Saturday, November 3, 2007

Washington D.C.

Last week Trav and I visited Washington D.C. It was the first time I had ever been there and I absolutely loved it. Trav served his mission there so it was so much fun for him to go back. When we were there we went to all the sites including Smithsonian, Washington memmorial, Jefferson memmorial (one of my favorite), Linclon memmorial, World war two memorial (My absolute favorite), The Tumb of the unknown soldier, Iwojeema, and maybe more I can't remember there were so many.

Highlights of the trip:
* Eating at the Peeking duck Gourmet (President Bush's favorite chinese resturant)

* Shopping at Tyson's Corner

* Being with Trav

* Having good weather after 2 days of down pour rain. (D.C. hadn't had rain for 34 days straight and right when we get there it rains of course)

* Seeing the areas where Trav served and listening to him get so excited about his mission.

* And best of all attending sacrament meeting in one of Travs most favorite wards. It was so great to see all the members get so excited to see him. I just smiled at everyone because I couldn't understand anything they were saying. (He sreved Spanish speaking)

* Eating Dinner at the Figuerroa's house before we left to come home. Wow Hermana Figuerroa is an amazing cook and they are such a amazing family.

* Watching Travs face when we walked into sacrament meeting and he saw Pierro a boy he baptized on his last day of his mission passing the sacrament. After talking to him Trav found out he is preparing for his mission. Trav was so excited and promised to return for his farwell.

* Meeting amazing Spanish people and feeling the spirit when they bore their testimonies even when I didn't know what they were saying.

* Washington D.C. was an amazing vacation. It was so much fun to be there with Trav and his parents (Thanks Pops for having the dental convention so we could tag along). That place has so much history and it was great to see it first hand.