Tuesday, September 28, 2010


About two weeks ago Trav and I took a little vacation to Miami to celebrate the big 5. It was absolutely AMAZING! We did nothing and that was what made it so great. We tried to sleep in (something neither of us are any good at I think 9:00 was the latest and that was only one day) then headed to the beach and would stay there until it was time to go get showered and ready for dinner. After Dinner we would walk around either on the coco walk or down by the marina and then head home when the late night crowd started coming out. We did hit up a couple authentic Mexican restaurants to fill Travs mission memory cup. We also did do a little looking at some malls, but bought nothing and were very proud of ourselves. Really that was the extent of our vacation, but it was perfect and just what we needed. Here are the couple random/awkward pics we took.

The swimming pool on the roof of the hotel
One of the marinas

This is where we sat everyday at the beach
I may or may not have gotten a million new freckles this vacation
Pretty sure those tans are already gone. Boo

One of us may have gotten a little burned and this is how laying out went the last day
Looking for sea shells for the cute boy we left at home
Our really fast and really big car
Good ol Inca Cola
Our Room
The lifeguard that saved me in the ocean. No joke got stuck in a riptide and he ran in and saved me. Scary then, embarrassing after, really funny to think about now.
Eating a delicious dinner of Subway down at the marina.

Did a little reading on the beach.

It was so great to get away. I only threw up 3 times so that made it even more enjoyable. Boston stayed at home with Grandma D. and I am pretty sure he didn't even know we were gone until we got home. Things like storytime, Chuck E Cheese, Movie, Parks, and lots more kept him very busy. It sure did make it easier to leave him, because lets be honest Trav and I are the biggest wusses when it comes to that. Until next time Miami Thank you Thank you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Verdict is...

Pretty much ever since Boston has been born he has had coughs on and off. Anytime he got sick a cough for sure came with it. Other times he would get random nasty coughs for no reason at all. They were never contagious and hardly ever came with a runny nose and/or fever. He has had a cough for the last two weeks and today I noticed he was wheezing so I took him into the doctor half expecting to pay the co-pay and leave with the doctor saying nothing is wrong, because we have done that ALOT! But today with the wheezing being so bad they ran a test to check the amount of oxygen getting into his body and then gave him a breathing treatment. After the treatment they tested his oxygen level again and listened to his chest. It improved alot so they ordered us a machine to have at home so that whenever he has a coughing episode when can just give him the treatment every four hours until it stops. The doctor said that he got this either from genetics (runs on both sides) or has to do with him being premature. Who knows we are just glad that we now have a treatment for him. If this doesn't help or he starts to get them more frequent they will put him on an every day treatment.

The verdict is ASTHMA

So Far

Well so far this pregnancy thing hasn't been so much fun. I pretty much knew the day I was pregnant thanks to my chest doubling in size and how bad it hurt. Seriously I don't remember it being like that with Boston. Also I have been throwing up like a crazy person. Usually for me right after I throw up I feel lots better. Nausea and I have been best friends, although our relationship is a little or a lot one sided. I feel like my blatter is already acting as if I am 8 months pregnant, because I pee ALL the time. Tired, well don't even get me started with that one.

I know I just made that sound like this has been the most miserable thing ever which it hasn't, but you get the idea. I am beyond excited to be pregnant. I am starting to have good days and that is good enough for me.

Even though it felt like forever for this to happen I honestly feel like this is perfect timing for us and am very glad that my Heavenly Father has a specific plan for us.

When I went into my first appointment I asked my Doctor what we were going to do to make sure or try not to repeat the whole 5 weeks early thing. At first he suggested doing a Circlouge (sewing me shut down there) but after talking it over and and the fact that my water never broke last time and I ended up have a C-section we decided not to do it as for now. There are alot of things different about this pregnancy than last that he is taking into consideration also such as not working on my feet 10 hours a day, high intensity workouts, and a car accidents. I am considered high risk because of this and the great thing about that is that I get to have a ultra sound every visit to measure the length of my cervix. If there is any change in the length then we are going to go ahead and stitch me up which I REALLY DON'T want to do.

Baby's heart beat and everything else is looking perfect as of now. I was hoping to be able to do a VBAC, but with all this stitching up talk I don't think it will be a possibility. We will see though. As for now Doctors orders are to stay on top of Thyroid stuff (which looks great by the way), Low impact workouts (this is a hard one), no car accidents that lead to a totaled car and me in the Hospital, and be healthy.

We are beyond excited about adding to our family and thank our Heavenly Father everyday for this blessing. My next appointment is on October 6th and I could most likely find out then what we are having, but Trav can't be there so I will probably end up waiting until the 20 week appointment the first week of November. Thanks for all the congrats!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Plans for Turning 3

This little boy can't stop talking about turning 3. He has come up with quite the list of things that are going to happen when he is three years old. I am hoping he forgets some, but with it being only 4 1/2 months away and his memory I don't think that is going to happen.
He is...
-Going to get a McQueen game
-Going to school
-Going to get his own camera to take more wonderful pictures like these

-Going to get a backpack
-Going to a Cowboys game with Daddy
-Going to play baseball at the Rangers stadium
-Going to be a big Brother
-Going to have a baby Sister there is no talk of a baby Brother allowed
-Going to get his very own bag of Cheetos
-Going to be as big as Daddy

Pretty much anything that can't be done in the exact moment he thinks about it goes onto his list of "I can get/do it when I get bigger". By the way Bigger translates into turning 3 always.

Love him so much!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Front Row Parking

The Wilson family will be parking here at least until March 25th.