Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So excited for Preschool
First day of Preschool August 30th, 2011

I don't know how it happened, but my little boy is old enough to go to school. On Friday night we had his meet the teacher night. We have had this marked on the calendar for weeks and he has been beyond excited for it to come. Trav and I decided that we would make it a special night for him and do an ice cream date just the three of us after. He was so excited when we pulled up to his school. He found his name badge and headed off to the red room to find his teachers. Mrs. Lori and Mrs. Sie are his teachers this year. He showed us all around the school and had such a fun time playing at the playground and inside at all the activity tables. He was in Heaven when we left. At yogurtville they had a local musician playing music and I guess Boston was having a big time preschool high because he did something that was so out of his character. Trav and I were rolling watching him dance around for everyone. If Boston is around people he knows he will do whatever his little heart desires with not an ounce of shyness, but put him in front of strangers by himself and can be pretty shy. So for him to put on this show was definitely something new especially since people were watching and he knew it.
*He definitely gets his moves from his Dad no joke if Trav were to do this exact dance they would look identical!

Getting his special Priesthood blessing the day before school started
Boston and Mrs. Lori at meet the Teacher night

Fast forward to yesterday the very anticipated day of going to school sans Mom and Dad. We could tell he was a bit nervous, but beyond excited at the some time. He was literally chanting "wahoo for preschool" all the way there. Trav and I walked him into he class and he was a little hesitant for us to leave. His teacher showed him a toy and that was all he needed to send us on our way.
Mrs. Sie showing Boston toys on the first day

His school is in a little red barn and is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. They have ponies and lambs for the kids to ride and feed on special days. We found out when we got there that the pony lady was coming to take all the kids on a pony ride. That is when reality set in for me. I have always been there for the big things and this was going to be the first time I missed out on things he was doing. I wanted nothing more than to be able to just sit back and watch him all day. Luckily I had a busy day so 2:00 came quickly. I couldn't wait to hear ALL about his day. In true Boston fashion when I asked him to tell me all about it this was all I got "It was so exciting! The Ponies pooped rocks and I pushed my peener down so I got all my waters in the toilet!" I was waiting for details like what activities he did, who did he play with, did he like his teacher, and how was my most feared lunch time. Like always he will fill you in on the details when he is ready to talk about it so we don't usually push for them. I found out through out the day that he made a special headband with markers and glitter that he will get to wear on his special birthday, he played with lots of kids and him and Owen raced down the slides at recess, a girl named Addison cried for her Mom the whole day and she didn't listen to him when he said "don't worry Mommies always come back", and we heard him sing a cute song about "Little Harts Preschool". About 15 minutes after we got home he asked what we were going to do now. I told him we could play whatever he wanted to which he replied "can I go back to school". I guess he decided that school is way more fun than Mom. He has asked about school all day today so it looks like Tuesday to Thursday will be a long wait and I'm sure Thursday to Tuesday will seem like a lifetime for him.
Waiting to go into school. Must make note of the silly bands on his ankels. He has talked about wearing silly bands to school for over a year since his cousin Porter got some for school last year. He had to wear them on his ankel because that is how Rylee wears them.

I am so excited for him! I think preschool will be so good for him. He is smart, very smart actually so for us sending him to school to learn numbers, letters, and colors was not important. He needs school for the social side of it. He tends to get very shy and singles himself out when there are lots of kids around. He gets intimidated when there are alot of kids around and if I don't "play" with him and the other kids he gets very nervous. I was so nervous about such a long day 9-2:00. We had originally signed him up for 9-12:00, but with Carter's therapy there was no way we would be able to work out rides and such every day. He still naps daily for 2-3 hours, but yesterday did great! I also have been so worried about lunch time. As I have mentioned before Boston definitely would not win any awards for his eating. I packed him a great lunch with a sandwich cut out in the shape of a dolphin thinking it would be fun for him to eat. Like he always does Boston ate every last bite of sides and didn't even touch the main thing. He had such a great day and it made Trav and I so happy that he loved it so much.

*Wish us luck on the germs that come with preschool. We have a goal to keep little brother out of the hospital this fall and winter and those germs definitely wont be on our side.

Picture drawn on the first day of school.

