Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cowboys Training Camp

The Cowboys training camp this year was in Oxnard. So being the "we miss Texas sports" fans that we are decided to make the two hour drive to see them. 
 Carter was so happy when we went the night before to get a football in hopes for some autographs the next day. 
 All three boys were so excited, but I'm pretty sure the biggest boy was the most excited. It did his heart good to be surrounded by all things Cowboys. 

 Carter thought I was crazy asking him to stand by a huge semi for a pic and clearly was not to going to let me get a pic. Poor boy and his picture loving Momma. 

 Before we even got there I told Trav that I would pretty much take over the boys so he could get in as much Cowboy love as possible. The boys were actually so good. Boston went back and forth from being with me in the bleachers to being with Trav on the field. I knew the blow up stuff would be a big hit for Boston and for only $2 I was happy to submit. Carter wanted nothing to do with it. 

 The boys and I also played some catch which was so much fun!

 These series of pictures are my favorite! I love both of their expressions. I just want to eat them they are SO cute!

 The boys showing off our goods after. We were pretty excited that we walked away with four players autographs our favorite of course being Miles Austin. 

 Ahhh the prized ball that Trav now wont let his children touch. Ha ha. It was so fun to be so close to the players. We had such a fun day together. Being at sporting events is always a favorite family activity and we feel lucky that the boys typically do so well at them too. 

Wilson Reunion Coronado - U.S.S. Midway

One day we went to down town San Diego to go see the U.S.S. Midway and look around some of the shops. The kids always have fun looking around and making a stop at the candy store. 

The two little twinner cousins sporting their back packs that they made for our families craft. 
Hey we got a decent pic with every one looking. Miracle!

My nephew wanted to make family reunion shirts like they do on his other side of the family. He and I were in charge of designing them. My Sister in law jokingly said we should all wear them on an outing. Well we did it and I loved it. It was so fun to be all together and I think the people around town enjoyed it too. So here is the Wilson clan all 23 of us!

 This was the point where Trav and Carter wanted to call it quits. 

 The top deck was definitely my favorite part. It is amazing to me that planes can take off on such a short space!

 The ship is pretty amazing! I can't believe all that they do on it. After touring it for a couple hours I am now certain (as if I weren't before) that I could never survive on one. Talk about claustrophobia! 

 After we went into old town to eat dinner. The restaurant we were going to go to was a 2 hour wait. We somehow drew the lucky card that night and was able to fall upon a restaurant that could seat all 23 of us right away. We were seated in our own private room upstairs. After such a long day we couldn't have been more blessed to have that room. The last thing any of us adults wanted to do was try to keep kids quiet and in their seats. Im pretty sure no where else would they have been able to have their own conga line, sing, and switch seat 50 times. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Wilson Family Reunion Coronado - Around the House

Because we live so close we volunteered to bring as much as we could to help. It's a good thing we got a mini van. We packed that thing SO full. 

 Moms watching the Dads swim with the kiddos. 
 Grandpa made sure we had yummy breakfasts every morning!

 They are such good sports!
 Daddy and Bobo enjoying a night time skate around the island. 

 This was by far the BEST night of the vacation. After the kids were in bed the adults played Just Dance. I have never laughed so hard in my life! We all woke up sore from laughing and dancing so hard. We must be getting old. We are doing this every vacation now!

 Each family was in charge of doing a craft. The kids had fun doing them and as usual were very generous when it came to glue, paint, jewels and whatever else we had. Everything was well decorated. 

 One night we roasted s'mores in the back yard. It sure made for some happy sticky kids. 

 O my goodness the boys could have done this all day. It was so fun to cruise around the island with them in tow. I died over the houses there and someday when we have too much money I plan on buying one for our Summer home. wink wink!
This was the home we stayed in. It was perfect for all of us and for the most part all the kids slept great!