Thursday, October 30, 2008


On Sunday Boston turned 9 months. I don't know what it is about 9 months but it just seems so old. We went to the Doctor on Monday here are his stats

Head- 18.8 inches >97% (off the charts on this one)
Weight- 20 lbs 13 Oz. 50-75% (we were shocked by this I was sure he weighed more than that because he sure feels like it)
Height- 29.8 inches 97%

What can we say but the stats prove that he doesn't only look like his dad but he is built like him, tall and skinny. I keep telling people that if I could freeze him at this age I would. I love it he is changing so much it's great.

Boston still hasn't quit figured out crawling and I think it is frustrating him pretty bad. He has been getting on his hands and knees and rockin' for about a month so I am sure it will come anytime. Although he can't crawl he does the most ungraceful army crawl ever and don't worry there are plenty grunts included. His favorite tricks are to wave bye bye, clap, give high 5's, and climb over things. None of which he will do on demand in public.

Here are some things Boston loves
*juice out of his sippy cup
*being out side. I am pretty sure he completely forgets about being tired or hungry if we are outside.
*dogs. Cooper is his favorite but he also loves a little dog that is outside playing alot.
*standing up. This is probably the reason he can't crawl because he is standing pretty much all day. He can even balance by himself for a couple seconds.
*feeling his teeth. the bottom two are here and the top two are working their way out.
*looking at his shadow. When we are on walks he hangs over the side of the stroller so he can see his shadow it's so funny.
*baby Einstein movies. He doesn't like any other TV but when those are on he doesn't move and inch unless he is clapping
*talking especially in the car
*pulling all the DVD's out of the entertainment center. He can now destroy the family room in a matter of minutes.
*playing at the park.(hence the pictures) Swings are his favorite
*carousel. This is probably his new favorite thing. When my Brother was here he took him on it at the mall and he was is heaven. (I love you Ky is was so good to see you. Boston misses you playing with him)

Once again I can't say enough how much I love being a Mother. My life has completely changed and only for the better. I love my little man so much and am so glad he is a part of our family.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monkey Boy

Last night we had our ward Trunk or Treat and here is how Boston dressed up. When I saw this costume I fell in love with it not only because I think it is the cutest ever but Boston is a little monkey he cant sit still for a second! He got a good kick out of himself when he saw his reflection in the car window it was pretty cute.

Trav gave Boston some Halloween candy his little tounge was going crazy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

What better way to bring in the fall season than going to a pumpkin patch. Today we went with our friends Devin and Andrea and their cute little girl Julia to the patch. You will be able to tell by the amount of pictures that the main reason we went was to take pictures. There is alot so get comfy.


On Thursday we went to the BYU game with Jamie and Ryan and Travs Brothers family. We had a good time being outside and being with each other. Too bad BYU gained more yards from penalty flags than they did from running or passing the ball. Minus the fact that BYU played horrible it was fun to be surrounded by so many BYU fans. This is definitely a game that you crazy BYU people (Price's & Carter's) need to come to next time they play.

Thanks for the BUY gear Mom

Love these guys

So does Boston

Can you tell how tired he was.

After Boston cried so hard that he threw up when we were walking in from the loud noice he seemed to like his hour nap on the floor under my legs. Don't worry I came prepared for that so it was clean.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Advice Needed

OK so for those you that know me know that I am not that great of a cook. One of the parts I hate most about cooking is thinking about what to cook. I am lucky that I am married to someone that enjoys cooking and is a whole lot better at it than I am or we would be in trouble. So here is where I need the advice. Not only do I have to think about what to make Trav and I for dinner but now Boston. Seriously he will eat anything. He is SO done with the whole baby food thing so I am looking for ideas of things that I could make for him becasue he isn't quit ready for our meals (I am sure he thinks differently but o well). I don't want to have to prepare two meals and he only has two teeth so it still has to be kinda soft. So my question is what are/were some of the things that you have fed your kids/niece/nephew/grandkids whoever that was easy and healthy.

Here are some things he loves
* Cheese
* Bread
* Cereal
* Vegetables (I buy the huge bags from costco and he just goes at them.)
* Cheese quesadillas with turkey in it
* Chicken
* Spaghetti
* Fruit loves Kiwi's

Lots more. He loves to feed himself as well so I guess ideas of something that can be broken down too. Thanks for your help!

P.S. The pictures have nothing to do with the post he is just cute and I like reading better when posts have pictures. So I guess they are for your enjoyment. Don't you love his face in the first one he looks like he just discovered gold.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boston has a Cough

A fake one that is. Melissa and the girls were over the other day and Lucy sneezed like 4 times and Boston thought it was so funny. Right after he tried to imitate her with this little cough. He has been doing in non stop since then. I also tried to get him to wave bye bye which he can do, but like everything else he won't do it on demand. Try to ingnore my voice I hate listening to myself on the video camer.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Button Boards @ Art Market

This Saturday Button Boards will be at Art Market. If you don't have plans for those of you in Utah you should go check it out. I used to love to go to this with my Mom growing up and I am so excited to sell my boards there. They have such fun unique things I highly recommend it.

Here are some of the boards I painted. I hope they sell well becasue I haven't been doing anything but painting boards for the last month and a half. I am glad that they are gone out of my house so that I can have my dinning room back! (thanks Mom for doing the set up for me I love you!!!!)