Sunday, July 26, 2009


This little boy turned 18 months and headed off to Nursery. I thought I would be so excited when this day came but I wasn't. I don't know what it is about 18 months but it seems that it is the official "Big Boy" age.

What made me even more sad is when he didn't care at all that I left him there. I went back to check on hime during third hour and the Nursery was short a couple leaders so they asked me to stay. If I am being completely honest I was really happy.

I am pretty sure he liked snack time the best. Then Devin came in for singing time and he was in heaven. All he wanted to sing was itsy bitsy spider because thats his favorite. When it finally came time to sing it his patience was out so he wasn't interested at all. Then came time for ring around the rosies and he was a happy camper. It didn't last long though because we only did it once and at home we do it about ten times in a row.

Can't believe that my baby is a year and a half when did this all happen?
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Pictures

When we were in Utah we had our Family pictures taken. I absolutely LOVE them. We got them taken by Janelle from 88 Photography ( She was absolutely amazing!! I highly recomend her for all of you that live in Utah. She has incredible pricing $100 for a family session and $25 for a childs session. Can you believe that $25 I spend more than that at the cheap photo places. Seriously run don't walk.

The whole Family (we grew quite a bit while Kelsey was gone)

She seriously had Boston cracking up it was hilarious!

Our little Family

The original four

All the boys. Can you tell Boston was playing peek-a-boo

It was close to impossible to get the kids to sit still in the trailer

My Brother's Family (Kyle, Trista, Dominik, Delaynie, Deyton, Donte, & Gavin)

Grandma with all six grandkids.

San Antonio

This year for the Wilson Family Vacation we headed down to San Antonio. It was such a fun and relaxing vacation. Thanks Mom & Dad Wilson for such a fun week. On of our Families favorite things we did was went on a river boat tour of the River Walk. It is absolutely beautiful! As you can tell from the pictures Boston loved it. I couldn't get him to look at the camera for a second and the ones he was looking he wasn't happy about it. Such a little boy.
We spent alot of time playing with our Texas cousins (wish our Arizona cousins could have been there we missed you lots!!!) Boston was very well taken care of by his cousin Porter. He fed him almost every meal, sang him lots of songs, read him lots of books, and made sure he was always holding his hand or pushing his stroller. It was probably the cutest thing ever!
One thing that made this vacation so great is that we didn't have much planned. We spent alot of time at the pool which the kids loved. Boston floated around in his little donut tube and had a blast. We even pretended to swim one night when there wasn't good weather. On Saturday we went to Schlitterbon water park. It was kind of a disapointment especially for the price, but of course Boston made it worth it. They had lots of little water slides for kids an he was in heaven. > We had a great time being with the family. We enjoyed some delicious meals my favorite being at Mi Tierra. It must have been some famous place because Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotbe from the Today show were there filming. The boys had a great time trying on the Nacho Libre masks at the market outside the resturants it gave us all some pretty good laughs.
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Here is Boston with the last time he had his snuggley. We went out to eat and to the market and somehow ended up coming home without it. Trav and his Dad back tracked all our steps and had no luck finding it. Boston was very sad and I might have shed a couple tears too. After a very long night and early morning without sunggley we headed over to Nordstrom and they came to the rescue with a new snuggley. His new one isn't quite the same but pretty dang close. He knows it's different but is very satisfied with it. For those of you that have seen him with his snuggley can picture how tramatic this was for him (and me). Minus loosing Snuggley and the drive home it was a great vacation. I have to mention that on the way home my Sister in-laws car broke down so we stuffed her and the two girls in our car and I went in my Borther in-laws car. After being in his car for about 40 minutes it over heated twice and we spent about 2 hours between the two times on the side of the road in 100+ degree weather. Seriously what are the chances of that. What was suppossed to be 4.5 hours of driving ended up being 9. The kids did great which was a huge blessing. Mostly it was one of those days were you couldn't do anything but laugh. We were very blessed and everyone made it home safe thanks to our Heavenly Father who protected us in some very scary situations.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the 4th

We had a great 4th this year. We started off the day babysitting some kids in our ward so the dad could go to the hospital and be with his wife and new baby. After that we headed over to my Mom's for a BBQ. Then we went to the Rangers game. What is more American than a Baseball game on the 4th. It was so hot we were all dying until the sun went down.

