Tuesday, February 12, 2013


These two are quite the pair these days. One thing they do ALL the time is wrestle. Boston doesn't go easy on Carter at all. One night they were wrestling and Boston fell on Carter and we saw his arm twist all weird. It freaked us out and Carter was crying so hard. He then went to go crawl and every time he would put wait on his arm it would give out and he would cry. He still wouldn't crawl on it a couple days later so we had to go get X-rays. Thankfully nothing was wrong, but wrestling is not ok at our house anymore. At least that's what Trav and I think. The boys on the other hand.....

I can't not mention that Carter will FINALLY pull himself up to standing and cruise on furniture. I have been waiting for him to do this forever! He is capable of doing more than he does so it is fun to see him actually do them. He of course loves all the ground he is able to cover. We on the other hand get a little nervous finding him on top of the couch and kitchen table. 

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