Monday, August 26, 2013


Pretty sure Boston enjoys therapy more than Carter does. He will miss going when school starts. Carter's therapists are going to miss him too. He is such a good motivator. I will miss how excited he gets whenever Carter completes a task. He is THE best brother!

Date Night at Disney

We had so much fun doing a date night at Disney Land. I had never been on some of the bigger rides that we can't do with kids. It was SO much fun and we can't wait to do it again!


 The beach crew.
 Carter does this all the time and is so proud of himself every time. 

 We went with the Hunters to do a little surf lesson session. Trav got up a couple time and Boston was feeling brave and got out there. He LOVED it and hasn't stopped talking about it. I was super proud of him because ever since he got taken over by a big wave at the beginning of the summer he has been very timid to go out to far. It was a fun day and the ways were perfect for the kids. 

Grandma & Grandpa Wilson

We had so much fun visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Even though we got out and did so many fun things I think the boys mostly enjoyed being home.
 Eating out on this back patio is my all time favorite thing to do at their house. 

 We love Boudines!
 The fish are always a big hit. 
 Lucky kid to have Grandpa as your dentist. He was still nervous. 

  Carter eventually warmed up to  the whole colored bath thing. Love Boston's look ha. 
 Boston is really into carrying Carter these days. 
 Bedtime stories
 This was the boys favorite thing to do while at their house. They would get going pretty quick down the driveway. 
 "Grandpa Pants"

 Taking a little cruise around the neighborhood. 
It's always so much fun to visit G&G Wilson. Their home is so welcoming and one of my favorite places to be.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sonoma County Fair

The timing of our trip up North was planned around the Sonoma County Fair. I have been to quite a few Fairs in my day and Sonoma definitely does it right. The boys were in Heaven and Boston was so bold to say he liked it better than Disney Land. I may need to help him out on that, but for now he can go with it. 

 This frogger ride was Boston's absolute favorite. He went on it quite a few times and had that same smile every time. 

 Mom Wilson braved the way too dizzy for me ride with Trav. It was Hilarious!

 Gotta love all the Fair crap....err I mean prizes.

 Papo finally after years of trying won the bebe gun game. He sent the boys home with that shiny new HUGE helicopter. I'm not so sure we should have been the recipients of such a nice prize that thing is hard to fly and has spent a good majority of time crashing into the ground or getting lost in the mountains across the street. 

 Even though I was quite the fair goer in my youth I had never before had a funnel cake. YUM!!!!

Scandia & Planes

Another must in Santa Rosa is Scandia. After all Trav was an employee in his teen years. Nothing like a fun center!

 So much for not getting wet. Ha
 Tall and Skinny boys
 It's a bummer when your tall enough, but not old enough. 

 So we decided to fake the age on the next ride. He LOVED it!

 That night we went to the much anticipated Planes movie. We loved it and so did the boys. O and so did Grandma and Grandpa. The timing of this release was perfect to have them join.