We even got a little white trash and took Boston's shirt off because he was so sweaty.

Trav and Boston can you tell how sweaty Boston was? His hair was soaking wet.

Boston sure is loving his time with Uncle Kels here.

I love firework so much and the Rangers didn't disappoint. They were amazing. We had such a fun time as Family and Boston was an absolute charm which made the night even more enjoyable.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Homecoming Week!

Well he is finally home. We had a very busy good week in Utah. I decided that Utah is a hard place to visit because we never get to see everyone we want to and for sure don't get to spend the amount of time we would like. Some day...

Anyways here is how it went

We left Dallas on Monday morning and Boston thought that the airplane was the coolest thing since tater tots (that says alot because he sure loves his tots) Boston did amazing on the plane. I am pretty sure he made friends with everyone on the last six rows of the plane. He was giving high fives and knuckles to everyone and he made airplane sounds almost the entire flight. Being on the plane confirmed to me that I think Dallas has some of the nicest people ever. He became very good friends with these two older guys that had grand kids and it was because of them that the flight was so great.
Tuesday we went to the Airport to welcome home Elder Erickson. It took alot of patience because his plane was delayed an hour and a half which made it a little hard to keep Boston contained. Luckily I had lots of family there to help chase him around. There were six missionaries coming home from Chile that day so there was quite the the crowd. It was so great to see him for the first time he was in complete shock the entire time it was pretty funny.
After the airport we all went over to my Brothers house and had a BBQ. During the week we went to Lehi days and let the three little boys play on the blow up slides Boston wasn't that big of a fan which surprised me. We watched my niece cheer in the Lehi parade she did awesome. We were lucky enough to be with my little Brother when he drove for the first time in two years he was so nervous. We got to enjoy my two youngest Nephews personalities they are hilarious. I found my youngest Nephew sitting on the bedpost watching TV I thought is was the funniest thing ever!
On Thursday we went up the beautiful Provo canyon and had a BBQ and played some Baseball. The weather and MOUNTAINS we absolutely beautiful!!!
While we were there I got to see my twin cousins who are 2 of my favorite people in the whole world (not the prettiest picture of us but at least we remembered to take one), We hit up the Legacy pool with the Grand kids, and I ran another 5K with my Brother, Mom, cousin Britanee, and Brienne. I beat my last time by 1 minute 14 seconds. I was surprised I beat it they didn't have water throughout the entire race and I was about to die because I usually drink alot while I work out.
On the last full day we were there we went boating with Brienne's family on Utah lake. It was a perfect day and felt good to be outside. I wake boarded and surprisingly got up on my first try. I haven't been in years so that was fun. Boston had a good time for the most part. He kept throwing things of the boat. When he threw snuggly off he was pretty sad but ended up taking a nap after and got over it pretty fast. Thanks Rick and Kim for a fun day!
We were also able to meet up with Travs Grandma, Aunts and Uncles, and cousins for lunch. We went to 5 guys which is one of Travs favorite places to eat so it made a great visit even better. Aunt Marine new the way to Boston's heart by bringing him some cars. She became his best friend pretty quick and gave her quite the show the entire time. We also go to meet Nate and Tiff's cute little Cooper who is probably the happiest baby ever I wanted to take him home with me. We love and miss you all.
Some other highlight of the trip were catching up with friends and family at the open house, enjoying the magic of Spoon Me thanks Kels and Cheryl for introducing me to that I am hooked and it was sooo good to see you, buying lots of binkies because my brothers dogs ate four of them, Boston was in heaven with the two dogs at the house I thick he said dog about a hundred time each day, morning scripture study as a family, family pictures, Grandma sycamores bread, Utah's delicious water (remember Texas has disgusting water), games with my Sister in-law, Niece, and Nephews along with their hilarious stories each night, and being able to stay at my Brother and Sister in-laws house as a family. It was a crazy hectic week but lots of memories were made and that's what counts.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Your Looking at a Champion!

Trav got invited to be on a city league team for spring season and tonight they won the championship.

It was such a random group of guys, but they had so much fun playing together.

Look how ridiculous this thing is. His team voted him MVP and I told them that the trophy didn't need to come anywhere near our house.
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They kept joking that the trophy was as tall as Cam and Jam. These two were so small, but were amazing!

It was so much fun to watch Trav play and escape one night a week from the daily stresses. Good luck to summer league.