Thursday, September 24, 2009



This is my favorite picture of Boston right now. I don't know what it is about his face but I just LOVE it! Trav and I have been talking so much lately about how Boston seems so much older. I don't know if it is all the talking he is doing or that he is in 3T clothes or the fact that in 4 months he will be two, whatever it is I don't like it. One thing I do know is that Trav and I are just crazy about him. He is such a funny little boy and brings an incredible amount of Joy to our lives. Boston we sure do love you and can't imagine life without you.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Boston and I were lucky enough to go out to Arizona and spend 5 days with Trav's Sister, her Family, and his Mom. We had such a great time and hope to do it again. Here is what the week looked like...
One day we went of to Tara's Mother in-laws house and took the kids swimming. The kids all had such a great time. We had 5 little fish that were hanging on Grandma the whole time.

Boston and Ryan really surprised me. They got along so well. I thought that being only 3 weeks apart things could get a little hard, but I was totally wrong. There were many times were they walked around the house holding hands and giving each other hugs. There was a couple times were they both wanted the same toy, but lucky for us with having 3 older siblings they usually had 2 of most toys.

I was also lucky to get some great girl time in. It included catching up with some of my favorite Nordy girls, a very quick and productive shopping trip, a session at the Mesa Temple, card games, 3 nights of making Jam, closet clean out, a ward Relief Society softball game, and lots of girl chat. Seriously thanks girls it was so great!!!

And last but definitely not least we were able to get in alot of Cousin time. Boston was very well taken care of and was kept very entertained. Ashley was a great little Mom to Boston. She would carry him around the house like it was nothing even though he is more than half her size. He would lay his head on her shoulder and let her help me put him to bed. Nicole and Ryan kept him happy during the days while the twins were in School. Tyler was the one he wanted to copy cat. If he was dancing so was Boston. If he was talking in the fan so was Boston. We spent alot of time dancing, singing, coloring, taking baths, and most of all laughing.

Thanks Mom Wilson and Garn Family we had such a great time and can't wait to see you again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We were thinking...

That Boston would LOVE to be Hot Dog/Mickey Mouse for Haloween. What do you think?
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