Monday, August 31, 2009

What Boston's been up to


Not much except Playing with cousins.insisting on wearing shoes that are too big for him.perfecting his "cheese" for the camera.eating his new favorite snack of Popcorn with Dad.drawing all over his legs with any marker that he can find.spending time outside because it is starting to cool off.asking for juice, snack, and popcorn about 100 times each day.being a little parrot and repeating everything we say.try to drink Dads "juice".more coloring.more reading.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Official 18 Month Post

We finally went to Boston's 18 month check up and since he is now almost 19 months I figure I better get to it. If I were to describe Boston at 18 months it would be BUSY! Holy cow he never slows down. He is growing and developing so fast lately it's crazy. When we went to the doctors we got confirmation again that he is huge!
Head- 20 inches off the chart in percentile
Height- 34.8 inches +97%
Weight- 27.7 lbs 75%
The doctor told us we have and average 2.5 year old.

Here are some random things that I want to remember about him at this age.
*He has the typical toddler diet of hot dogs, macaroni, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and what not. His favorite foods are Special K Berries cereal, fruit, PB&J sandwhich, corn, avacados, and pancakes.
*He is a really on and off eater. Great for 3 days not so great for 2, but I figure thats part of the typical toddler diet as well. He does really well with his fork and we are working on scooping his spoon.
*He is a little chatter box. He is talking all day long. He can say a lot of words mostly things that we would point to in a book or something. He loves to babble and pretend he is having a full onconversation with you. Then he looks at you like did you get that? The past couple weeks he is turning into a parrot and copying things that we say.
*He has a hard time saying his T's and K's. I think this has been bothering him lately because he has been into his construction truck books and I have been trying to teach him how to say Truck and Tractor. He always gives it a good shot but usually ends up saying car.
*He holds our hand and drags us to where he wants to go.
*He only has his binki during his nap and at bedtime. I did this about two months ago and then we went on vacation and he got it back because it was easier. Lets just say getting rid of it two months ago was a lot easier than it was this time around.
*He is very into puzzles, blocks, shape cubes, and pretty much anything that he can build something out of.
*He has learned how to "pick" his nose. It's pretty funny actually because he doesn't even know what he is doing he just puts his finger up his nose. Probably learned this at the gym or Nursery.
*He is really good at following directions like putting something in the trash, getting a diaper or his shoes.
*He loves to color and lately we have found permanent marker all over his legs so those were quickly moved. I love that he bring home pictures that he has colored in Nursery so dang cute!
*He still LOVES his flip flops. If he isn't wearing those he is wearing either mine or Trav's shoes.
*He pretends to talk on the phone all day long then the second someone talks back he goes completley silent.
*He is absolutely crazy about his Dad. He gets very sad when he leaves for work or when we get off the phone with him during the day. Lets just say we all love the weekends around our house.
*If I had to guess what his favorite animal is I would probably say a dog or horse. Favorite color Blue, because that is the only color he knows. Shape a star, because that is the only one he knows by name and points it out all the time while we are driving.
*He knows all his animals by their sound. Funny story we were going through his animal sounds the other day and I would say what does a horse say? and he would tell me the sound. I went on to say what does Mama say? he said No No. I cracked up but it is so true. Sometimes I feel like I say it all day because he is always getting into things and ripping our house inside out.
*He loves his sleep. He goes down between 7:30-8 and wakes up between 7-8:30. He takes one nap for about 3 hours. He is pretty flexible about times, but he loves when we let him go down at his scheduled times. He will sleep anywhere there is a bed for him which is so convient when traveling and being at my Mom's or friends houses. Lately he has requested to sleep with his favorite stuffed animals. He sleeps with snugly of course, blue his dog, bear, Shamu, and another horsie.
*He always wants to be outside. We go on alot of walks and swim a couple times a week. Can't wait till it cools down to go back to the parks.
*He loves to play with little kids. I think his favorite part of the day is when we go to the gym and he can go to kids club. People keep telling me that I need to have another one for him to play with and I always say unless I can birth a two year old that wont be happening anytime soon. I am terrified to have #2 so don't hold your breath.
*He can get into anything, remove any lid, turn everything on, lift almost everything in our house, I could go on with this list he is crazy busy!
*He loves music. He know that there is a CD player in his room and the Ipod is in our bathroom so he will either go in the bathroom and wave his arm like he is leading music so we know to turn it on or he will go in his room and plug in the CD player and turn it on. His favorites are the primary song CD's, Martina McBride, and Jack Johnson.
*He loves to play in forts. I made one for him one time and now he goes and gets the green blanket and askes for one everyday.
*Last but most definately not the least he absolutely loves Hot Dog also know as Mickey Mouse. It's his favorite cartoon and he askes to watch it all day long. You should see him when we take him into the Disney store he can't even controll himself because there are hot dogs everywhere. We are lucky that his chicken nuggets, apple fruit crisps, diapers, and something else that I can't remember are all Mickey Mouse themed. Trav and I keep saying we need to get him some Micky Mouse toys. It hasn't happened yet because we are mean parents, but it should soon. Side note in case your wondering why he calls Micky Mouse hot dog on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon they do the "hot dog dance" at the end and I think hot dog is just easier to say than Mickey Mouse.

