Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Potty Party Day 2

Giving his cars a car wash with Daddy's spray bottle. Kept him entertained for a long time.
On day two we learned a couple things. He is terrified of going #2 in the potty which left him to sneak it out while making crepes with me for breakfast (TMI?). He is awesome about putting his waters (thats what he calls his pee) in the potty unless he is at the park playing basketball with Daddy.

We went out and ran a couple errends and he stayed dry the whole time. He is doing great! We will see how it goes from here. I see our challenge may be the whole outside thing and probably using a potty other than his at home.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Pott Party Day 1

Over the last month or two Boston has been showing signs that he is ready to start potty training. I have been putting it off because I was SO not ready. I wanted him to still be my baby and this seemed like the final "baby" thing he was holding onto. I knew that I had a window and if I didn't take advantage of it I might miss my chance so I quickly got ready. I read the book "Potty Training in less than a Day" and the "3 Day Method" on I took the things that I liked from both of them and just did what worked for us.

I got the front dinning room cleared out set up our "Potty Party". I knew with Boston if I made something seem so special and fun he would be so excited about it and take to it more. When he woke up in the morning I told him we were going to have a party and say goodbye to his baby diapers. When I showed him the party room he said "this is awesome Mommy thank you". He got me very excited and so we were off.

The way we did it was the completely naked route. That way they don't feel the security of a diaper or underwear and catch themselves before they go to the bathroom. I made a potty chart that he got to put a sticker on every time he went in the potty and he also got a treat. He also had A LOT to drink and snacked mostly on salty foods to keep him thirsty. That way he would have lots of chances to practice.

I started setting the timer for 20 minutes and told him when the beeper went off it was potty time. He put up a little fight the first two times so I just told him to tell me when he needed to go so that he wouldn't get upset and not do it at all. After he had drank an entire sippy cup I knew he would be ready soon so I kept an eye out down there. He let out a couple dribbles and said "hurry I gotta go potty" and took of to the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and went pee for the first time. So to say he was proud of himself is an understatement he was in heaven. He was so happy and so was I. That is pretty much how the entire day went and every time after he went to the bathroom he would say "ok lets go back to the potty party".

So what were the results? Not one single accident!!!! I can't tell you how surprised and happy I was. I spent so much time getting ready and making it fun for him and to see it pay off and him get so excited about it made it all worth it. All this potty business must have made him really tired because after four and a half hours of naptime I decided to just wake him up. To make naptime even better he stayed dry the entire time!

The only down part was that he never went #2. Boston is a regular when it comes to that so hopefully tomorrow will bring better luck when it comes to that.

Good job Boston you are such a good boy and Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fire Station

Last week a group of us took our kids to tour the fire station. Boston thought it was absolutely amazing to be that close to a real fire truck. He thought he was such a big boy sitting at thier table and listening to them talk about fire safety. Everytime we would walk past a fireman he would "Hey Fireman wanna give me five" and after they did he would turn to me and say "mommy you see that" like it was the coolest thing ever! The Firemen were so cute with the kids and let them touch and play with almost everything in the Station. Of all the things Boston got to do while he was there he thought that when the fireman picked him up to help him out of the truck was the best. I am not sure what made it so cool but he was on cloud nine. When we got home he insisted on calling Grandma W. to tell her all about it and again the thing he was most excited to share was when the fireman picked him up.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Go Rangers

On Monday we went to the Rangers vs. Mariners game. I was a little worried that it would be way too hot since we were having record high temperatures that weekend, but it turned out not too bad. Boston absolutely had a blast. He would randomly yell Go Rangers or Charge during the whole game. Grandma D. and his cousins were able to come which is what Boston deems as perfect company.

Boston showing me his Redvine's. Baseball games = sugar overloads
I love them and the random guy posing for our picture in the back.
Family pic sporting our Rangers colors
Had to take his shirt off for a little bit. Poor kid has his Dad's sensitive skin and breaks out in heat rashes all the time. Don't you love his crazy hair. Humidity and Heat makes for a crazy hair do this summer.
One of the many times he yelled charge. I don't know who is more serious about it Boston or my Mom. =)
Did I already say I love him? Because I do a lot!
Travvy and Lincoln. We love him lots! I think he likes us too.
"My Cousins" the boys he asks to play with everyday. I love them all in their Rangers gear.
Grandma D. He sure loves her. We got my Mom tickets for her Birthday. I am pretty sure baseball plus Grand kids is my Mom's heaven on earth.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeding the ducks

Last night after dinner we wanted to get out of the house so we thought we would take Boston to feed the ducks. The ducks weren't that interested, but the GIGANTIC swan was. It came right up to us and did not even flinch with Boston's crazy throwing. When we went down to the pond to feed him he was so close that he actually bit Boston's toe. Boston thought it was the funniest thing ever. I for sure was way more nervous about the huge swan that Boston was.

PS if you can't tell I am back in full gear with the whole Blogging thing. Boston is growing up way too fast and I want a way to remember as much as I can and this is my way to do it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Depot Day

The first Saturday of the month is what Boston calls "Depot Day". Home depot does a Kids workshop in the mornings for free and it is something our family LOVES to do.

Yesterday in preparation for the world cup they made a little soccer fusbol table thing. He was very proud of his work and was more than ready to show it to anyone that would look. He got a little nervous when the Chick Fil-a cow came over, but that all went away when he offered him coupon for free ice cream. He is definitely my son when it comes to the treats.

Here is a little video of Boston taking his work very serious.

Daddy's Building

On Thursday we took the train downtown to "Daddy's Building" to meet Trav for lunch. Boston absolutely LOVED the train ride up there. Daddy had been telling him about the Buzz building next to his and lets just say Boston thought it was as cool as Daddy said it was. He has been talking about going on the choo choo train to eat lunch with Daddy again. It definitely makes those long work days go by faster for Daddy and sure makes for a very happy boy.



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Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day

We had such a great weekend. I think there needs to be a whole lot more 3 day weekends around our house. It was so great to have Trav home. On Monday we headed out to the lake with Ryan and Jamie. It was the perfect change of pace for us. We all had such a great time. Boston of course loved it! He has been talking about baby Cohen and Grandma Terry (Jamie's Mom) ever since then and has been praying for Ryan's boat. Trav and I were a little nerves to get behind the boat since it had been so long since we had been wakeboarding. Lucky for us we were able to get right up and Trav even tried surfing behind the boat and got up his first try. I was a very proud wife. The kids were all great on the boat and in the water, but who wouldn't be with 85 degree water. Cohen and Jones were in a some sort of trance it was hilarious. Later we got out the tube and decided to take Boston on it. He LOVED it!!! He kept saying "this is awesome" "Mom this Rocks" "just one last time". I love seeing him get excited about things and this was definitely something he was excited about. Thanks Sharps for such a fun day!