Friday, August 26, 2011


On August 13th Trav and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. We decided to do something out of the norm which at this time in our lives could pretty much be anything outside a five mile radius of our house. We went to Willowbend and did the flow rider which is a stimulated surfing thing. To say we had a blast is an understatement. I don't know if we were just super hungry for something like that or if it is really that much fun. Either way we had a blast. We both got the knee boarding down pretty good and I am sure our surfing was pretty entertaining for the people watching meaning we were TERRIBLE! After that we went to Seasons 52 for dinner which was amazing. I love me some fresh tasting food and this hit the spot.

(Note to self take picture BEFORE surfing...sorry folks)

I love this man more than anything. I think we are a pretty good match for each other. Here's too many many more anniversaries. Lets hope our 6th year is far less exciting than our 5th.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Dear Carter you are now eight months old. I can hardly believe it! What a crazy eight months you have had. Daddy and I are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. We sure our crazy about you!
We love seeing you peek out behind snugly every night when we put you to bed.
We don't love to see you cry, but we do love that you are so easy to calm down.
We are CRAZY about your big bright blue eyes.
We are even MORE CRAZY about your big gummy smile. Seriously it kills us.
We LOVE your tiny bum and big toad belly.
And when you did this a couple nights ago you made us SO proud.

Nothing comes easy to you. You have to work so hard at everything you do. So even if they tell us your not big enough, your not strong enough, your not doing this, or you should be doing that we know that what you are doing is so much better. You are teaching your Mommy and Daddy how to have faith, patience, and absolute love. You are giving people a reason to have hope, to pray, and to trust in Him. You continue to be our little miracle and you better believe that we never forget that and never forget to thank our Heavenly Father for the absolute blessing you are in our lives.


My Mom has gotten pretty into this whole running stuff. I don't know how she does it, but she completed her third half marathon this year. Boston and I surprised her at the finish line. Boston saw some other little kids run through the finish line with their parents and so naturally he had to do the same with his Grandma. Mom your amazing!

Boston playing "marathon". I had to cheer for him when he crossed the finish line all 30 times. He loved cheering for all the runners. He was clapping and yelling "your almost there" the whole time. Pretty darn cute little guy!
Grandma and Boston crossing the finish line.
Akward "Mom let me take a picture" water bottle pose. Ha

Uncle Ky

My Brother came out and visited for two weeks. We didn't do much, but it was so nice to have someone around during the days to help me out. He said he felt like he didn't do much. He must have forgotten that he folded my laundry multiple times, entertained Boston during Carters Therapy and while I would try and feed him, and not to mention the 100's of times he suctioned Carter. Being able to do dishes and not have to stop and suction him multiple times was heaven I tell ya.

One night we went to strikz and went bowling. It was so much fun. Trav, my Mom, and I continue to be terrible and Kyle continues to be so good. Annoying. After we played some arcade games and Kyle and Trav got pretty into the whole ticket thing. Kyle won jackpot on some game and ended up winning over 300 tickets. When all was said and done I think we had well over 500 tickets. It was actually pretty funny and Boston ended up bringing home a plethora of junk. I hate nick knack toys and Boston loves them so it can be pretty tricky to get rid of them.

Trav and Kyle hit up top golf a couple times which they both absolutely loved! We also started watching prison break again. I love it just as much if not more the second time. Thanks for a fun two weeks Ky we sure do love you!

Too much

There has been so much stuff that I would have liked to blog about, but life just isn't slowing down at all and for the sake of just getting it on the blog here are some random pics....mostly from my phone

Boston rocking Carter
It actually cooled down (meaning the 90's) so you better believe we went out back and played a little soccer
We have actually gone to the pool quite a bit this summer I just never blog about it.
Socks with Sandales. This kis has a mind of his own.
I love this picture!
Carter has gotten so much better about actually playing with toys. Something we are VERY proud of.
Cars initiation by big brother. In the form of a tatoo of course.
Med supply delivery day. Have I said before how much I dislike this day.
Thank you Hobby Lobby for an afternoon of fun. I tell ya a mind of his own.
And lastley he can face forward....;)

I am going to try and do major catch up over the next couple days wish me luck.