Friday, March 19, 2010


Lately Boston has been sharing his emotions and I think it is the cutest thing ever! Some things that he has said are...

-While I was putting on his shoes "I LOVE shoes"
-While eating a bagel with jelly "I like these alot alot"
-While eating a pickle last nigh "I LOOOOVE pickles" said really loud
-While fake crying in the car "Mommy I really sad now"
-While blowing bubbles in the backyard "I really really Happy Boy"

and the saddest one was yesterday morning at 4:45 he woke up crying really hard and when I went in there he said "Mommy I scare" It absolutely broke my heart. Poor little guy had a nightmare.

Not every time he expresses his emotions is cute. Like this example yesterday when I was making Oreo's for my visiting teachers.

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Gapa Gapa

Last week Gapa and Gapa came in town as well as the Waco Wilson's. Ironically I didn't get one picture with Grandpa and Grandma so annoyed. Anyway we had a great time. The highlight of them being here was when we went to Amazing Jakes. Everyone had such a great time. One thing for sure is that I am terrible at Laser Tag and Trav is REALLY good. Boston was in heaven! He loved ridding the chugga chugga choo choo and flying in the jets. We got there early and were able to go on everything with no lines is was awesome. Towards the end of the day I took Boston on the go karts. He loved them and was saying wee and this is awesome (learned from cousin Sydney) until about half way through he went completely quiet and I looked over and he had totally passed out. It was the funniest thing! Poor little guy just played too hard.

I love when family is in town. We always have such a great time. I loved seeing all the kids play together. Even though we are all busy running after the kids us adults still managed to have a good time. The guys went to Avitar, the girls went shopping, Emily and I took 3 nights to watch a chick flick, and my favorite was watching Trav and Brandon doing front flips on the Tramp. Apparently it is alot harder and scarier when you are older.

We also took the kids to a Jump house. Boston is fearless and it scares me too death. He climbed up the HUGE slides and didn't even think twice before going down. It was a fun day and made for some great naps after.

Thanks everyone for coming to visit we had such a great time! Hopefully we can all get feeling better now and do it again soon.

Birthday Party


A couple weeks ago Boston went to his first "real" Birthday party. Real meaning it was organized and was actually for the child instead of a social gathering for the parents. He thought getting his face painted was the best, but he thought the candy from the pinata was even better.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It has been too long since I have blogged about something other than the house so here is a little catch up on us.


Well we still think he is the cutest and best thing ever! He is a full on little boy and I can't believe it. Somethings that are sparking his interest lately are
*Cars- (no surprise there) he still is very into lining them up

*Being Daddy's little copycat. It doesn't mater if it is his belt, shoes, tools, basketball, car, or hair he thinks it is pretty cool and does little things all day long just like Daddy.

*Vacuuming- He could go around all day with this little thing and lots of times I let him he does a pretty good job and actually picks up quite a bit.

*ABC's or BC's as he calls them- Thanks to his puzzles, chicka chicka boom boom, little people ABC CD, and his personal favorite Super WHY he is actually doing really well with them. Here is a little clip of him singing them. Well some of them =)

*Books- I feel like I am a librarian all day cleaning up books, reading them, sorting them you name it. His favorite right now are his "name book", chicka chicka boom boom, and still goodnight gorilla
(reading his name book in the nude well socks)
He is talking like crazy and it is so much fun. Some of my favorite things he says are "careful mommy big big owee", "mommy I a happy boy" or "mommy I a lucky boy", "I choose book now" said every time we walk near his room, "c'mere mommy hug and kiss now" my favorite. He uses the words now and my/mine A LOT!


Still working like a crazy man. We see him so much more now and it is Heaven! He is teaching Boston how to play basketball which ever since daddy's game last week is the coolest thing ever. He is such a great Dad and an incredible husband! We enjoy lounging at night and playing games.


I am starting to get the itch to finally decorate and make stuff for the house. I am also hoping that next weeks blood draw for my thyroid will be a good one. I haven't had a good one in over a year and I think its about freaking time =) I also think it's about time for warm weather we could use some good outdoor weather around our house.

That's it we are all doing good and happy. We love being in our home and spending more time together.

How cool is my Mom


Last Saturday my Mom ran the Cowtown Half Marathon. Is that not so cool? I think so. I had planned to be at a couple stops during the race to cheer her on, but it was a mad house and parking was ridiculous. We ended up camping out at the finish line which was an absolutely inspiring place to be. The guy the finished the half first ran a 5 min mile and the guy that ran the full 26.2 marathon ran a 6 min mile and came to the finish line about 25 minutes after my Mom finished the half. It was pretty impressive and disgusting at the same time. Who runs that fast for that long? Anyway my Mom did such a great job and I am so proud of her. She worked very hard for 8 weeks to train. I keep telling her someday I will run with her. Neither her or I know when that someday will be. =)
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