Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today my baby who is looking more and more not like a baby each day =( is five months old. I seriously can't believe how fast time has gone and how much he has changed. I was looking back at some picture and was having some crazy "O my gosh" moments so I thought I would share.

Here is my little peanut (that's what people called him because he was about the size of a peanut)This was him while in the NICU he has come so far.

I think this picture shows just how little he was. The burp rag looks huge compared to him.

Here is a picture of the onsie that he wore when he was born (mind you it was too big for him) compared to his (12 month) one that fits him now.

Crazy I know. He is changing more every day. He is so alert and awake. He smiles all day and will give you some good laughs if he really likes you. A couple of days ago he decided out of the blue that he wanted to start doing this...

He still does it kinda ape style but not to bad for a couple days of practice. He has become best friends with his little snuggle blankie over the last couple weeks. Seriously this thing is always in his hands its so cute.

Here is his new favorite toy. They are little bongos that make music and he loves to give them some good wacks. He actually loves any toy that makes noise.

He is the best baby ever!! We feel so blessed that he is ours. We are totally in love with this little guy and have so much fun watching him grow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Catch Up

I am going to play a little game of Picture catch up because it has been a while. We pick up a wireless signal from somewhere and it hasn't been working so I haven't been able to post like I would have liked to so sorry if it is an overload.

This will forever be a day that made Trav the proudest Father ever. Boston was wearing his matching Jordans and a Cowboys shirt (Dad dressed him could you tell)
Boston said his Jordans make him run faster and jump higher.

Is it just me or is my baby starting to look like a big boy?

Check out my Camo. For those of you that know my Dad know that he is a real Mountain Man. He gave Boston and incredible amount of Camo and we are talking real camo not the trendy kind. I mean the snaps on the onsies are snaps that you would find on a tent or something.

We have started cheering for our favorite team early. I am guessing that the person that gave this to him intended for him to wear it at nine months during Cowboys season but since my 4 month old is hitting the nine month clothing we will start early.

Check out my shades. I really like to wear them. Thanks Grandma D

My little Chunk

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to the most amazing Father and Husband ever!! I love you so much and am so glad to be yours. Trav is simply amazing he does it all Works hard so I can stay home with Bobo, cooks (more than I do he enjoys it and is way better at it than I am) cleans, changes diapers without being asked, and so much more but most of all he makes me such a better person than I ever thought I could be. I love you and am grateful to be married for eternity to you.

I seriously LOVE these two boys more than anything!!

Boston wrote on his card for his Daddy. I am amazed at how well he writes for an almost 5 month old.

Boston loved helping Dad with the wrapping paper. So cute!

Boston and I got Trav a chop saw for Fathers Day so he can do fun projects when we build our house.

We had a great day. thanks everyone for the phone calls and gifts. Trav got hooked up from our parents as well. He got stuff for the Wii and golf stuff what a lucky guy.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

When Dad's in Charge

Well I guess this is what happens when Dad's in charge...

I get really messy when I eat. Lets just say I didn't take to the rice cereal very well.

I learn how the BBQ. Man I love the salad tongs they make me laugh really hard.

and last but not least Mom asks Dad to get me ready for the bath and instead he does this. I guess he thought that I was learning so many new things that I might as well give potty training a try.

Well now that I think about it I really like it when Dad's in charge. I sure do love my Daddy he keeps Mommy and me laughing all the time.