Friday, May 31, 2013

O Disney!

Thanks to our Disneyland Annual passes we are slowly becoming "those" Disney people. It really is such a magical place and the boys absolutely LOVE going there. Being only 15-20 minutes away we frequent quite often. 

 Being the Cars lovers that we are Cars Land did not disappoint!
 We have been lucky to see so many characters all ready. Boston loves them. Carter does not. I am terrible and so mean, but I think it is hilarious how scared he is of them. He literally shakes. So pretty much what I'm saying is the character pics aren't going to stop. 
 Carter is the little dare devil. He loves all the rides especially if they are fast and in the air. He yells "ride" all day while we are there.
 We usually head over with the Hunters. The kids have so much fun together and its nice to switch baby duty with Melissa. 
 Cutest buzz and woody you ever did see. 

 Another great part about Disneyland is that lots of people visit it and we get to crash their vacations. Murray, Kelsey, and Hudson came one day and it was so much fun. Boston loved being with Murrays family and enjoyed going on some of the bigger kid rides with them, 
 Without a doubt my favorite part of the day is the parade. We see it almost every time we go and it never gets old. 

I'm pretty sure in the couple weeks we have had our passes we have already payed for them two times over. Definitely a good investment. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mothers Day

I know I say it all the time, but I really do love being a Mom. It is the most challenging ye rewarding thing there is. These two boys teach me so much. 

Lets be honest though, these boys love their Dad. Even on Mothers Day he got the morning snuggles. It's ok though, because I sure do love that guy too. I'm so grateful that he works so hard and makes it possible to be home with our boys. He supports me in all I do and is always there to pick up the slack. 

Nixon Party!

Our good friends the Nixon's from TX moved to LA back in October. We were so excited that we would have a familiar face close by when we moved here. Boston was so excited to get together with them and it was SO good to see Sheree! 

 We headed down the street from their house to the beach. It didn't last long because it was freezing!
 No worries thought because their backyard is pretty much as cool as the beach! The kids had fun playing on the slip n' slide for hours. I was a mean Mom and sent Carter down it. He pretty much hated me for it. 

We are about an hour from each other so definitely close enough to get together every once in a while. It sure did our spirits good to see them. They are an incredible family!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Carbon Canyon Park

Down the street from our house is a beautiful regional park. It has the best parks and the boys absolutely love going their. It takes us about twenty minutes to ride our bikes there. It's all down hill the way there so coming home is always fun!

The fun part about it is that the Hunters can hike there from their house and we can meet in the middle. Such a beautiful place!

Muffins with Mom

Boston was SO excited to have me come to school for his Muffins with Mom morning. They put on a cute little program in the chapel and then we had breakfast together. He goes to a Methodist preschool so it can be a little interesting when it comes to the song choice and how they pray. nothing bad, just different than what we are used too. He loves school and I love his teachers and the program. Can't believe he will be in Kindergarten come fall. 

Awesome inlaws and Gardens

A simple "you guys could plant a garden now" text led into a great weekend! We thought the garden was a great idea, but had no idea where to start so my awesome in laws made the drive down to help us out. California gets better every day. 

 Papo is the Gardening extraordinaire and helped me get everything planted now all I have to do is hopefully keep them alive. 

 The finished product!
 On Saturday we went to the beach. It was short lived, because it was SO chilly. I actually got in the water and boogie boarded with Trav. Your body really does just become numb to the water temps. I am glad I did it was SO much fun out there. 

 So blessed to have this amazing lady in my life. We celebrated mothers day early. Papo came through with an insane meal. It was SO good. 
 They picked up this water table for the boys at Costco. Best babysitter ever! They will literally play out there for hours!
At night we went and roasted S'mores over at the pool. Carter was a little chocolate thief! I don't even know how much he ate, but I am positive that if eating wasn't such a new and exciting thing he would not have been allowed to eat even half of what he did. 

So much fun to have them here and LOVE that we are close enough to do a quick drive and be together!

He Eats!!!

Carter literally over night decided to eat. He went from being 100% tube fed to no tube feedings in a matter of three days! The only thing he is a little hesitant about are breads. He loves pasta and steak the most. I am still having a hard time actually believing that he is eating. When he finishes I look all over for his food almost sure that there was no way he ate it. We are still working on the quantity of how much he eats. He is such a skinny little guy so when he is asleep at night we have been giving him a tube feed to try and add some calories. So proud of my little guy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rangers Game

One thing that I have really missed about Texas is being able to follow the Rangers. I have no idea what is going on with them. It feels so weird because we used to watch most of the games and I always listened to sports radio on the way to therapy. Needless to say it was really fun to catch a game. People around here do NOT like the Rangers which kinda makes sporting our Texas gear more fun. One thing for sure is that the weather here is much more enjoyable to watch a game in. 

The Beach

If its Saturday you will most likely find us at the beach. The boys are SO happy when we are there. I litterally want to follow them around with a camera and record everything they say and do. I feel like this is where they are happiest. Just one more of the many reasons we are so happy here. 

 I'm certain the thing that has made this whole transition so easy on us is the fact that we livee so close to our best friends the Hunters. It's nice to already have a friend and not to mention the kids are so great together. 

 Kayla let Boston borrow her wetsuit and he finally took a stab at buggie boarding. Maybe by the end of summer he will have it down. The water is absolutley freezing so I don't blame him.