Boston we are absolutely crazy about you. Life with you is great. Thanks for being such a funny energetic little guy it keeps things interseting around our house. We sure do love you and don't ever forget to let our Heavenly Father know how greatful we are to have you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Anniversary Done Right


Well I guess Trav thought I was pretty dang cool because of the Cowboy's comment, because I sure got spoiled over the weekend. We went and stayed and this way cool Modern/Industrial hotel that we have always been curious about. We were pretty much the laziest people ever and it was heaven! We were either laying out by the pool or laying on the worlds most comfortable bed ever! Seriously we couldn't get out of it. Too bad neither of us can sleep in we were up and ready to go at 7:30. I have really been hoping that someday I will learn how to do it, but it hasn't happened yet so my hopes aren't that high. We also went out to our favorite restaurant in the whole world Bob's Steak House. If you haven't been there it really is worth a trip to Dallas to try it out. We stuffed ourselves with Steak, Shrimp Scampi, Mashed Potato's, the yummiest carrot ever, and a free desert on the house.

Trav thanks for such a great weekend, but even more thanks for the most amazing 4 years ever! I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect for me. I thought that since 99.9% of this blog is about Boston I would catch you up on us.

-is addicted to
-loves to day trade
-puts jalapenos on almost everything
-wishes all the books he wanted weren't over $30
-tries to leave work at a decent hour to come home
-has the best heart ever

-is addicted to blogging
-loves Turbo Kickboxing
-puts ranch on almost everything
-wishes she could get her crafty kick back. Not sure where it went.
-tries to be a better cook. Not happening
-has cravings for ice cream everyday.

-are addicted to ESPN (yes we)
-love to take Bobo on walks
-put Bobo down at 7:30 and enjoy our nights together
-wish we were creative enough to copy everything in Anthropologie's home section
-try to play Guitar Hero on Hard. can't do it
-have goals, dreams, desires, and a little boy that we are absolutely CRAZY about!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cuatro Anos!!!!!!

Well, 4 years, and an 18 month year old son later, Teresa and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage. It has been the most eventful and happiest time of my life. Teresa is a great wife, friend, companion, and Dallas Cowboys fan. In fact, she called me last week and was all excited on the phone and said, "Trav, do you know what next Thursday is?" I of course responded and said it was our Anniversary (so proud of myself) and she said, " is the Cowboys first preseason you want to watch it for our Anniversary?" Husbands, if you can top that please let me know, but I thought that was pretty dope. Wives, don't worry, we are REALLY celebrating this weekend; weeknights with work and a kid are tough so I am not that bad of a husband. I think it just shows how much cooler she is than me...and thats the truth.

I love you Teres!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today for playgroup we went to a splash park just down the road from our church. Boston had a really good time and I finally took some pictures. I got some really cute ones of him and his little girlfriend Julia. They play really well together and I must say take some cute pictures together too. As you can tell no matter how often I tell Boston that it will hurt if he does summer saults on the cement he never gives up on trying.

Boston also loved the park they had there. He is getting a little too brave for me when it comes to climbing and slides.
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My Boy

Not much has been going on around our house lately except the fact that Boston is very busy and such a great entertainer.

I got out the q-tips to clean Bostons ears the other day and ended up leaving them on the side table next to the couch. I turned on hot dog (also know as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and started to cook dinner. I looked over to check on him and this is what I saw. He is becoming such a character and seriously makes me laugh all day at the things he does.

This is what happens when Boston wants to play with one toy. For some reason he has to dump every single toy out even if he only wants one. So pretty much our house looks like a toy store all day long.

He is still in love with books and I love it.
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