyone for you calls and prayers we appreciate them so much.
OK so I don't totally hate the snow. I will miss it but, I am just a little afraid of it right now and will enjoy the brake from it. I am sure one day Boston will have so much fun playing in it and I will love it for more than its beauty.

Here we come TEXAS!!!!

Things are coming along. We have some definate answers on our move from Utah to Texas. Travs will take a moving truck with all our stuff in it the day after finals and drive it all the way there and unload it in our place. He will fly back to Utah on the 23rd enjoy Christmas and get ready to make the drive again. On the 29th or 30th he will drive out again with our other car to start work on the first working day in January. I will fly out the first week in January and help finish getting our place ready and prepare to Boston to come shortly after. We are going to be living at a place called Deerfeild at Amli. We have only seen it on the internet and hope it lives up to the pictures. We will be building a house after we get settled in so hopefully it is good enough for that time. The pictures look really good but you never know. Here are some pictures.

We are very excited to move there and join back yp with Family and Friends. Travs brother Ed and sister in-law Xela and their 2 boys will be living about 10 minutes away and his other brother Brandon and his wife Emily and their little girl will be at law school in Waco which is about two hours away. And Jamie and Ryan will be there to stay while Ryan goes to Baylor dental school. (Congrats Ryan on getting in thats Huge!!!) As you can see there is lots of fun waiting for us in Texas. We are excited to move there and start our family.

Happy Birthday to us!!!!

I have been so bad at this blogging thing so here is what has gone on in the last month. Trav and I celebrated our Birthdays. Trav turned 25 and I turned 22. We had a great day that we spent with each other and family. For those of you that know Trav you might know that he is obsessed with old school Jordan's. About three months ago my brother Kyle bought a pair of the Retro 3's that were re-released and Trav was so jealous. We went to get him a pair and they were totally sold out after being out for only one day. So my Mom, Kyle, and his girlfriend Trista went on the search. After a long search of stores and internet shopping they not only found Trav his Retro 3's but they also found Boston a pair. Trav was so excited and thought it was the greatest birthday ever. In fact that was the highlight of his Birthday I don't even remember what I got him.

(Trav showing his baby boys first pair of Jordan's)

(Trav seeing how they looked on compared to Boston's)

For my birthday I got clothes, shoes, movies, Aladdin for Segas Genesis (his mom found it while cleaning out her house and we called dibs on it right away. Trav got me that game because it is the only one I was ever good at), lots of stuff for Boston, and best of all a Video Camera to record all the fabulous times we will have with Boston when he comes.

(Me opening my video camera. I really wanted one)

We also went out to eat at Cheese Cake Factory (yes one finally opened in Utah at the fashion place mall) and enjoyed dinner with some family and friends. I love Birthdays so much and Trav always does an amazing job at making me feel like a queen for all the days surrounding the actual day.