Friday, May 30, 2008

Check me out @ 4 months!!

On Monday the 26th our little guy turned 4 months. I can't believe how fast time has gone. I have been having so many "O My Gosh" moments when I look at him because he really has been just growing so fast. Here are the stats of a 6 month I mean 4 month old Boston

Height- 25 inches 75%
Head- 16.8 inches 75%
Weight- 15 lbs. 14 oz. 75%

Everything we thought was confirmed today. We have a very big boy who is bigger than 75% of 4 month olds. Everything looked great. The doctor wants us to see how he does off his medicine for his reflux so hopefully he will do OK with that. He also wants us to start him on rice cereal. Most babies start this earlier to gain more weight. Boston obviously doesn't need the help but his doctor thinks it might help with his reflux to have something else besides breast milk in his diet. The only concern he had is that Boston's head is really flat in the back so if it doesn't get better by 6 months he might have to get a helmet =(

Things I like @ 4 months
*Eating my hands
*Eating my toys
*Standing up
*Looking at myself in the mirror
*Sitting in my Bumbo
*And just today rolling over from my tummy to my back. This will be lots of fun trying to get him to stay on his tummy more to flatten out the back of his head. So this is my solution. Barricade him. I think he liked it because when I put him there he went right to sleep.

Things I don't like @ 4 months
*Getting my shots =(

Babysitting Adventures

After not going to the temple in probably 6 months (sad I know. I think the last time I went was for Kelsey's wedding then I got in the car accident and then Boston came)Well I was done waiting so we asked the worlds greatest babysitters if they would come our way. Lucky for us and Boston we have great friends that we felt perfectly comfortable leaving our little guy with so we could go. We came home to a bathed, yummy smelling, medicine given, happy little guy. Thanks guys so much for doing that for us we owe you big time. If your wondering who they are here they are in action.

Good thing he likes these guys because he sees them at least 1-2 a week.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We had such a fun Memorial day weekend. The best part was to have Trav home for 3 days in a row. On Saturday we went to the Parade of home which I always love. They had some pretty cool houses and were decorated so cute. Than we came home and went swimming. Boston has become a little fish. I bought him "Mr. Crab" who is his new floaty friend and he was as happy as could be. Then we went out to eat with Ryan and Jamie and came home and played Mario Cart on the Wii. (we bought Boston the wii a while ago. It is so much easier to buy things for your kids so to make us feel better about getting it we said it was for Boston) Then Sunday we went to Church and made a stupid mistake of taking an afternoon walk. It was probably a hundred degrees outside and very humid. Then Yesterday we went to Hurricane Harbor which was great!! Here are some pics of the weekend.

Dad and Boston swimming with "Mr. Crabb"

Boston loving life as a french man in his little speedo swim diaper

Boston pooped out at Hurricane Harbor. Yes he was in a swim diaper all day because the great Mom that I am forgot his swim suit. Good thing I remembered those toys that he might have liked to play with but never even left the diaper bag.

Trav going down a very scary ride. I used to be brave enough to go on those but not anymore for some reason.

Mom and Boston playing in the water

Holy cow isn't he such a cute chubby little guy

Monday, May 19, 2008

So Brave

I have never felt as brave as I did last Thursday night. After wanting a hair change forever I finally did it. I have wanted to cut it short for so long but never did because I didn't want to be the newly wed that chopped her hair, and it finally was as long as I wanted it, I am a wuss, and most recently I didn't want to be the new Mom that chopped it off. Well this new Mom did it anyways and holy cow it was scary! Jamie cut 13 inches I think she said and I LOVE it and so does Trav. He was the one that finally talked me into doing it (I think I am lucky because most guys don't like short hair). Anyways here are the before (bad before but really who does their hair the day they are getting it done) and after pics.

Also we took Boston swimming (if you count putting his feet in) at our pool for the first time. He didn't really like it as you can see in the pictures but he was kinda having a hard day and the water was kinda cold.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best Mothers Day Ever!!!!

I can't even begin to tell you all how great Mothers day was. I was able to celebrate my first Mothers day which I think is my new favorite holiday with some of the most amazing Mothers I know. My Mom who I love and think is just amazing and sacrifices so much for her family both of which I realize more now that I am a Mother, My Mother in-law who is also amazing and so selfless and raised who I think is the perfect man, and my two Sister in-laws who are also great Moms to the cutest kids ever!

The day was amazing! We were lucky enough to have my Mom, Brienne, Travs Parents, and two brothers and their families in town to celebrate the day and best of all bless Boston. What an awesome experience that was for our little family. Trav did such a great job and the spirit was overwhelming. I never remember receiving blessings from my Dads growing up so to see my husband give our son a blessing was incredible. I feel so blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder as my husband and our boys father. We kept the blessing simple it was at our home after church and just family and our good friends Jamie and Ryan were there. Here are some pictures from the blessing.

Also on Mothers day I got to talk to my little Brother Kelsey who is serving his mission in Santiago Chile. I was good to hear his voice and excitement about serving our Heavenly Father. The call was a little awkward because I am not going to lie he is kinda a missionary nerd which I am grateful for. He loves what he is doing and is working so hard to make sure he doesn't have any regrets.

Family Fun!!!

While our family was here we were able to do alot of fun things.
*We went to a Rangers game

*Boston finally got to meet Grandpa Wilson

*We ate lots of yummy food
*We played the WII

*We played with cousins

*We went shopping
*We celebrated family Birthdays (here is Trav on the slip-n-slide and my nephew Porters Birthday Party)

*We went to my nephews flag football games (they are 4 and 5 years old HILARIOUS)

*Boston got lots of lovin' from his Grandmas

*My Mom, Brienne, Boston and I went to the Dallas Temple. Boston enjoyed his 1st time to the temple so much it put him to sleep.

It was so great to have family here we love you all and miss you.