Saturday, March 23, 2013

Broken Arms

As if things weren't crazy enough at our house right now both boys decided to go and break their arms. I don't suggest going to the ER twice in a week with broken arms and saying you have no idea how it happened. It's a good thing we know the nurses and doctors there otherwise it could have been very awkward. They kept joking that they would have to put a red flag by our name for suspicion of child abuse.

Carter broke his first and we honestly have no idea how it happened. We just noticed that he stopped using his arm to crawl so when we went in for his MRI we had them take a look at it. After they found the break they said that needed to be addressed first so we had to delay the MRI for a few days.

They put him in a splint for five days and then he got it hard casted. When we were driving home from getting it casted Boston said "mom I think I know hoe Carter broke his arm". Poor little guy is such a thinker and said it in the saddest voice. Still not sure exactly, but Boston thinks that he might have slammed it in the door. I remember setting the boys inside and going back to the car to get stuff and came in to Carter crying. I just thought he slammed his finger in the door. Who knows! Either way he has handled it like a champ. The thing that stinks about it is that he was so close to walking and this has set him back. We are full time butt scooting again.

Boston went to the zoo with some friends and being his normal self was climbing around and somehow fell and broke his elbow. The funny thing about it is that I totally knew it was coming. The Sunday before it happened I was getting the boys dressed for church in matching outfits and had such a clear picture in my mind of both boys matching going to our new ward both in a cast. At the time I chalked it up as "Teresa's gone crazy" because let's be honest I pretty much had. But turns out it was a little warning from the holy ghost of what was to come. When my friend called me from the zoo and told me I honestly wasn't at all alarmed and said so calmly that I would be right there.

Trav met us at the ER and at that point we still hadn't seen Boston's elbow so when the admit nurse told us we were going to "skip this step he needs to be sedated right away, because this is definitely going to require surgery" we were a little shocked. Boston was so so so brave. The whole time at the zoo he just wanted my friends to sing him primary songs and say a prayer. The whole drive to the ER he told me that he wanted Daddy to give him a blessing. Uncle Ed also met us there and helped Dad give him a blessing. I sure love that boy.

After seeing the X-ray I couldn't believe Boston was not screaming his guts out. The ER doc us he hadn't seen a break that bad in a long time. After it had been long enough from the last time he had eaten they got him sedated and back to surgery right away.

It really was such a nasty break! Boston was thankfully loving the attention from the nurses and them telling him how brave he was. He had us all dying from laughing when he told the story how he broke it. The railing went from 6ft to 15ft tall depending on who he told. The fall must have been super dramatic because he fell down "twisting like a tornado". My friend told me that a man standing by when he fell told her his arm was broken because he heard it. Makes my stomach hurt.

After a couple pins and a giant cast he was as good as new. Kinda. He had to stay overnight to be observed and lets just say it wasn't his best night sleep ever. We somehow found ourselves watching wreck it Ralph at three in the morning. Poor kid couldn't get comfortable with the huge cast in the way.

Having the cast has not been a smooth ride for Boston. He has been SO grumpy and not sleeping well. I am sure the cast along with all the change has been a little much for him. Thankfully we have some fun things planned the next little while.

We have been referred to an Ortho doc at the Orange County Children's Hospital and both boys will get their casts off on the same day about a week and a half after we get there. We should make some great first impressions. Ha ha.
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