Monday, June 4, 2012


Today we went to the Zoo with the Sharp Fam and some friends. We had such a good time and it had been forever since we have been to the Zoo.
 The Elephants are so cool and HUGE!!!
 Cute boys getting ready to feed the Giraffe's. They loved it!
 Having a stare down with the Cheetah
 Snack break

And to prove that Carter was there too we had to take a pic with the Koala which happened to be the animal Boston was most excited to see. Good thing they had them. Such a fun  humid day with my boys and friends!

T-ball is Over :(

Boston had so much fun playing T-ball this season. He says that he doesn't ever want to play any sport besides baseball for the "rest of forever". I'm not sure exactly what he loved about it, but he was always so excited to play. Playing in the in field can be pretty boring unless you happen to be the pitcher (where almost every ball is hit to) or first baseman. It doesn't matter where the ball is hit or where runners are on the bases the ball gets thrown to first after every at bat. He did love hitting the ball and improved a lot during the season. 
 He said the he loved giving the "good job high fives" at the end of the game. 
 Two of his buddies Landon and Hudson
 Getting his trophy from Coach Steve. He was SO good with the boys and Boston had so much fun playing with him.
 Cute Little Giants
 Trophy's!!!! Every 4 year olds favorite part of the season.
It really doesn't get much cuter than that. He is getting so big it makes me so sad, but at the same time I love all the new things he is experiencing. 

Family Time

A bunch of Trav's family came in town for the blessing of baby Ivie. We made sure to fit in a bunch of fun family/cousin time.
We went to a Rangers game! It was hot thats for sure. The game was extra long, but we all stuck it out for the Fireworks show after the game. The Texas Rangers sure put on awesome fireworks. 
 Cute crazy cousins!
 We did a lot of swimming! The kids loved it and since it's so hot and humid there isn't much else to do that you aren't dying of heat.

It was so fun to be with all the Texas cousins, but everytime we get with them we are reminded how much we miss our Arizona ones. 

Preschool Party!!!!

For Boston's end of the year program they had a big party for the whole family. They sang a couple songs including Mr. Sunshine and my personal fav Deep in the heart of Texas which is a must for any Texan. Boston loved everything about preschool and grew up so much during the year. When we first put him in our main hope was that it would help him out socially. The kid doesn't stop talking when around adults, but can be shy around kids. Not the case anymore. 
 Boston was such a good big brother and took Carter on Pony rides and the barrel train cars. Boston sure loves his buddies Owen and Deacon and is sad they won't be there next year. 
 Left-Boston and Miss Lorie... Middle-Boston with his preschool certificate stating that he wants to be "Darth Vador" when he grows up hmmm... Right-Boston and Miss Sae.
They were both such great teachers and he absolutely LOVED them.
Boston showing us the ropes of preschool life. Little miss Lexie has a crush on Boston. He on the other hand was not too impressed with her forward approach.

Such a fun night as a family and we sure are proud of our "Little Harts Preschooler"


I used to always hope for the day that Boston and Carter would get into trouble together. It just seemed normal and something that brothers should do. The other day they were being so crazy together and banging wood on top of a pan. It was so loud and I had the worst headache. Despite my best efforts to get them to stop they wouldn't. A little annoying at first, but then made me so happy to see them being  trouble makers together so I had to grab a pic.

Too cute not to post

Every Sunday morning we go on a family walk. Boston usually likes to walk around and check out all the new houses being built in our neighborhood. I snapped this pic of him and Trav and I love it!

Mother Day Scrap Pages

Every year for Mother Day the Grandma's get a yearly scrap book page of each family and each grandchild. It was a tradition in Trav's family and I have taken it on in my family too. Here were our pages for this year.