Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Beach Favorite!

Carter's new favorite thing to do at the beach is be buried in the sand. Today he stayed in there for a good half hour and drive his monster truck around. It was awesome!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Stuffed Animal

 These boys LOVE stuffed animals and it drives me crazy! Today I had to run to Deseret Book to grab a couple things for Young Women's. The boys had their money with them so that we could stop at target and they could get a "summer prize". They of course found these stuffed animals at Deseret Book "on sale for really cheap only seven dollars" I have a rule that if they get a new one they have to throw out an old one. They were adamant that they get them even when I reminded them of this rule. So here are Jack the Giraffe and Kick the Kangaroo the newest members of our "family!"

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Grandma D Gets Married!!!

This morning all the girls on our side and on Dales went and got pedicures in preparation for the wedding. 
 We laughed that we all chose the same color. 

 They were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Las Vegas Nevada temple. It was such beautiful day and I am beyond happy for them. They both deserve the best!

 Love these two!
 And this family of mine!
 And these two! Boston was off making a complete mess of himself in the little path of dirt he found. 
Las Vegas isn't a very desirable place for me way too hot, but it sure does make for some beautiful sunsets! Today it was 108 degrees!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Two of my Young Women Graduated tonight so the boys and I went to congratulate them. I sure love these girls and wish them the best. Both of them have joined the church within the last two years and are just rock solid amazing girls. 

 We sure love our Jayna and will miss her so much when she goes off to BYUI this fall. 
Boston was so excited to see Coach Trent also. He coached him in basketball and soccer and is such a great kid!

Last Day of School

Today was the much anticipated last day of school! I of course had to snap away taking pictures. I can't help but see how much they have grown in a year. Trav left the boys cute little notes on the counter because he had to be to work early.

 Carter's first and last day of school. I don't think there was too much change thankfully because it was only five months. 
 We have loved taking these cute girls home from school each day.

 O boy Boston sure grew this year. He went up three sizes in shoes and one size in clothes!!!! He also says every letter correctly as opposed to the beginning of the year where his R's, Y's, and TH's were not so clear. It makes me so sad.

Both boys had such great years at school. We were so blessed with great teachers and great friends. Bring on Summer!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My Uncle Eric and his family come out to California every summer and we have been lucky enough to be added into their rotation. We had a fun night together eating dinner at our place and then spent time over at the pool. The kids always have so much fun together!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day

 These boys are so lucky to have Travis as their Dad. He loves them SO much and would do anything for them. His favorite time spent with them is anything outside or watching a new movie with them. He is works so hard to give them a good life and we are so grateful for that. One thing is for sure is that I will never be as cool as their Dad. I sure love these three boys of mine!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Water Balloons

You would never know Carter had surgery this morning. He has always bounced back really quick from surgery, but give him his big brother and water balloons and he will be back to normal in records time.

Vocal Chord Surgery Take 2

This morning I took Carter in for another vocal chord repair surgery. After a few appointments with another doctor it was decided that we should go in and be more aggressive with the injection. We were told that if it didn't work we would need to wait until he was 9 or 10 for a bigger surgery. We were hopeful, but not too optimistic since there was zero improvement last time. 

Dr. Camilon came and talked to me after the surgery and said that it wasn't successful. He said there was so much scaring that the vocal chord wouldn't budge no matter how much he injected or from what angel. He suggested that we do another surgery kinda like his airway reconstruction surgery to fix it. Obviously we are happy that there is another option for now, but not excited about the complexity of the surgery. They would take cartilage from his ear this time and go in the same incision sight as the past surgery and use the cartilage to create a stint allowing the left vocal chord to finally be medialized.  We are not sure if we are ready to move forward with the surgery or not. I want to get a second opinion, but not sure where to even start to find another doc. It took us forever to find this one so we will see. One thing for sure is that each surgery is getting harder and harder. Carter was a mess coming out of anesthesia. My arms will be sore from try to restrain him while getting his breathing treatment. No Fun!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Water Party

Boston had the big idea today to throw a water party. He made his own invitations and took them to the Hunters down the street. They jumped on the tramp with the sprinkler, played in the water table, did a balloon toss, and payed in the hose. It was a super hot day and they had so much fun together. I wasn't too crazy about his big plans in the beginning, but I'm glad I let him go with it. It was so fun to see them all so happy. 

Kindergarten Showcase

Today Boston had his Kindergarten showcase. It was the cutest thing in the entire world! He owned that back left corner (tallest kid in his grade) and sang his little heart out. They sang a song about them growing up and not to worry about the messes and hand prints on the walls because before we know it they wont be small. It was so sad and while I think I do a pretty good job letting them be kids and trying to enjoy it I want to try even harder to find joy in the moments even more. 

 The three little amigos. 
Mrs. Allen was the perfect teacher for him and such a great women who wants the best for these kids. Kindergarten was such a great year!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Carter is deathly afraid of the char-ac-ters (said so cute by him) at Dland. He has been a little jealous of Boston's autograph book and decided that today was the day he would no longer be the owner of an empty book. I am so glad that I asked the lady behind us to get a picture and I'm glad she got the whole scene in pics as well. Here is the play by play of the event. 
 "Get away from me"
 "Sign my book, but don't come near me"
 "I said don't come near me"
 "Mom back up and Boston stop her from coming closer"
"I will fake a smile for a picture as long as I am the farthest away from her"

I was laughing so hard during this whole thing. I was literally trying to climb over my shoulder. I told him he didn't have to go so many times, but he was determined to get that autograph. It was such a funny experience and he has has talked all day about how when summer is over he is going to get lots more, because they Char-ac-ters are "so nice".

Kindergarten Feildtrip

 Today Carter and I got to join Boston's class on their feild trip to the farm. Carter stayed true to his non animal loving self, but Boston decided a couple quick pets on a few select animals were ok. 

 Boston and his best buddy Cameron. They are the two hat wearing boys in their class. They have a nice teacher who allows it. Not sure what Boston will do next year if he actually has tom comb his hair every day. 

 He was brave to milk the cow, but was not a fan of it. He was "totally disgusted" by it. 

 One thing is for sure and that is we will not be getting a pet anytime soon. The boys always beg for a pet, but they are not very convincing that they would actually like it by the way they jump at the sight of every animal.