Thursday, June 5, 2014


Carter is deathly afraid of the char-ac-ters (said so cute by him) at Dland. He has been a little jealous of Boston's autograph book and decided that today was the day he would no longer be the owner of an empty book. I am so glad that I asked the lady behind us to get a picture and I'm glad she got the whole scene in pics as well. Here is the play by play of the event. 
 "Get away from me"
 "Sign my book, but don't come near me"
 "I said don't come near me"
 "Mom back up and Boston stop her from coming closer"
"I will fake a smile for a picture as long as I am the farthest away from her"

I was laughing so hard during this whole thing. I was literally trying to climb over my shoulder. I told him he didn't have to go so many times, but he was determined to get that autograph. It was such a funny experience and he has has talked all day about how when summer is over he is going to get lots more, because they Char-ac-ters are "so nice".

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